7 Simple Ways To Promote Your Kindle EBook

how to write an ebook

how to promote an ebook

In this short article i am going to share with you 7 ways you can use to gain your Exposure for your ebook in amazon. Eveybody is doing it Now, they are having success with their books in several categories.

 if you are not, then its the right time to start writing, But wait If you can’t read you can’t write. You need to make reading as your best meal Each day.

Here are 7 steps you need to follow :

how to promote an ebook

1-Write and publish a short story book :

First you need to understand why many people fail to make sale with their kindle ebook,

 the reason is because they are not specific when they choose their niches and target buying keywords.

Amazon is a search engine and its more different than Google. Google Values your content and backlinks but Amazon Values your book reviews and downloads.

its Clear, you need to Give value to gain downloads and reviews. ask your friends and family, Use free pomotion sites to Get positive reviews to sell more books.

how to promote an ebook

2- Make it Perma– Free

Everybody likes Free stuff. If you Could Offer a free ebook to your readers, then you are in the right position to Get thousands of dowloands and readers to your blog.

The best strategy is to give your book for free and Build your readership to make sure you have audience and sell your next books.

how to promote an ebook

3- Create a Give-away :

What people like is to Give them Bonuses all the time. People worry alot about Giving a lot of free content to their visitors, they think that Giving a lot free

stuff stop them from selling to their customers. and this is a big mistakes.

You need to offer awesome value to your audience all the time to create that engagement and make them trust you.

how to promote an ebook

4-Build a Squeeze Page :

Its necessary to Build a high converting squeeze page to offer Your kindle publishing ebook link to your readers. Its a good strategy to give them what you promised in that title so when they subscrive they can find your stuff and Bonus.

how to promote an ebook

5- Promote Your Ebooks on facebook and twitter :

There are various of valuable facebook groups where to promote your ebooks. the first is to write a killing headline with a picture that grab people’s

attention, Then add a link that leads them to your ebook on amazon. do this with as many FB groups as possible and there will get Great responses from Poeple.

Follow people in same niche, write a tweet, ask them to download and retweet your ebook with their followers. if they see you have value they will be happy to share it.

how to promote an ebook

6- Build Your List

building your asset which is your email list is the most important thing you can do ever.

imagine you come up with great idea and created a a product then nobody buys that. how do you feel? You need to think about your audience before your Launch your own product or any books.

how to promote an ebook

7-Promote Your Book to That List

This is something all Authors and writers do to sell hundreds of copies. You can start building your own tribe by giving away your best stuff. start with a blog, write good content and promote your stuff on a stable platform to attract readers to your own blog where you can show them your books.

how to promote an ebook