5 Brilliant NON-SEO Ways on How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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how to get traffic to your blog

Are you curious in regard towards receiving knowledge on how to get traffic to your website, gaining the insight to achieve your goal is done by implementing these 5 FREE NON-SEO instant hypnotic tips that only the experts use? how to get traffic to your blog

Still clueless? All right, look at this GREAT NEWS just for you. These five methods listed below are techniques you can instantly implement. If you are not acquainted with these specified hidden agendas, now is an excellent time to learn about these effective methods nobody likes to talk about.

1- Guest Posting 

guest posting

Guest posting ingenuity is particularly stimulating when you write the article in an imaginative, thought-provoking, and insightful way. If any selected internet marketing tool is not used wisely, the benefits will not materialize.

Therefore, to ensure optimum results, there is a need to understand how guest posting works. The user can attract visitors to their page using guest posting as a tool, and this can, therefore, convert visitors into potential subscribers. Such subscribers boost profits by recommending the platform to readers, which permits the professional URL to garner attention through the enormous traffic generated. It is also instrumental in terms of monetary gain that help loyal visitors who read your stuff to follow your material. t

A technique that generates revenue is developing links. These links gained by posting articles are used to boost the search engine rankings.

The higher the web score, the greater the site's prominence. Getting scored high in the search engines is usually the goal, which brings a large amount of traffic to the place you are posting your article.

Inspire others to look at your guest blog posts as you do your own published work on your blog. If you add a guest post, make absolutely sure you inform your fans because followers are inclined to look at innovative and thought-provoking articles. how to get traffic to your blog

Publicizing articles this way is an aspect that a lot of guest posters don't even think about doing. Getting the word out about the article you wrote can pay off for both the blog using your material and for you. Obviously, if your post does well and the publisher you are sending it to notices you encourage others to read the guest post you wrote, if it obtains lot of attention, that blog will want additional written compositions! how to get traffic to your website

2- Social Media Marketing

social media marketing strategy

Would you like to fashion unlimited free traffic from high-traffic social media sites to any website? how to get traffic to your blog

What do you continue to do to generate traffic from social media sites?

Facebook, the most popular social media tool, is a fantastic resource, as there is a Facebook account for almost everyone.

Among corporate entities, one of Facebook's most interesting features is making a Facebook page. The page you create on Facebook is your primary user engagement channel. Facebook pages are built to do three things at once. These pages bring together people with a common cause or purpose, let’s them interact and interconnect with others. Below are some of the things to do on your Facebook page.

  • Put an image caption on your professional page.
  • Create things on your profile that captures the attention of people.
  • Use keywords to find your Facebook page for people who use the search function. 
  • Create eye-catching, attractive pictures on your profile.
  • Add some history and references.
  • For business and marketing purposes, don't use a personal profile. It is easier if you build a Facebook page specifically designed for a company because it has much more community-oriented and consumer-oriented functionality than a personal profile. 
  • Start by regularly sharing exciting news, topics, and pictures.
  • Putting up contests can help encourage people to visit your Facebook page regularly –especially when you give free stuff away as prizes.
  • Instead of trying too hard to sell your products, focus on providing useful and interesting information.
  • Start a Facebook group, to benefit your followers and provide valuable knowledge.
  • Promote or link to other Facebook groups on your Facebook page.
  • Use hashtags.  
  • Ask questions, so your readers benefit from your answers.
  • Use Facebook videos to increase traffic on your channels.
  • To connect with your fans, use live cast.

3-Marketing by Email is Sophisticated.

email marketing newsletters

People are using email marketing to promote products they don’t even own and they use affiliate marketing to generate sales. Email is better than FB, better than Twitter and better than all social media sites. how to get traffic to your blog

Write Killer Subject Lines. People open your emails if they think they will benefit, if they're worried about missing out, or if you're providing compelling proof of why they should pay attention to you. 

  • Write a Great Introduction. It's not just the subject line that sells your email to people. It's the sample text they see when they open up your message. The beginning of the article tells subscribers more about your email content and why they should keep reading.  
  • Send It Again. Send emails to those who did not open your message, with a different subject line and send it again.
  • Engage With Your Followers.With a short-term goal in mind, many marketers approach email marketing — to boost sales. Making money is a natural thing to do; after all, your email message’s primary goal is to increase sales. But it's the reverse of what you ought to do. Continue to focus on creating a bond with your subscribers.  
  • Be Innovative. Don't be dull - there's no rule that says a company's emails need to be boring. By sharing an insider's view of your company, customer stories, or even a particular cute anecdote, make it a habit of putting messages in your emails to stir up the imagination of readers. You start building a relationship with them when your subscribers see themselves in your shoes.
  • Choose Emotional Words.Word selection is essential to make your email reading a great experience. Since most emails are short, it counts to make every word serve a purpose. Choose words to make the image you are creating amazing to your readers. 
  • Get Personal. Using the names of people in the subject lines, and the text will get the attention of the reader.
  • Give your readers FREEBIES. Reward readers for reading your email. Offer readers information they can use. 
  • Suspense. Keep your readers always wondering what happens next. Place some kind of cliff hanger to inspire them to scour for their next message.
  • Find Good Ideas.Websites like Quora, Reddit, and Answer the Public are places where you can discover things people are talking about or searching for. Use the ideas you find to encourage the target audience to learn about critical issues. 
  • Split Test.One of the best ways to improve your email campaigns is by daily split testing. Finding out what ads work and what ones don’t, often allows you to spot trends you can use for a more effective email strategy.

