Email Open Rates: 5 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rate is Very Low.

email open rate

Email Open Rate

As you know email marketing can grow your business faster than any social media channels. in a few minutes you can send a successful email campaign to thousands of recepients and earn a pure profit, and this is great for times when you first write a simple subject line and send a converting offer to increase email open rates.

When i open my inbox in the morning, i find bunch  of newsletters, i don’t click on them all, instead i look for subject lines that hook me, i click on them to see what they have for me. i read their whole newsletters and check out their links that move to a squeeze page, sales page or training program. i can easily subscribe once the title describes what i am searching for.

Now, there are lots of folks who send promotional newsletters every day and people unsubscribe from their service providers, because they send spam and frequent neweletters. some business owners started doing this, But as soon as they recognized building a healthy business is about adding true value and serving customers. they focused on writing words that convert.

I also see people who struggle to build an email list, when they report that, they say its hard to get 50% open rate. their email lists have people from all over the world ranging from affiliate marketers, bloggers, authors and Entrepreneurs and if they are marketing to them same way, they get low email open rates

In this blog post iam going to show you how to increase your Email open rates in 5 increadibly simple steps and even how to write awesome newsletters.

1#: Conversion

The most important skill to sell your products, books and services is through developing a real conversation with your subscribers. knowing how to write words that convert, you could have them open your emails and respond.

People don’t buy from strangers. 

They don’t buy the first time they visit your Blog.

They buy from people they know, like and trust

Every follow up is like a tiny link and every follow up you build an other link.

That follow ups open a door for you, create a stunning relationship, not from your welcome Email, But the good follow ups you developed with them.

Conversation creates an influence

Conversation makes you special

Conversation makes you sales.

Email Open Rate

2#: Subject lines are so important:

First, you have to define your audience to increase email open rates. When i sent multiple successful email campaigns to my mailchimp subscribers. i discovered that most of my subscribers are interested to get more traffic.

I tested some subjects lines and got low open rate, But when i used traffic, traffic as a subject line. the open rate jumped from 14% open to 30% open and 8,7% clicks which is good.

don’t fake your list to open your emails, because this will take you out of business. instead use subject lines that describe your newsletter. so when subscribers open your emails have to find what you promised them in subject line.

Email Open Rate

3#: You are not Giving subscribers what they want:

I know you are in many lists of authors, bloggers and Entrepreneurs because you want to learn something new and unique. 


People sign up to your newsletter for some reasons. to be educated, entertained and because you have promised them to get something awesome from you twice a week. 

Giving the absolute most value to your subscribers is a way to open your emails and one of top marketing strategies out there is copywrting. Knowing how to write words that sell. Look at top magazines. they hire professional copywriters in the world because they know headlines are what sell magazines. they connect with their customers and give them what they want.

You can subscribe to their newsletters, buy their magazines and learn viable strategies they use to sell their products.

Email Open Rate

4#: Your emails are not responsive

The most powerful weapon in your blog is the word ” FREE” you work hard to come up with solutions, tactics and techniques you audience want, you crush it online.

Most people when they start a blog, they pick a niche and start writing content around that topics. the big mistake they make is “they are not very specific”. for instance, if you are in wealth niche, you pick a submarket such” email marketing,” write some blog posts around that submarket so that you capture responsive list of people who are very interested in your emails. more importantly you increase your open rate.

Email Open Rate

5#: Your emails are not emotional

If you really want to get high open rate, your subscribers have to feel something about you. what do i mean by that? 

All you do is to show them solutions, ways and strategies not onyl subject lines, for a reason they come back to your blog, read your aticles and wait for your Emails. 

High perceived value always on demand. This is great and they feel you have more.

From your personal blog, you are looking for ways to attract, grow and convert visitors to   leads. I’ve written a cheat sheet In which i demonstrate how to use brain awarness and Brain response to Increase the number of Opt-ins from every blog post you write and publish.

10 subject lines that always increase open rate :

1- Save 50% on travel

2- 3 secrets to make money

3- How to make a million dollar a year

4- Open

5- Two girsl( video)

6- Free

7- Secret traffic source

8- Traffic, traffic, traffic

9- We did it

10- Don’t open

Email Open Rate


First. study other guys in your niche, subscribe to their newsletters, see their subject lines and how they market their email campaigns.

When i open my inbox in the morning, i read multiple newsletters and see how they market their products and more importantly what subject lines they write

to increase open rate. there is no rocket science behind this. But there is an increadibly simple way that works, You have only 5 seconds to capture their attention and this woks when you use Power words in your subject lines..

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