How to Start a Successful Blog in 13 Steps and Make Money Online.

how to build a successful blog

Nowadays, there are so many ways to make money online. right now blogging is the top choice but many bloggers are having trouble turning a profit from their blogs. how to start a successful blog

But then again, there are numerous profitable blogs out there because owners know exaclty how to start a successful blog. they follow a specific set if tips and most of blogs have a number of things in common.

There are 440 million blogs in the world. there is a reason these blogs exist and why many of them are making extra income online from them.

It is an opportunity. think about the millions of people who go on the internet every day. they scroll through social media or search for something in Google and click on an article to read with hardly any thought at all.

What is the article was yours? what if hundreds, thousands and even millions of people click on your articles every single day?

The keyword “ make money online “ has 65,000 searches a month. that is a large audience at your disposal and that is a huge profit just waiting to happen. how to start a successful blog

​Every day new people search for ways to make money online, what if your blog post ranks first page of Google, you will make lots of money online.

There are 3 ways to make money online. you sell your own services, sell your product or sell someone’s product. that’s the ultimate answer to making money online.

If you want to build a blog and make money from it, you will want to follow these 13 things successful bloggers do differently to make money online.

Those commonalities are why so many blogs are successful and profitable.

Building a successful blog takes so much time, energy and effort and it’s not something you can do in 20 hours/ or a week. You need to follow a number of specific things. Buy a domain name, web hosting, install wordpress, design conversion focused theme, write creative content and start successful SEO campaign to obtain natural traffic from search engines.

Starting a blog about something you love is a great decision to share your knowledge, to connect, engage and interact with clients.

Sometimes people want to give up blogging because of several factors. They become frustrated and distracted. People don’t understand failure is a part of the game, the moment you try to stop is the moment to taste failure.

If you struggle to overcome these obstacles you make it happen. In this blog post, I want to show you a step by step blogging blueprint, implement it and focus on helping people achieve what you can achieve, show them how to capture new subscribers, sell more books and products.

1. Launch a Blog:

You first have to have a blog in order to profit from blogging, you don’t just want to throw some random blog posts up and hit “publish” button.

First, you need to set a plan. You have to figure out how much content you want available before giving the world access to the site, usually, you want to have a wide variety of blog posts available so when people find you, they have more than one thing to read.  how to start a successful blog

This will not only make them spend more time on your site, but because of that, you will start to rank higher on Google search engines.

Do the work to build up 5-20 blog posts before hitting publish. then when you launch, make it a big deal. Share the news on every social media platform you have to get the word out.

Also readHow to start a blog in 20 minutes(7 steps).

2. Publish a Blog Post Every 7 Days:

Consistency is key here and not just so your audiences know when a new blog post will be up. When you are constantly putting new content, it helps your visibility on search engines. how to start a successful blog

Not only that, but it allows visitors to see your credibility. Nobody wants to take advice from a website that has not updated for months at a time.

Create a schedule of different content and make sure you are posting at least one every week, if not more.

3. Stable Platform:

Your platform is not divorced from your creativity, it is part and parcel your professional portfolio. “Christina Kartz”

Not everyone wants to put their hard work on someone’s platform but when it comes to profitability, traffic is your best friend. And that means other websites can be your best friend too.

Websites like medium allows you to post your content with a link that leads back to your blog, content and landing page and that’s why medium is better than other content platforms. how to start a successful blog

Firstly, medium is a huge source of traffic. Millions of people view its content and that means you can potentially gain followers through that platform.

Another reason to post on other high-traffic platform is the backlinks. Backlinks are where a website links to the content on your blog. When high authority websites, like medium, link to yours, it helps Google see your blog as legitimate.

That means the more high value backlinks you have, the higher your own website will climb in the Google search results – which is exactly what you want.

There are some certain elements to build and attract the most clicks with this goldmine traffic source. I had no idea how bloggers do headlines, its huge especially with numbers. You realize readers are close to something that touches their emotions.  

Bad headline: 17 ways to lose weight

Good headline: 7 proven ways to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

How to Use Medium to Get Subscribers 

Step 1: Learn how to become a guest writer

Step 2: Write high quality guest posts, copy and paste from your blog

Step 3: Headline is the most important thing in your blog.

