What is Affiliate Marketing? Here is How to Start, Beginner to Pro.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

what is affiliate marketing

So, you want to know what is Affiliate Marketing?


In this post i am going to show you how to profit from affiliate marketing and even how to become an advertiser and get other affiliates to send you traffic, hot leads and promote your hot offer to their lists.

Affiliate Marketing is a business action happens between, the customer, affiliates, and the network.

Some people may think affiliate marketing is the process of promoting some hot offers. while that meaning is true. But there is another definition of this.

Affiliate marketing is a business process of selling someone’s product in return for cash( a commission).

In a few minutes, you can open a free account on a stable affiliate network and select converting offers to promote using free and paid traffic strategies. 

Show me more valuable pieces of informations.

I think you already heard successful stories of affiliate marketers making big cash just promoting offers they don’t own.

You can do the exact same thing.

So why all these bloggers and affiliate marketers want to do affiliate marketing? what is affiliate marketing

It’s financial freedom.

You can fire your boss and work from home or anywhere in the world. what you need is a laptop, internet connection and a system.

You can start a successful affiliate marketing campaign on a traffic source and target an audience who really want what you provide.

You can own a blog, build an audience and walk customers through offers.

You become financially independent by delivering meaningful information.

Remember, it’s not easy to profit from affiliate marketing when you start out from scratch, you need to learn the basics before any advanced actions, you’ll extremely learn interesting information.

I am just saying, you have to work harder, smarter, consistently and create an impact in front of a community.

More importantly, if you want to do affiliate marketing, you have to know there are 4 important factors. Customer, affiliate, advertiser and the network.

So, let’s begin with advertiser, because he provides you with an offer.


You have something new and unique to share, you are a smart blogger and have case studies, you have something meaningful that helps people. you have been marketing and earned passive cash.

You can launch a product and become an advertiser.

Ideal customers are always in the need to purchase your product, you are not willing to spend money on ads and promotions

The affiliate network hosts your offer and attracts new affiliates who strategically guide people through your product, if someone buys you automatically pay them a commission for every sale.


It doesn’t matter how many visitors you send to an offer, if they don’t convert to customers, you won’t get paid.

The only way to get a commission is when someone buys through your affiliate link.

Not sure what an affiliate is or does?

Affiliate is someone who promotes offers, it could be from Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo or any other affiliate network.

If a prospect buys a product through your affiliate link using email, organic search, social media or any other traffic methods, you get paid a commission.

If I am an affiliate and send a hot product like gsniper.com to a customer and he buys, i get paid 70% commission from Clickbank.

The commission i get is based on the agreement between the product owner and the network. they set a pretty high commission to attract affiliates to promote that specific product.

You get paid when you serve an audience, you get paid when you add massive value and solve their problems and you get paid when you sell someone’s product

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

Those are prospects who want a solution to their problems.

All you need is to be very focused and solve people’s problems by delivering hot offers.

If you are in the internet marketing niche, it will be easier because people have money, spend money and always new offers in the marketplace.

For someone who has got a blog, he wants to grow his customer’s list. he is in the search for new and unique tools and resources.

You don’t have to sell them, if you present what they need. they become ideal clients.

Customers buy hot offers from people they like, know and trust. they buy when they feel you are solving their problems.

The Network:

What makes these networks grow more and more rapidly? they own the technology using an affiliate program. they connect businesses to people.

They connect publishers and advertisers.

The affiliate network does a great job effectively and acts as a middleman between advertisers and publishers.

Affiliate networks have thousands of great products in several categories. if you are in the internet marketing niche, you will find a large range of hot offers from affiliate marketers who been in the blogging industry for years.

So, How to get started in Affiliate marketing:

The biggest challenge about affiliate marketing is that people don’t know where to start. they hear there is absolute freedom in this business model.

And always keep searching for a secret that affiliate marketers do to profit fast cash.

To be very clear. there are free online courses and paid forums like warrior forum and stackthatmoney where successful affiliates share their stories, best strategies and even help you get customers.

Remember, if you are on a budget and unable to pay for a course. the best way is to figure out how to start a blog and build an audience.

Figure out a profitable niche:

Over the past few years, i’ve learned a lot of information about the blogging industry and niches. so if you create a new opportunity and select a niche within a niche, you become a winner. because you separate yourself from competition.

For example. if you are in weight loss niche, you have to be very focused and select a niche within that big market. yoga, fitness, or lose belly fat.

Launch a blog:

I think the best thing you can do is to launch a captivating blog, to be exactly clear, a blog is a station where you write creative content, add value, grow an audience and get fans and followers.

It is also a great way to share your web pages with the world. having an online blog helps you present excellent work in front of a community.

Build a customer’s list:

Building an email list is the number one strategy that requires so much focus. It is a way to sell your products, services and your books.

In the world of blogging, email list has long been a way to get customers. 

It is actually simple to start getting your first 100 subscribers. Write a strong lead magnet with massive value and write a headline that creates a hot curiosity. 

they start to opt-ins easily.

Promote hot offers:

There are hundreds of ways, methods and strategies to promote hot offers. if you ask some bloggers, they will tell you. try facebook groups, email marketing, blogging. 

They rarely show you a super smart strategy they use. 

To be honest. there are no secrets. always add massive value.

Pay to reach Customers: Facebook $5

You probably have heard this quote before”

     ” Everyone lives by selling something”  Robest Louis Stevenson

There are thousands of ways and methods to drive traffic to your blog or hot offers. But you would not believe how many bloggers struggle with traffic. some of them do SEO, Email traffic, social posting.

While others pay on stable sources of traffic to get hot customers.

Paid traffic is an instant strategy.

I know so many people who run daily ads on Facebook, Youtube and P.P.C driving targeted traffic directly to a landing page and they turn those leads into happy customers.

