How To Create a Landing Page That Converts- Landing Page Best Practices

how to create a landing page that converts

landing page best practices

Most people believe that the key to more sales is through having more traffic.

They think when they use simple traffic generation and paid traffic, get 200, 2000 and 5000 everything will be amazing.

This is not always true. landing page best practices

I know some bloggers, affiliate marketers and freelance writers with only 300 subscribers and earn 6 figures a month. while others with over 3000 subscribers with few sales. 

it is not always about the numbers, its about the relationship you build with these people. are you able to convince them and convert them to clients ?

More subscribers means more money in your pocket.

Just when you follow what converts.

There are some certain elements you should include in every landing page you create

a landing page that has free and so much value converts more better than other squeeze pages.

Headline + Strong Offer + Traffic = More subscribers

in the last few months i spent much time just to design a perfect landing page to get more subscribers. i checked some examples on Google and learned some specific things that i want to share with you so that you get high ctr when you drive free and paid traffic.

landing page best practices

Emotional Call To Action :

I sometimes give away my E-mail address easily when i see a great offer, i don’t know whether it is great or not but some strong words  such ” secret” ” discover” ” Free” tell me there are some amazing informations. landing page best practices

Stop for a few seconds and visualize yourself as a visitor reading that call to action. would you subscribe to get the offer?

If your answer is Yes. then you will get 70% of the traffic you drive to your landing page. iam not a marketing expert. But i ‘ve learned the most important skill is to write words that convert.

You can have the worst lead magnet in your blog. But if your call to action is effcetive, you capture more leads. being honest is what makes your business alive. spam means you have no clear connection with your prospects.

landing page best practices

The Simple the Better :

It is that Simple. Poor call to action leads to fewer subscribers while strong call to action leads to more subscribers. i think this call to action explains how to get featured on popular blogs to drive traffic to your Blog. if you are interested, you opt-in and learn how to do guest posting.

Conclusion :

The Most important skill you should learn is ” copywriting ” it seems weird sometimes. But it leads to unexpected results. most digital marketers write words that convert visitors to subscribers and customers. if your call to action doesn’ t work change it and keep testing untill you find your best call to action.