What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

what is affiliate marketing

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

John Crestani is a super affiliate marketer who started from zero skills, zero knowledge and zero sales to earning 6 figures a month selling other people’s products and Now teaching people how to do affiliate marketing and launch profitable campaigns on high trusted platforms.

He recently launched a product on clickbank named Super Affiliate System it shows you how to leverage paid traffic sources to create an affiliate based business from scratch. when you sign up to the webinar you get stunning value from John Crestani.

I was asking myself some questions.

  • ​What strategy do they put in place to earn big bucks online?
  • ​What secret strategy do they use to profit from the internet?
  • ​What are they selling to make that much money?

I subscribed to some of their newsletters and discovered something “affiliate marketing is the only way they do to earn that much money” so what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When I say affiliate marketing some people think i’m talking about Marketing. while that’s a true meaning. there is another definition for this. affiliate marketing means to work as a middleman, you find high converting products on stable marketplaces, get affiliate links and start marketing that in several networks to generate sales.

Affiliate Marketing: means to connect people to businesses, to bring people to a product when they purchase from your affiliate link you get paid. For instance, Clickbank, Amazon, Jvzoo, Ebay, aliExpress, and Hundreds of other companies have an affiliate program on their website. You open a free account and start bringing traffic to multiple products. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Airbnb is a company that doesn’t own any houses or apartments or studios in the world. they invented this revolutionary idea to connect travelers with apartment owners. they take a cut when they stay.

They have an affiliate Program on their website to get affiliates promote their services for a commission. the more people advertise their services, the more chances they have to earn more. airbnb team has a vision to serve millions of people around the globe, they made it easier for people to earn income from renting their apartments and easier for travellers to find a comfortable place to stay for a holiday.

Uber is a company that has grown vastly. they actually own nothing. they have invented a revolutionary idea that works anywhere in the world. if you own a car. you start working with them. what they control is the technology. an app when there is a transaction, they take a cut.

Uber wanted to serve millions of people around the world. affiliate marketing has simplified the way businesses work today. Big drivers in E-commerce like Amazon, eBay and Walmart have spent millions of dollars on advertising. Now they rely on affiliates to attract ready to buy customers.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

 Join Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate marketing networks are stable platforms where advertisers list their products and publishers find to promote them for a commission, affiliate networks like Aweber, Convertkit and Getresponse pay high commissions for every ideal customer we get them. the key to affiliate marketing success is to deliver the right products to the right audience, to find high converting products in your niche and promote them, in other words, use Google planner to know the estimated number that keyword has so that you write content that converts.

As an affiliate, it’s completely free to open an account, affiliate networks make it Super easy for people to sign up. in a way to sell products and earn money.

in this picture, i have listed some top affiliate marketing networks that most affiliates and bloggers still use to earn pure income online.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

How to Get Started With Amazon as an affiliate:

Amazon is the biggest online e-commerce store in the world with millions of active customers who buy physical products and digital products over and over. Amazon is growing so fast because people trust their services.

affiliate marketers do the work, they bring much traffic to sell products and earn a 6% commission from the network. we want to be beyond that and start promoting digital products from Clickbank, the payout is very high, you could earn 70% from one single sale. more importantly you have nothing to ship. sell online and get paid through paypal.

I think you have already heard about Amazon associates one of the fastest growing affiliate programs that attracts thousands of affiliates each day. the affiliate program is simple and easy to sign up. click on become an affiliate on the bottom of the page, you get quick approval and start placing affiliate links in your site. when someone purchases a product from your links you earn a commission.

When you click on become an affiliate, you will be directed to another site. to open a free account, its a company that handles the affiliate program. find products you want to promote, use your website and traffic strategies to get ideal customers. remember the more products you sell, the more money you earn.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

How to Get Started With Clickbank as an affiliate:

If you already have a blog or starting one, then your main purpose is to serve people and earn income. right? Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs that work as middleman between advertisers and publishers, Clickbank takes a cut when a publisher sells a product to a final customer. publishers open an account on Clickbank and find hot products to promote.

