How To Use Social Media For Small Business

5 ways to engage and interact on social media

how to use social media for small business

With billions of users online, social media has been one of the most viral trends

which creates a new way of communication between brands and consumers.

Being active on social media should therefore definitely be a part of everyone’s strategy –

engaging and interacting with followers, satisfying the needs of existing customers

and acquiring new ones step by step.

Here are 5 Techniques to engage and interact on social media.

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how to use social media for small business

  • 1. Leverage The Potential of The Listening/ Monitoring Social Media Tools — If you want to know what people think about your brand, how to improve your engagement and what types of interaction yield with the best results, there are many online tools that can help you. Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Social Mention, Tweetdeck, Topsy are some of the many.
  • 2. Be As Visual As Possible — Social media interaction is nothing with only text involved. That is why you should be visual and work with banners, infographics and motivating images that work well with the idea of your brand. 
  • how to use social media for small business

  • 3. Ask Questions And Receive Feedback — The best way to interact with customers is to ask various questions. Aside from that, answering to the feedback of each of your followers in a polite way will boost your authority, establishing you as a high-reputation brand.
  • 4. Write — Having a blog section is the best link that connects your website with your social media outlets. Writing and addressing to the needs of your customers is important on social media, and building a voice for your company is one of the proven ways to build a follower base.
  • 5. You see results when showing up, helping, giving, posting and encouraging a lot.give them a reason and see how the community response to your stuff.

how to use social media for small business

In the end, social media can be amazing in order to gain traction for your business.

However, the activity should not be forced by posting too much about your business.

Remember, social media is about building a community instead of promoting in a direct way!

how to use social media for small business