How to Promote Clickbank Products- Free Traffic Methods

how to promote clickbank products

Would you like to promote clickbank products and earn continuous stream of income from clickbank? If so, you first need to know Clickbank is the # 1 marketplace for selling good offers, courses and digital products. the platform has created many millionaines over the years, But the majority of people are still stuggling to make their first sale.

In this article i am going to demonstrate how to promote clickbank products using a reliable method.

1- Select Hot Offers To Promote

As you know, clickbank is the 1# marketplace for selling digital information products. many affiliate marketers prefer to send their online products and courses to clickbank marketplace because it has over 1 million affiliates who promote these offers to earn passive income. It also attracts over 4 million visitors every single month. If you think about launching an online course or an information ebook, then i highly recommend clcikbank. how to promote clickbank products

There is one important principle a lot of people miss out when it comes to promoting products. Clickbank has good and bad offers, if you choose to promote the most profitable and popular products to your email list, people are going to fall in love with you, becaue you always deliver high quality offers.

In another meaning, you always have to follow up with subscribers who join your newsletter. and always make sure you drive so much value to generate sales. People really have to feel something about you before they buy an offer from you, and this takes a bit of time to build that trust.

2-Target the right audience

It's been said "targeting the right people is the key to profit online". it would be tottaly great if you choose a specific niche in which people have money and willing to spend money. for instance, people who suffer from acne are desperate, unhappy and uncomfortable, they need a solution to their problem. if you show them a product, they will show you the money.

You should be very specific when you choose a niche. the most profitable niches are health, wealth and dating. if you choose a sub-niche, it will be easier for you to get sales. 

how to promote clickbank products

2-Create a Good Squeeze Page to Promote Hot Offers

how to advertise offers

Let me show you something very important when it comes to creating a squeeze page. A squeeze page is only a web page that asks visitors to enter their persoanl information and you solve their problems. remember, people join your newsletter because you are offering something new and unique.

you always need to write a headline that creates a hot curiosity, and also make sure you focus on giving away something for free in exchange of an email address, it could be a free ebook, cheat sheet, a course or a lead magnet.

People are worried and don't know where to get the perfect landing pages. well. there are reliable companies out there, like clickfunnels and leadpages

I am using thrive architest because they offer over 276 landing pages with drag and drop logic. 

Once you create a good landing page, you need to drive some traffic and this is something i am going to talk about.  how to promote clickbank products

3-Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Landing Page.

Traffic is lifeblood of any online business. people want lots of traffic from Google, social media, YouTube and forums, you don't need much traffic to generate sales. what you need is to drive at least 100 visitors who are interested in what you offer and convert them to customers.

I think there are reliable traffic sources online, and you have to focus on a single source of traffic, stick to it and master it. when it generates you traffic and subscribers, move to another reliable traffic source.

Also make sure you diversify the way you get traffic. record at least 5 high quality videso and upload them to YouTube. write at least 5-7 compelling guest posts and target low competitve keywords to get organic traffic.

Remember, always drive the most traffic to your landing page and follow up with them. build a strong relationship and trust before you send an affiliate offer to the email list.

how to promote clickbank products

Make Sure The Traffic is Targeted

All the traffic you are going to drive to your offers or landing page needs to be targeted. Targeted traffic means you are only sending people who are interested in your best stuff.

If you seriousely want to drive high quality traffic, you first have to serve people and put something awesome in front of them, Free ebook, PDF and free digital courses to build that trust. You can also rely on social media platforms, facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube.

Google is the best Platform out there, But it takes a bit of time ro rank well on search engines. Youtube is a very powerful platform, In five minutes, you can record a quality video and upload it to Youtube. Millions of people are using YouTube. it is absolutely the best for selling clickbank products.

Congratulations! I think you have got a reliable method to promote clickbank offers. what you need now is to a system that all top internet marketing experts use to generate continuous stream of income and Offering the best system to automate your business and earn income. click the link below and get your system.