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How I Got Featured On

One of the most common questions a lot of people ask when it comes to traffic, leads and more clients. is how to get featured on media publications?In this article iam going to show you how ” I got featured on one of the world’s top personal development websites that attracts over 258.050 visitor a

5 Strategies To Grow Your Business Fast in 2019

grow your businessDo you think a football team runs on the field without a strategy?A big No. They don’t. ​Building a successful online business is not an easy achievement, you need to accomplish and take care of some important parts that require so much focus, courage, patience, working smarter, even harder and forming a strategic plan to

How To Use Social Media For Small Business

how to use social media for small businessWith billions of users online, social media has been one of the most viral trendswhich creates a new way of communication between brands and consumers.Being active on social media should therefore definitely be a part of everyone’s strategy –engaging and interacting with followers, satisfying the needs of existing

3 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read.

After having a fantastic time reading these 3 big books. i thought i would write this blog post review to tell my readers that tony robbins shares 7 simple steps to financial freedom, Jeff walker shows you how to launch a business and Russel bransson teaches how to follow your passion to build a healthy