Step 4: Write strong call to action

Step 5 : Repeat over and over

4. Write Content That Expertly Optimized for Conversion:

If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life your blog is being enough “Darren Rowse”

Successful blogging is not just about writing what you want. If you truly want to profit from blogging, you will have to convert visitors to subscribers. You have to make them want what you are selling.

Now, this doesn’t even have to be a specific product, though it can be. You have to think about what you want people to do after reading a blog post. When they get done, what action do you want them to take.

If you want them to buy something, you will want to optimize your content to push them in that direction. Focus on why they would benefit from whatever it is you want them to do. but actively tell them to do it.

You also want to make sure you have plenty of links within a blog post that leads the reader to other posts on your page. by keeping them on your website longer, you are increasing your profitability.

The more someone gets from you for free and the more they like what you have to say. the more likely they are to buy something from you.

Another way to increase conversion is to write killer headlines. an article with a lame title is not one people will click on. you want all of your headlines to be intriguing and questionable. how to start a successful blog

The more people have questions about what you are writing. the more likely they are to click on it to find out what you are talking about.

One last thing to increase conversion is to structure your website so it is easy to follow. make the information easy to obtain and more people will click on it.

5. Publish a lead Magnet:

Not what a lead magnet is? Well, it’s just as it sounds. It is a magnet you can use to lead people to take action in the way you want.

Most of often, you will hear this term when it comes to your email list. A lead magnet is this sense is a free downloadable eBook, or other freebie given in exchange for a reason‘s email address.

Free is the most powerful word in the world. You have to give people a reason to sign up to your newsletter, don’t just say, please subscribe to my newsletter. You have to persuade them in a way to feel something about your offer. Common lead magnets include:

  • A “ How to“ Guide
  • A checklist
  • A printable chart
  • A cheat sheet
  • A template
  • Examples
  • Resource list
  • Calendars
  • Planners

If you want to generate an effective lead magnet, you have to first decide which fits not only your blog’s needs, but the needs of any profitable products you sell. how to start a successful blog

6. Build Your Email List:

A small list that wants exactly what you are offering is better than a bigger list that is not committed “Ramsay Leimenstoll”

Right now, one of your most valuable tools for a successful blog will be your email list. Realistically, you want to start building this from day 1 but have not, then get started right away.

Your email list is your ticket to profit from blogging. You own the list, if your social media accounts were to get hacked or deleted, what would you do? You will need an email list to keep all of true “followers” in one place.

Not only that, you are able to send them information and options that can make you money directly to their inbox.

Building an email list is the number one strategy that requires focus to build a healthy blog and make a profit. It is a way to communicate with your audience, it’s a way to engage and interact with your clients, its better than facebook, twitter, instagram and most other social media platforms.

All successful bloggers started with zero traffic and zero subscribers online, pat flyn started with zero visitors and zero subscribers, Ryan Deiss started with zero, Russell Brunson started with zero. they all started learning the basics before any advanced strategies and created an influence, they built huge email lists and earned millions from digital products.

7. Get Your First 100 Subscribers:

It’s all about the list. If you want to build your list, you need to serve your audience, how? give them an incentive to sign up. Very few people give you their email in exchange for nothing. how to start a successful blog

One of the top conversion methods for email address is a lead magnet of some sort. this can be a freebie of a simple, short e-book or even a discount code for a product you are selling.

If you give your visitors something valuable, they will give you their email, then, once you have created a lead magnet that best provides for your audience, create content surrounding it.

For example, if your lead magnet is a free checklist of healthy meals to eat weekly, you will want to start writing blog posts about eating healthy. this can be anything from recipes to specific details about the benefits of certain foods.  how to start a successful blog

Then place your opt-in forms for those lead magnets in the middle of these posts and place a link within the body of the text.

The idea here is to get people thinking about eating healthier and showing them you have more value to provide through a free download. So long as they enter their email address easily.

The Beauty of Email Marketing:

You can’t go from zero to 10k subscribers overnight, you need to set smart goals and follow proven marketing strategies, then your blog will start getting 10 a day, 30 and 100 a day. If you want to speed it up and build a huge email list you have to work like a spider. What does it mean? You diversify your message to reach influencers.

