How To Triple Your Optins Using Lead Generation Homepage

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The fastest way to get more opt-ins is through writing high quality content and use proven Marketing tactics to reach hungry audience.

Right ?

The homepage is the most visited page in the blog and It has the highest conversion rate. If you study some blogs of smart bloggers and web marketers in self-help, Health and different niches, you will find out they have built a lead generation Homepage with different lead magnets. 

Their lead magnet is different from your lead magnet 

And your incentive is different from their Offer

At the end an incentive with massive value that moves us towards more opt-ins is the right offer for quality subscribers.

If you are serious about building your list, you came up to read a strategy which you can implement in your blog.

Offer an Awesome Lead magnet :

The best lead magnet is an incentive with massive value, nevertheless how many Pages It has. It should solve a specific problem. If you spend 48 hour writing Something that Is unique and new in marketing to reach potential customers, then You have done an excellent job to make visitors bookmark you as a smart blogger.

give them what they need, something they can’t find somewhere else. you will be rewarded later. your blog is a place to provide a lead magnet and quality content to hungry audience.

Strong Call To Action :

Using strong words such   Secret” “ How I generated” “2 Free Strategies“…..etc will Entice readers to optin to your mailing list and receive your free incentives. remember. If You have the best content on the web, nobody will read It if you don’t promote It with free or paid ads. use compelling headlines and good images.

I have seen many bloggers miss out what is called ” Web Psychology ” they provide Awesome incentives. but they write poor call to actions.

Nevertheless how many pages you have in your offer or how long you spent to create it. always an effective incentive should have a strong call to action and use your email Follow up to connect with your customers.

Social Proof :

We humans like to read reviews before we travel or buy something online. that helps us determine if it has a positive review and much value. visitors feel more confident when they see you have been featured on big brands and popular blogs. this helps you increase your optins.

How Do You Increase Your Social Proof :

It takes time to establish your brand online. write on other blogs more than you write on your own. this helps you attract more readers and create more influence.

High Professional Photo :

Visitors want to know who you are. Building your brand makes you sell more stuff and to do that you have to spend much time writing great content, record Good videos and use email sequence to build that strong relationship to make them trust your business before you make first sale.

Write Good Content :

If you answer this question, you will understand how other blogs get more opt-ins and you Don’t .

  • What do they offer ?
  • What differentiate you from them?
  • What proven marketing tactics they use to get you optins?
  • How and why do you subscribe to other blogs?
  • What they have in common and you don’t have?
  • Do they offer something new an unique?

They teach something new and unique. you Understand what is working nowadays to stand out In the market. content as far as the Information you provide, you want it to be good value. If you can find something unique about what your provide and bring it In front of people, then you get good results.

Treat Your Blog Homepage as a capture page :

The Blog :

Blog Owner : Nathalie Lussier

The fatest way to build your mailing list is through product launches. or through free courses. everyone has a free Ebook, you need to stand out from the crowd and offer Something unique and new nowadays. Nathlie has built her course 30 list building Challenge to teach her audience how to Bbuild their list.

She started a 30 day engagement, when you optin to her challenge you get a Video each day. which teaches you some good stuff.. everyone wants free Stuff.

Nathalie opt-in offers are10 minute videos with specific marketing tactics that help you get Opt-ins. if you are in a hurry you can buy her course and get access to more proven marketing strategies.

Natalie’s Main Goal :

She wants to help as many people as possible to grow their audience and market their offers. she has good course where you learn some tactics she uses to attract targeted visitors.

The Blog                   :               

Blog Owner    :                                                  Tami Brehse

Helps small businesses build their brands, but she doesn’t provide an incentive whether an ebook or a course to attract audience to optin and start follow ups..

She has a clear message when you visit “About Page” she helps small businesses expand And make more sales.

If she wants to be in good shape and stand out she has to offer something in return for Their e-mail address. the homepage is designed well with clear to action.

The Blog       :                                         

The author   :                                                       Laura Roeder

Laura is a successful online entrpreneur started working as a web designer before she Becomes a social media consultant and social media marketing expert, Laura has written a Clear call to action to entice her visitors to sign up.

Laura has written a clear call to action to tell her visitors exactly what they have to do in a Big bold text and she uses subheading to engage.

The social proof on the page gives more trust. when you see those big brands such forbes, USC, los Angeles times… you believe there is an expert behind the scenes to learn proven Strategies.

The Blog     :                                                   www.

Blog Owner  :                                                     Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an american life coach, motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur who interviews successful online Entreperneurs. she also teaches audience how to achieve their dreams. she does her best to educate, teach, share and give valuable informations to help people stand out and acheive anything they want.

Her Great Interviews :

Interview with Tony Robbins 

Interview With Derek Halpern

Interview withOprah

What i really like when i land on her blog, she uses ” web pshyology ”  she looks on the other side, which makes you see the optin offer. that’s amazing. the offer is about ” how to get anything you want. sign me up.

When you watch the videos, you will understand she is always on top because of Guests she invites, interviews and also massive value she Shares.​

The Blog     :                                         

Blog Owner  :                                                     Ian Brodie

​The Most Important work he does, he teaches his clients new methods and strategies that help get more optins and grow their businesses. on his blog he writes high quality content that entice people to sign up. and also uses social media which is his focus to build a list of targeted subscribers.

He Designed a Clear Homepage with a strong call to action. and uses subtitle to show you what you get when you subscribe. and followed by strond word free access to the 21 word email.

The Blog     :                                                   www.

Blog Owner  :                                                     Jon Morrow

Smart Blogger does a big job by displying an incentive on the top of the blog that targets everyone who has a blog. which is amazing. everybody wants to know how to write posts that go viral. Jon also teaches how to come up with an idea for viral articles. and reach out to thousands of readers who have same interest or different interest.

The article has to be pretty knowledgable in which 9 of 10 people click to read. many people who are blogging for few years didn’t realize the power of writing posts that go viral.

Jon Morrow : Designed a powerful incentive that every blogger should have. it starts with clear call to action. it is simple to understand and make viral posts in your blog.​

At this page, i am sure you can see the power of this strategy and you are seeing this Proven homepage has worked over and over for many brands.

I have shared enough informations about this. as some folks don’t Know about it. Espacially if they are just starting out blogging.

If you have a strong call to action in an offer which provides massive value and 200 People visit your blog. then expect more than half of them optin for the offer.

Not everyone subscribes to get your offer, in fact everyone has a certain thing he wants. If You are offering  an Incentive to teach bloggers ” how to write viral posts ” then expect 9 Out of 10 op-tin. on the other hand If you are teaching bloggers ” how to start a blog” then You probably not going to get many opt-ins.

Defining the needs of your audience is to your success as a Smart Blogger. if you are interested to design like these high professional homepage for your blog. then there is no better way than using thrive content builder. they have great support team and always Bring new and unique strategies that help you grow your business online.