how to drive traffic to my website

Want to know how to drive traffic to your blog?

Do you need more traffic and visitors to your blog?


In this blog post i am going to show you 6 ways to drive traffic to your blog and offers.

Traffic Tip1: Organic traffic

There are plenty of ways and methods to generate daily traffic to your blog and offers. the most common one a lot of bloggers focus on is organic traffic. traffic that comes from the search engines.

This is actually something people want. they enter a keyword on Google search bar to solve their specific problems. if you present excellent content, visitors sign up to your newsletter and buy your stuff.

Generating natural traffic is based on ranking your website on the first page of Google. this is not rocket science to obtain organic traffic. You obviously need to use Google planner or keyword Everwhere to gain and retain visibility without building a single backlink.

But let me tell you something. the most important thing you can do is to make a list of low volume keywords that can easily rank first page of Google.

for instance. i won’t select” how to lose weight” instead i will choose “how to lose weight in two weeks”. because so many individuals aim to rank for competitive keywords and they want more traffic.

What they don’t realize is so many SEO Agencies build thousands of Quality backlinks to outrank authority sites and when you find more than 7 authority sites on first page of Google that means no chances to outrank them easily.

if you want to rank the first page of Google, you need to select low volume keywords that are between 200 and 300 searches a month. in a matter of days, you could reach the top of Google without building a single backlink and see organic traffic flows to your blog.

Traffic Tip2: Email traffic

Another way to generate daily traffic is through email marketing. how many times have you heard “the money is in the list”. building an email list is one of the most effective strategies out there.

It’s a way to start a warm communication with your audience. it’s better than all social media networks, better than Facebook, better than Twitter, better than Instagram and better than fb groups.

Furthermore, it saves you money on ads. because already have an audience. When i started blogging, i was consuming hours about email marketing, i figured out if i want to build a list, i have to offer something for free. so i decided to create a lead magnet with massive value to attract, grow and convert readers to subscribers.

The beauty of email marketing, you can build a responsive customer’s list who are interested in your stuff and send unlimited traffic to your products and books.

Email traffic is your own marketing strategy to generate sales whenever you want. in a few minutes you can reach hungry people who want to open your email and buy what you offer.

Traffic Tip3: Social media traffic

Another way to generate traffic to your blog is through social media sites such as facebook, twitter, Instgram and Linkedin. So when you post a new article on your blog, you should post it on all social media accounts to help your fans and followers solve their problems.

Remember, people connect and share your content when you write something awesome, others don’t. when you add interesting and helpful posts.

Also, find smart bloggers in your niche and ask them to share your content. it’s a way to gain and retain more visibity online.

Another strategy is to find Facebook Groups in your niche and become a member. once you get accepted, write helpful posts and answer member’s questions to gain trust from group admin. this helps you build a reputation in front of the community. 

Facebook groups are highly engaged. 

Traffic Tip 4: Guest Posting

Guest posting is no secret. 

When your blog looks like a Ghost town. no traffic, no visitors and zero subscribers. You hold off writing in your blog and Guest post on popular sites that are more trafficked.

It’s a way to increase traffic, Build backlinks and connect with a new audience. remember One high-quality guest post can generate you much traffic in a day. 

another way to generate traffic using Guest posting is to build awareness. you show people something, others don’t and you communicate true value through telling engaging stories. 

The more guest posts you write and publish on relevant sites, the more traffic you get. 

If you have 300, 500 visitors a month that means you have an audience and in order to achieve more and grow your blog from 500 to 1000. you need to diversify your strategy. 

There is an  audience on stable platforms like medium and growthhackers and this requires no guest posting pitch. You simply write and publish stories and contact publications to share them with their followers.

It is important to write high-quality guest posts on relevant sites to attract and grow the most traffic. people are going to share and visit your BIO and if they find interesting lead magnet they will subscribe and read your offer.

Traffic Tip 5: Blog Commenting

Another way to generate traffic is to write impressive comments on popular blogs in your niche. in order to get more people to visit your blog, you have to be the first person who comments on articles that recently been published, this helps you stay on top of all other commenters and get many visitors.

Don’t leave a spammy comment just to get traffic.

If you are leaving a comment just to get readers, this will truly put you out of business.

Leave long and impressive comments to create brain awareness that leads to brain responsive. if you do so people are likely to visit your blog and subscribe to your newsletter.

Traffic Tip 6: Forum posting

Another effective way to generate traffic to your blog is through forum posting. if you are an internet marketer then warriorforumaffiliatefixand blackhatworld are the top affiliate marketing networks.

Open a free account and become a member. for instance, if you are in list building niche, there is a section there where bloggers post about that specific sub-niche.

Remember, the more interesting and helpful posts you create and publish, the more people you attract to visit your forum signature and land in your blog.

When it comes to generating traffic. just leave good posts and answer people’s questions. if you keep creating helpful posts that add massive value, people recognize you as an expert and visit your signature on the bottom.


If you want to reach more audience and build a healthy business, you need to strategically bring the right marketing strategy to your business. for example paying for customers is the best way to get instant traffic and make certain for every $1 you invest you get $2 back.

Big brands like Amazon, Walmart and eBay used to spend millions of dollars on Marketing to grow their businesses more and more rapidly. Now Amazon has over 1 million affiliates on their stores that send them daily and active customers.

You literally need to invest to capture that traffic to automate your business and re-invest to grow exponentially. It’s very hard to grow and make millions from free traffic

I think you should offer the absolute most value to reach hungry audience, It’s a way to build a responsive list of loyal subscribers. with paid traffic you can get customers who are ready to buy your offers, books and services.