TIP: Don't just focus on email marketing for your readers to connect. Use chat bots on Facebook. Facebook Messenger is an essential part of this marketing mix. It helps you to automate the messages people send you that want more information about your company.

4- YouTube Marketing Secrets:

youtube marketing

Are you sick to death about not having tons of high paying clients to boost sales and profits? With these YouTube Marketing Secrets, you, too, can take your business to the next level. So how do you: Create Engaging and High Converting YouTube Marketing Campaigns. how to get traffic to your blog

  • Optimize Your Branded Channel.Search engines will rate your channel by using the details in your description, so ensure to provide your target phrases, keywords, and website URL in your description. 
  • Attach A Channel Trailer. Make a brief video to let your guests know what your channel is about and why they should follow you.
  • Videos. Add video names, video descriptions, and tags that include keywords, so people find you.
  • Target Viewers. Start by observing your target market. Figure out all this information while getting the script ready for their demographics such as their age group, race, sex, and factor. Discover how to speak to your target market, what their expectations are, and what topics they prefer.
  • Data. Go to Google Analytics to figure out which browsers, operating systems, and devices your viewers are using and to ensure that they accept your video format. 
  • Details. Don’t try to oversell your product or message in the video. Keep it brief.
  • Thumbnail photos. Split test to see the best working images.

Quickly spread your post to billions of YouTube users.

  • Write Indulging Headlines.Attract the attention of your readers. People crave engaging content, and they also want to know from the beginning what your video is about. 
  • SEO. Think of your YouTube videos like any other content that needs configuring with keywords, tags, etc. You'll want to follow some of the best practices of YouTube SEO to increase your chances of making the cut.
  • Cross-promote. Make a point of cross-promoting your videos when it makes sense to use your older content.
  • Freebies.If YouTube users love one thing: it's a gift. Host a competition or presentation on YouTube to inspire people to subscribe to and engage with your channel.

Get higher authority and show skills on your website.

  • Using LSI keywords to optimize your content.
  • Create Content That Appeals to Influencers.
  • To construct incredibly useful content, use a Question Analyzer.
  • Steal traffic sources from your rivals.
  • Check out what the Competition uses for their keywords.
  • Make your video better than anyone in the top performance slot.
  • Answer Comments.

5-Smart Approaches with Joint Ventures.

If you already researched the most successful Internet entrepreneurs, you'll find that joint ventures attribute to their common characteristics of success. Yet many still leave money on the line by overlooking their real power potential: to recruit partners from the Joint Venture. how to get traffic to your blog

It doesn't always have to be challenging to work with Joint Venture partners. The same thing applies to targeting top names in your business. It's like making friends, but on a more sophisticated plane. Distinguish the main criteria for the success of the Joint Venture and learn why Joint Ventures will ultimately work for you. how to get traffic to your blog

First, you need to know four critical things about Joint Venture Partners and successful people before you approach them. After being rejected a few times, most JV amateurs give up because they don't understand everyone else.

  • The first thing to know is that experts appear to be very busy people most of the time.
  • Second, these experts are very successful people, and most don't have the time to keep up with others.
  • Third, these influential experts recognize the long-term business relationship's significance. They're not doing joint ventures with people who want them to advertise and get done with their goods. So, avoid being labeled as such an individual. how to get traffic to your blog
  • Finally, understand that diverse characteristics attract different types of people. In most joint ventures, this matter and is not discussed. Yet understanding these points is vital. 

Here are simple steps to make your Joint Venture offer more acceptable? There is no early indication of receiving a response rate of 100%, so your feasible option is to rank as high as possible in obtaining a favorable response.

  • Before applying for a joint venture, encourage or reciprocate with the prospective JV partner FIRST.
  • Next attempt to develop products for your joint venture partners and produce high-quality content.
  • Ensure you have an excellent version of your ad copy that converts.
  • Develop A Partnership. Almost every productive partnership starts with a past relationship. When you're not sure how to get going, go to some nearby networking events. Is there a specific entrepreneur that caught your attention? Why not introduce yourself?
  • Offer generous rewards and commissions.
  • Offer them the FREE product!
  • Ask people for references from people you know.
  • Share their content and add valuable articles responses.

You have a website that's all right, but you need to boost your site's viewers without paying for the traffic. Nonetheless, you wonder what you can do to accomplish your primary objective? You can do a variety of things. Creating a group is something you can do. It's about answering questions that are found to be relevant to your readers that increases your Google traffic. ⠀

Ask questions to the community. Doing so will allow you to deliver useful, meaningful, high-quality content. That's a genuine concern for Google. When you provide answers to questions asked by your community, Google will rank your website well for keyword terms you don't come up with on your own.

These keywords show up in your answers to questions. In conclusion, these five instant FREE NON-SEO compelling guidelines are perfect for helping you accomplish your goals.

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