How To Grow Your Email List. (3 List Building Strategies).


Building an email list of loyal subscribers is the number one strategy that requires focus. if you want to grow your online business you need a subscriber’s list. its a way to communicate with your audience, its a way to engage with new customers and it is a way to start a conversation to build a strong relationship.

Email list is better than all social media sites. better than facebook, twitter and instagram… social media sites might disappear someday and you get no sales because you built your business in an uncontrolled platform.

Email list remains the biggest asset in your business, if you treat your subscribers well and care about them by providing new stuff they will care about you too.

You are wondering how to capture more leads easily. well there are hundreds of techniques out there and i am about to show you 3 email strategies that are effective. 

how to grow your email list

Strategy #1: On the back end incentive

If I was going to start a blog post today, I will start writing two articles in the exact same topic.  Did you see how you subscribed to this blog post? On the back end of the article I provided a free incentive with a strong call to action.  On the first article I create brain awareness and brain response.

What does that mean? how to grow your email list

When you write an article that is long and detailed and tells an engaging story, the brain starts responding positively on stories and want more. At the end I write a strong call to action that stops you for a few seconds and tells you there is a free offer related to that topic.

I use words that describe the offer.

I use numbers and strong words.

I write more than 3 lines to convince Readers.

We need to provide so much value before we ask for Opt-ins. We give them a reason, that’s the ultimate answer.

When people find a certain topic they like, they will give their email address easily. You probably snag Hundreds even thousands from one single blog post. this way has worked over the years for bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs and of course it will work for you.

You can do nothing just make sure your content is expertly optimized for conversion and watch your list grows fast. You already put a page on the end pushing readers to continue reading. As you can see if done right you generate subscribers.

how to grow your email list

Strategy #2: Free Online Courses

One thing I have seen a lot of bloggers do. they place a free EBook on their blogs to generate subscribers. well my suggestion is to stop giving away Ebooks and start offering free courses.

Think out of the box and give away 7 days or 14 days free course about email marketing, Facebook ad or something you know a lot about. Sending 14 emails in 14 days by providing value, over time you will be able to engage with those subscribers and build that responsive list. It is simpler, faster and cost almost nothing to reach hungry audience and promote it on authority platforms like Growth

how to grow your email list

Email list is a tribe of people you communicate with all the time and they become your customers. 14 days Free Course is a course designed to turn prospects into customers by giving them solutions to their problems and recommend tools and resources you use in your business.

When we say Email list and 14 day free course, I mean connecting businesses to people and create that long term relationship.

how to grow your email list

How Justin Mares Created Free Course Online To Triple his Email List:

Justin mares collected 3000 subscribers in just a week by giving away 14 days email course that teaches about Facebook Roi, get more twitter Followers and improve email open rate. he learned this proven marketing strategy from Noah kogan who collected thousands of opt-ins.

Noah Kogan created and when you opt-in you learn solid marketing strategies. traffic1m shows you the techniques the pros have used to grow from zero to millions of visitors per year. This was a killer call to action to attract, grow and convert visitors to subscribers.

how to grow your email list

Strategy #3: Free Webinars

The best way to drive people to your blog is by recording a webinar in which you teach them something new and unique. You don’t have to be super affiliate marketer to get their attention, write a strong call to action and start a webinar people sign up and see if you send them great stuff.

Pick a topic for Webinars:You have to be very specific when you create a webinar. know who is your audience. what are they interested in. Shane melaugh the founder of thrivethemes recorded a webinar in which he shows bloggers how to grow their blogs from zero to hero. that is a super powerful topic. people willl act and sign up for the webinar.

how to grow your email list

Conclusion :

Email is your biggest asset. if you are not using one of these strategies above, you are missing 70% of the traffic. use strategic opt-in to capture leads. serve more people and make sure you give more free stuff.