 If I start a blog post today. i would start building an email list to get amount of traffic whenever i have a new blog post, book or an offer.

Bryan Harris the owner of videofruit has been using proven strategies and tactics and been guest posting on okdok and eofire to show bloggers how he grew his email list. 

From the start you will notice bryan drives awarness, he breaks down all strategies, ways and methods of other marketers. on the back end of each article he offers a downloadable ebook, when you click on that link a pop up appears to enter your email address. he askes bloggers to use Google analytics to know the most trafficked article in the blog before offering a freebie to capture leads.

8. Publish 5 or 7 Guest Posts:

If your guest post gets a lot of traffic, social shares and comments, the blog owner will most likely accept guest post from you again, plus you can use that guest post as a reference when pitching other blogs, ” Neil Patel “

If you’re not sure what a guest post is, it’s a simple blog post you write for another website to publish with links back to your website. This is about those backlinks again. 

Your ideal website for this is one that’s related to your content, but an authority. You want them to be bigger than your blog with high traffic. this not only helps drive more traffic to your blog, but because the website is an authority, it’ll tell Google your website is legitimate and you’ll start ranking high on search engines.

Reach out to website editors with your proposal and do this 20-30 times so you have many different avenues of backlinks.

Bella Pope when she writes guest posts, she always focus on rules and forming a relationship with the editor. Usually, you will send the editor a list of topics you can cover and why their site would benefit from them.

Then write it up and send it back, and watch the traffic flows in from a high authority site with the same audience as yours.

After she started guest posting, traffic started to explode, she went from having 1000 visitor a month to well over 5000 in just a few weeks of a single guest post going live.

Don’t just stop at one guest post, either. doing this consistently is what will help your blog grow and become more profitable.

A bigger number is somewhere else and to get there you should hold off writing in your blog and start writing on other blogs.

 Maria Coz said “I am at 500 subscribers now and I need to guest post more to grow to 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year”. It is so true. she published some guest posts and generated new subscribers and launched her own course. how to start a successful blog

if you want to learn more about guest posting, then check out this article to guest post on large publications.

9. Link Them to Your Funnel:

You might be wondering what a funnel is. It’s basically as it sounds. Imagine a funnel right now. At the top, you’ll have the first step to lead your visitors to somewhere a little more specific.

From there, you’ll essentially narrow the content and lead them to the action you want them to take. Be that signing up for your email list or purchasing a product, the process will be the same. how to start a successful blog

Many people have a very specific funnel of content on their blogs. When you get those guest post positions, you want to link the post to this funnel in order to get new visitors to convert to customers.

10. Get Your First 1000 Blog Subscribers:

Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI. “Karl Murray”

Now it’s time to up your game when it comes to getting subscribers. those first 100 may have been easy enough but gaining 1000 will be a little more difficult.

Once again, your best tool will be those freebies. You’ll give them something of value for free if they just sign up to your email list. In order to up the value and gain even more subscribers, give them a sense of urgency.

Create an e-book for something related to your blog that’ll only be around for a limited time. they have to sign up within the next week in order to receive it or it’ll be gone forever.

You can also host a giveaway of some sort. people love to get products for free and if you require them to have signed up to your email list to be eligible, many people will in order to have the chance to receive something for free. Just remember that it has to be something of value.

Benjamin Hardy built a massive email list, he used to write and publish valuable articles on his blog, he wanted a bigger platform to get more traffic and new subscribers, when he publishes a new blog post he republishes it on medium platform. how to start a successful blog

People on medium are interested in reading several topics, in entrepreneurship, in self help, creativity and variety of niches. In a short period of time he went from zero to 20 000 subscribers. Now it’s your turn, a bigger number is somewhere else. select a stable platform, write creative content and contact contributors, it is a way to gain and retain credibility and visibility online.

If you want to learn about growing your email list, then this article shows you steps to start acquiring new leads.

11. Launch Your Product:

We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices “Bezos Founder of Amazon”

If you haven’t yet launched a product, now’s the time to think about what you can sell on your website. Do you want to launch actual physical products or is your blog better suited for e-books or services?

No matter what you choose, it’s now time to launch, but not without setting up the conversion properly. that means creating a funnel for your email list.