How that is possible?

They pay for customers and they make a profit. they are completely sure, these people are interested in their courses.

So, if you want a marketing strategy that works instantly, pay to reach more customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Passive income

In order to have huge success in your business, earn 7 figures a month and build a massive email list in a short period of time, then there is no better way than launching a product on a stable affiliate marketing network.

It’s a way to attract thousands of visitors, publishers, customers and newbies who open a free account and promote products.

Some people get in digital online marketing, create a product, launch it and end up with no Sales, because they have no traffic, no visitors and nobody listens to them. 

In order to generate thousands of people to buy your product and earn 7 figures, then you have to start with a stable platform such as Clickbank.

It is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs out there. Some people may think iam speaking about working as a publisher.

In fact, I’m talking about working as an advertiser.

If you want to get sales, just launch a product on a stable affiliate marketing network.

You will get customers who are ready to buy, because affiliates send traffic to your product.

They want a commission.

You don’t have to do any promotion strategies. Just launch a product.

Affiliates will do free and paid traffic strategies to get sales.

They own email lists.

You need to think about your product.

Clickbank already got traffic.

Nothing to sacrifice. You’ll make money, affiliates make money and Clickbank takes a cut.

George brown launched a successful product ( gsniper) that teaches newbies and beginners how to start a blog and earn income from it. 

He shares tips, ways and strategies. In a few days, he ranked top on Clickbank and generated over 30 million visitors to his product and earned millions from one single product. 

It seemed like everyone was promoting his product to earn pure commissions. I bought his product and learned so much valuable information.

What I noticed is something very important. Something that will blow your mind. If you follow the detailed instructions you will never struggle about traffic, marketing and sales.

So, here are 5 steps that help you understand how to get a lot of traffic and generate sales easily.

Step1#: Send product to Clickbank affiliate Marketing network

For the last few years, I focused a lot on how online experts do market their products and what words they write to sell through email marketing, not all their loyal subscribers buy a digital product. But a few of them buy something.

The only way they focus on to sell more and earn more is to launch a product and rely on affiliates and JV partners to sell to their customer’s lists.

The plan is simple: they launch a product, create an impact, solve a specific problem and get paid over and over.

If you put 3 months to create a stunning product that sells thousands of copies a month for a fair price, you will earn passive income.

This is how online marketers run their businesses. they start with a question” what does a prospect not haveWhat do bloggers struggle with? So they do market research to write fresh content, focus on solving a specific problem and launch more products.

Step2#: Become an advertiser

You already know affiliate marketing is the process of selling someone’s product for a commission. You are going to launch a website, write content and insert affiliate links in web pages to earn a pure profit.

You are also going to do free and paid traffic strategies to generate visitors.

The exact same strategies other newbies and bloggers do to profit. That means they are driving traffic to the vendor’s sales page. So the product owner makes more Sales, because hundreds of publishers promote on his behalf.

Affiliate marketing is also a way for stable affiliate networks to take a cut when there is a sale.

Brands grow so fast when they tap into viral marketing. Amazon, Clickbank, Wal-Mart…etc. they let users promote for them. An e-commerce site is looking to increase sales. 

They have spent millions of dollars on ads and on content marketing to dominate the market. But all these campaigns didn’t work out exponentially.

All these E-commerce sites want to grow their businesses more and more rapidly without spending more, so they offered a new opportunity for their users, which is an affiliate program option.

Step3#: Affiliates send traffic to Products

It doesn’t matter how many articles you have or visitors you send to your blog. You are not going to convert all that traffic to sales. You first need to build a responsive list and warm them with true value to get sales.

The weekly sales snapshot you see above, it really means that vendor is getting more sales on Clickbank because so many affiliates send customers to his product.

He is generating sales and sharing that sales snapshot. Not to brag you, But this is how businesses work. You definitely need to show social proof to sell more.

 “When you own a product, you earn more money than all affiliates.

People can do all the work for you, from writing content, recording video reviews, social media posting and guest posting to attract customers to get paid when there is Sale.

Step4#: Clickbank already got traffic

Similarweb.com is a big driver when it comes to collecting data on competitor’s sites. It shows you the total organic and social traffic a website gets from desktop and mobile web.

Clickbank generates so much traffic. the cool thing, the network doesn’t spend much money on ads to generate sales.

The network effectively acts as a middle man between publishers and advertisers. If you have a great idea and think that will help people grow their businesses exponentially, then launch your own product.

Working in this way will create more freedom for you, just show them the product and they will show you the money.

Traffic is already out there, you just need to be very focused and solve people’s problems.

Step5#: Send traffic to Opt-in Page

The quickest and easiest way to grow your business is to optimize your sales page for generating leads. As soon as people subscribe to your webinar, they become ideal customers who will absolutely buy something from you 

During presenting true value in the first 45 minutes of your perfect Webinar, You are going to educate your audience.

Think about it.

First-time visitors to your website will not buy something from you. they are going to read content and check out about page to know what services you offer.

Then, they click to check your lead magnet.

Next, if you capture their attention with a headline that creates a hot curiosity, they enter their email addresses to download the EBook. Which means they have a specific problem and need a solution, it could be to grow their online audience, Get more traffic or learn new tips.

The Webinar is pretty different

People come into your Perfect Webinar and opt-in because you have something, others don’t.


They enter their email address to learn new and unique ways. What you are communicating is something different.

A perfect webinar on a stable affiliate network attracts more ideal clients and more sales. It is a way to reach a big audience.

If a few days, you build a huge customer’s list. What makes the action more powerful is so many affiliates drive traffic directly to your perfect Webinar opt-in page.


Now, you have got helpful information and resources to start in Affiliate marketing business model, It is time to start a successful campaign and drive hot offers to the right people at the right time. you get cash over and over again. 

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