The process is easy. First, open an account and get access to the marketplace to find multiple categories, figure out a profitable niche that already has money, as a publisher you can get hot products by clicking on high gravity, it shows you products that sell well in the marketplace. more importantly, publishers are promoting them and earning income.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

1# Find a Profitable Niche:

Before you launch a small blog, you need to do market research to know who are your target customers, I find it easy to know my typical customers by asking important questions.

  • Are they suffering from a health problem and want a cure?​
  • ​Is there any potential in this niche and people search that keyword?
  • ​Are there at least 100 people who want a solution and need help?

So if you are in the blogging industry, you basically are not trying to serve millions of people, you need to be very specific and establish a niche within a niche to know your ideal customers, the main purpose is to show them solutions, resources, solve their specific problems and they will show you the money.

You might choose newbies and beginners in affiliate marketing, you might go after list building and teach them how to acquire new subscribers. So you need to follow your heart and do something you are obsessed with to write killer content on that topic.

I highly recommend a sub-niche in one of these 3 huge markets. Health, wealth and relationships. people want to be healthy, have money in the pocket and be in a relationship. 

In each of these niches, there are multiple sub-niches. in health, you find weight loss, fitness, nutrition and so on.

In wealth you can find, investing, forex, MMO, Marketing and so on.

In a relationship you can find, love, wedding, marriage and so on

So if you are starting a Blog in MMO, you need to focus on one thing at a time. You can start educating people about list building. you got to master this sub-niche and write killer content to receive guests in your blog, more importantly, you get a high open rate. because those are your ideal customers. you show them a product and they show you the money.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

John Crestani started in internet marketing niche, promoting people’s products and banked thousands of dollars, he knows people are looking for ways to earn income online, they are searching for ways to become financially free. they want to travel the world and work from the laptop. so he simplified his own strategy and focused on serving people by adding more value. 

Building a successful blog is not something you can do overnight and call it a blog, you buy a domain name, web hosting, install WordPress, choose a good theme and write a few blog posts. To be exactly clear, those are just the basics of starting a blog from scratch, this sounds cool thing.

the fundamentals are to serve your audience, get new clients, tell engaging stories, entertain readers, drive so much value and start a conversation that builds a strong relationship.

Very few people will tell you blogging is a long journey, you are going to get ahead in this business and start a successful SEO campaign, write content that optimized for conversion and guest post on high trafficked sites to gain and retain visibility. One of the main reasons to have a blog is to be exactly clear about what do you want from that. is it because you want to earn a pure profit? educate your audience? or follow your passion and turn it into profit. what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

remember people come into your blog for a reason, you have something awesome, others don’t. you show them new opportunities. others don’t. the content in your blog is amazing. and this is a great way to have an online presence to earn income.When you start from scratch, you will get a few visitors from articles you write and publish.

The fact having a lot of content on multiple channels will bring you tremendous readers that means you diversify your traffic strategy to reach a hungry audience.When your blog has zero traffic, zero followers and fans you need to hold off writing in your blog and start guest posting on popular blogs to generate some traffic. remember the more guest posts you publish, the more chances you have to snug loyal subscribers.

Also readHow to start a blog in 20 minutes (7 steps).

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

3# Write Content that Converts:

Content is king, content is important. Content is traffic. the whole web is about writing a piece of a blog post to show people resources, tools and solve their problems. 

This is easy to start with. The hardest part is to produce content that expertly optimized for conversion, in a way to attract readers and convert them to paying customers. remember this requires a market research, keyword selection and consuming hours to understand your market.

If you could do this, the conversion will be easier, you only optimize the web pages you already created for consumers, they connect and interact with your content.First, learn how to become a better writer, how to write great headlines and creative content.

it’s not about writing more content, the purpose is what do you want from that blog posts? readers, awareness? traffic? acquire leads?Before you write any piece of content, read a lot and write a lot. practice leads to creativeness. Remember these 7 tips will help you write a better article for your audience.