This will take some time because you can’t just send 10 emails in a single day. Instead, take a few weeks to provide your email subscribers with value before asking them to purchase something from you.

The more you give them for free, the higher the chances they’ll want to purchase what you’re selling to them. how to start a successful blog

So first, send them an email announcing the launch of your new product or service. then send a series of emails related to it, but without going into too much detail. you want them to desire the actual product.

After this series of emails, offer the product to them as a more in-depth insight of what you’ve been talking to them about through your stream of emails.

This method has been tried and true. nobody wants you to push your product on them through a launch and leave it at that. First provide value in a form that’s related to your product and then present what you’re selling in an appealing manner.

12. Earn Pure Profit:

Once your email list has been built and you’ve developed your funnel of emails that includes your product launch, it’s time to make some money.

Don’t think the work ends with the launch of your product. That’s far from the truth. Even after you’ve sent your funnel of emails, determine who hasn’t purchased it yet. After some time, send another email with a small discount or just talk more about why that product is valuable.

You’ll also want to build some blog posts around what you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling an e-book about workouts for newbies, you’ll want to write blog posts about going to the gym for the first time, preparing muscles for exercise, and even recovering when you’re sore.

Within this content, you can seamlessly advertise to your product in an appealing way that doesn’t feel forced.

You also have to continuously advertise this product or service. Keep sharing it on social media from time to time, but not every day. When you do these things, you’ll have a continuous stream of income from a single product or service.

Authors, writers and affiliate marketers invest their time and energy to write something valuable. they know if they spend 1 hour every day to write a short ebook and sell 5000 copies for $5. that’s $25 000 from one single book. how to sell it? you need an audience. that’s why email is important. send and earn. how about publishing another book within the next few days. you make passive income.

Too many ways and methods to profit from blogging. Amazon the biggest online store has opened a huge opportunity for authors and writers to write kindle eBooks. Fiverr has opened a huge opportunity for people to earn passive income using their skills to serve a community of people.

If you have a great idea and think it will help people solve their problems. Then create your own product and sell it on several platforms.

13. Diversify:

Dream, diversify and never miss an angle. ” Walt Disney 

You can’t solely rely on one avenue to make you a continuous profit. The truth of the matter is that you want a wide variety of areas in which you can make money. Why? because what would happen if Google suddenly pulled their ads from blogs and websites, or even if they lowered the rates?

You need to have multiple sources of income so if one fails, your blog is still making money. this can be through ads, products, services, and anything else related to your blog.

You also have to diversify the ways your blog receives its traffic. Since your traffic is so heavily connected with profitability, you never want to rely too heavily on a single area.

If you’re gaining the large majority of your traffic through social media, you need to start building your email list and focusing on SEO so you start to gain traffic through search engines.

Because what happens if you lose your social accounts? If your traffic plummets, so does your profit. It’s even apparent that Facebook traffic has been on the decline for a few years and it’s only getting worse.

Diversify your avenues of income and the ways in which your blog gets its traffic if you want to maintain your blog’s profitability.

Brian dean the owner of started like everyone, zero visitors and zero subscribers. But how did he grow his blog from zero to 14k visitors a month? he used to strategically focus on using white hat SEO strategies to outrank authority sites. He started publishing amazing content and strategically promote that content to build strong backlinks. Do you think this works? Absolutely. when you are missing TRAFFIC, your site becomes like a ghost town and the only person who knows your blog is you. Brian figured out SEO traffic code and now generates over 1, 5 million visitors a year.

How to Profit From Blogging:

Selling something is the only way to earn income. If you are not getting traffic. If you are not collecting new subscribers, if you are not serving people. then your business becomes like a ghost town. your business won’t grow. that’s why you need to follow this simple concept.

We all love free traffic strategies. when we start blogging we try different ways and methods such video marketing, social marketing and guest posting. We get frustrated and unmotivated because free traffic is slow. we don’t want to spend money on ads to see floods of visitors.

Smart Bloggers want to grow fast, that’s why they start successful campaigns on facebook to get instant results. You can start with $5 on facebook and know how many visitors you will have.


In order to make a profit, you’ll want to keep these things successful bloggers do differently in mind. Formulate a plan of action based on these tips and focus on building a profitable blog quickly.

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