Why Guest Posting Needs To Be A Viable Marketing Strategy in 2020

Guest posting for SEO

What if i told you the biggest asset in your business is email list. if you have been blogging for a few years, then you know email marketing is the single yet but effective channel that generates more traffic, leads and profit.

The beauty of Email marketing, you can get unlimited amount of traffic whenever you want. it gives you freedom to work from anywhere on the continent, you just need a laptop and Wifi, send an email, make a profit and enjoy your holiday.

Having an Email list is like owning a private network. how many times have you heard email is dead? but it still makes affiliate marketers thousands of dollars every month.

you can spend $1 on Fb and get $2 back.

How awesome? guest posting for SEO

But Wait.

What are the viable marketing strategies and media outlets that build you a responsive email list without spending a dime?

guest posting for SEO

Guest posting can generate you unlimited amount of traffic.

The key to getting more traffic is to hold off writing on your blog and guest post on large media publications and on stable platforms. probably you have amazing articles on your blog. But what you miss is to tell people, to reach out and know where they are and share your story.

business insider, huffington post, Entrepreneur and fastcompany have millions of active readers daily. these are gold mine media outlets. they welcome content but evergreen content that provides the absolute most value.

One single article published on one of these high authority sites will drive tremendous number of visitors and boost ranking on Google.

What makes a blog successful while a blog looks like a ghost town, no traffic, no visitors and no leads?

It is not how you attract.

It is not how you convert.

It is all about outreach. Guest posting is still the single fastest way to see people in your blog.

guest posting for SEO

Guest Post for SEO:

When it comes to SEO, Guest posting on large media publications and other trusted       websites build strong backlinks and grow blog readership and boost ranking.

Right now, stop writing articles on your blog and find a way to serve people. write your story, give more, write high engaging content, teach something new and unique and watch people contribute with your stuff.

If you are obsessed with SEO, then there is no better way than diversifying your content marketing strategy to build strong backlinks, reputation, social proof, get in the eyes of Google and attract readers.

guest posting for SEO

Where to Guest post:

If you spy on successful bloggers, authors and Entrepreneurs, You will see they have been guest posting on busines insider, Entrepreneur, huffington post, inc.com, Mashable, New york times, the guardian, medium, telegraph, search engines journal, social media examiner, cbs news, lifehacker, the oprah mag, the sun, addicted2success and fastcompany.

Now it is your turn to write high quality article and get it featured on one of the media outlets listed above. the process is very simple. contact the editor, send them your guest post and you get lots of traffic from day 1.

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guest posting for SEO

Guest posting Pitch:

If i was going to start guest posting today, i will write this email to some blog editors and send them valuable topics.


I hope your day is going well!

My name is  orchsee and i wanted to reach out with a guest post on a topic that could be extremely valuable for your audience” medium platform”.

This topic would be highly valuable and timely to your community since medium is growing extremely quickly and will only get increasingly over-crowded.

I would love to write a guest post why medium could be an integral channel for entrepreneurs, businesses and creative of all kinds, this will include proven and actionable strategies. to stand out on medium.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Thanks for your time and i hope to work with you soon. have a fantastic day.

Hope this helps!

Best regards

guest posting for SEO

Guest posting needs to be your viable marketing strategy

In order to attract, grow and convert you need to write on other blogs more than you write on your own.

Write 10 articles on your blog and 15 guest posts on large media publications.

If you are not writing creative blog posts, if you are not picking a stable platform, if you are not using a viable marketing strategy, then you are not creating an impact to generate new leads for your business.

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