  • ​Write The Headline 
  • ​Write the introduction
  • ​Write the main points
  • ​Design content upgrade
  • ​Create Brain awareness
  • ​Create Brain Response
  • Add stunning value

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

4# Build an Email List:

Building an email list is the most important thing you can do for your blog from day one. it’s a proven way to communicate with your ideal customers, its a way to engage and interact, it’s better than facebook, twitter and instagram, what do I mean by that?

it’s something you own, its like a private network, you can send traffic whenever you want.you will not struggle to find an easy way to build a responsive list and believe me there is no better way than launching a tiny product on platforms that already have traffic such warriorforum.

its a way to get ideal customers who are always searching for ways to grow their online businesses. if you have a great idea and you could solve their problems then why not start launching a tiny product.The beauty of email list, you can work from anywhere in the world, send an unlimited amount of traffic to your books and offers. earn a pure profit and be your own boss.I am not giving you a step by step guide here.

just inform you about the importance of building a responsive list. remember to write a lead magnet with tons of value and give it away for free. Free is the most important thing that empowers your blog. 

first, get their personal information and send them good content to start a warm conversation.How to do Email traffic: Find reliable autoresponders, they are easier. i find them simple to use AweberMailchimp and Get response. you can try Fiverr or Upwork to hire someone to do this for you or ask for support from service providers.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

6# How to Sell Your Products:

It doesn’t matter if you are new to online marketing or been around for a few days.traffic is the lifeblood of so many online businesses. everyone has a way and a method that works for him and may not work for you. in fact you need to understand there are two ways to drive traffic to your blog or offers.

Free traffic and Paid traffic:

If you ask all affiliates and bloggers what is the biggest challenge you encounter online, the answer is simple “how to get more traffic”. they are going to spend time and diversify their strategy to get visitors from stable platfoms.

they don’t want to spend money, they believe readers are everywhere, they just need to promote their best stuff to reach them.

With affiliate marketing, especially when you start from scratch, you open an account and start asking questions on forums because your blog looks like a ghost town, no traffic, no visitors, no fans and followers and people say, try email marketing, facebook groups, blogging and community sites.

Most traffic methods they share with you don’t require money on ads. But require time, energy and effort.

Paid traffic is simple, you pay on ads and get instant traffic. the bad thing is, it stops when you stop paying. the good thing is to drive that traffic directly to a landing page.

Free traffic ( Organic traffic) from SEO is a long journey, you need to write evergreen content and start a successful SEO campaign to rank better on search engines. this also requires building some quality backlinks.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

If you want to grow your blog and attract the right audience, you need to diversify your marketing strategy, in a way to invest time and money to give Ebooks, cheat sheets and webinars to build a healthy business online.

So here are 25 actionable ways to drive traffic to your blog and products.

  • ​1: Facebook Groups
  • 2: Guest posting on the media outlet
  • ​3: Serve your customers:
  • ​4: Amazon Kindle EBooks:
  • ​5: One single article that converts:
  • ​6: Video marketing is awesome:
  • ​7: SEO is a long journey:
  • ​8: Build your email list:
  • ​9: Write more guest posts:
  • ​10: Promote your articles:
  • 11: Pay to get customers:
  • 12: Comment on well-ranked articles:
  • ​13: Write content that converts:
  • 14: Medium is a stable platform:
  • ​15: Build a perfect content strategy:
  • ​16: Connect with influencers:
  • ​17: Ask bloggers to tweet your article:
  • ​18: Engage in popular forums:
  • ​19: Focus on building your blog:
  • ​20: Email traffic:
  • ​21: add strategic opt-ins:
  • ​22: Social media is a big driver:
  • 23: Use Facebook ads:
  • ​24: Use Pinterest to get floods of traffic:
  • ​25: Give the absolute value:


Forget about fancy cars, forget about luxury houses and focus on the basics before any advanced strategies of affiliate marketing. launch a small blog, write captivating blog posts and build a tiny customer’s list.

its something you need to own, its the most valuable asset in your business. you earn income when you sell your productsomeone’s product or  service. think about acquiring customers and feed them with evergreen content, videos, webinars, short ebooks, cheat sheet and show them ” The How” to create an impact and build that strong communication to make them happy customers.

John Crestani has Launched a Webinar to teach affiliates how to become successful in this business. Click below and watch the webinar.