7 Steps To Build And Grow a Targeted Mailing List.

how to build an email lisy by giving free ebooks

If you have been following internet marketing topics then you already know kindle publishing. I actually didn’t know about this business until I received an E-mail from an affiliate marketer I had been subscribing to his newsletter to learn tips, tricks and strategies about affiliate marketing. It blew my mind how much money people earn from EBooks, I could not believe that until I watched social proof from his students. Doing nothing just hiring freelance writers and publishing on Amazon. list building

I purchased the product and watched all his videos in which he explains how to write, format and publish EBooks on Amazon. If you are going to start this business I guarantee that you will publish your own book in a matter of days without hiring any freelancers.

  • Write converting EBooks
  • Design Good Covers
  • Build social proof
  • Pick keywords that are easy to rank
  • Book title
  • Book description
  • Book cover
  • Book reviews

I Dreamed of writing my own eBook and share my blogging tips and methods with other people. I told myself if iam writing on my website, why not produce long and detailed content in a small eBook and sell it. People are buying them.

It seems good to be true, your eBook will get more downloads when it is free for 5 days on kdp. It is a way to build customers reviews and boost ranking. When it comes to marketing there are hundreds of strategies out there. Building an email list is the number one strategy authors use to sell their books. I highly recommend building your own email list to get reviews and sales without relying on any paid retailers. Being out of business is easy just don’t build your list.

The truth you need traffic, more traffic equals more money in your bank account, your blog will survive when you diversify. If your content is optimized for conversion you create an impact, you get traffic and new subscribers without spending much time and energy. list building

1- Viable blog:

Internet marketing is my topic. Probably you have brilliant ideas to write creative content. You first. Start building a station which is your blog to attract visitors and then guest post to double your traffic.

When I started Blogging, I wanted to pick affiliate marketing niche because it’s always a hot topic, you can go to jvzoo, clickbank or commission junction, get a high converting product and start promoting it to earn a commission. How about selling more than a product. You earn passive income. I liked this niche because there are:

  • New products in the marketplace.
  • People have money to spend.
  • People buy digital products.

list building

2- i can’t write a book:

If you can’t read, you can’t write.

Well. A lead magnet is something we write to build a response email list quickly. That means we are giving away something for free to attract, grow and convert. How about writing a book? Do you think you need to write 30 000 words or a novel?

Definitely No.

You can use a blog post that is already written in your blog and edit it by writing more creative content. This is a simple process I learned from a smart blogger who writes better content using his old blog posts.

My first book was actually different. I wrote a piece of amazing content. It was around 4000 words. I thought it was a short book. But people really care about the value not the length of the book.

list building

3- Get new subscribers:

Amazon doesn’t give you the email addresses of its customers. You can add a link of a lead magnet on the back end of the EBook to capture leads. Remember you want to convert those readers to subscribers. Your book content is so important to make readers feel something about you before they give you their personal information.

Capturing new leads to your kindle eBook is a lot like gaining new readers to your blog posts. It’s all about writing content that is optimized for conversion. Content that provides tons of value. If you find a way to serve readers with better bonus, People will stop for a few seconds and say “wow. This person has something great to say”. So they sign up to receive your free guide.

The lead magnet can be a free downloadable eBook or free report. People won’t give you their personal information unless there is a reason for them. That’s the ultimate answer. Just make sure your first book is related to the exact same topic to build a responsive email list. If your first Book is about fitness, your free bonus has to be in fitness niche too

list building

4- Promotion Methods:

Diversify your message. Nowadays we have social media platforms such facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and pinterest. In a few days you can build a huge following using free marketing strategies. Facebook groups are gold mine sources of traffic too.

According to Amazon. The platform offers you 5 free days to promote your book to build customer reviews and boost ranking. Email list is the biggest asset. If you email them your kindle eBook and ask for review. Many will do a favor for you.

Another effective way to drive people to your book is to pay some money on bigger companies like bookbub. They have huge number of subscribers in romance, non- fiction, business and several categories.

I prefer facebook because I have developed a strong relationship with fans and followers. If I contact them and ask for a review, they download my EBook and review it.

list building

5- Drive awarness:

If you are not publishing more Books, if you are not diversifying, you will not build a healthy business online.

We really don’t know which books generate more traffic and which books rank super fast on Amazon. But when we publish more and serve more. When we write better content than others. We grow more and build our presence online

list building

6- The world’s fastest Growing store:

If you want to get traffic, you have to pick a stable platform and use an aggressive marketing strategy to reach influencers. Viable idea around a topic is not enough. But it does when you do better than others.

Amazon has over 20 million of active customers who enter a keyword on its search engine to buy books. Amazon is a search engine where Customers enter a keyword to purchase something.

While Google is a search engine where users enter a keyword to read blog posts. I prefer Amazon: if iam going to write an article on my blog, why not produce over 7000 words in an EBook and sell it on the platform. I generate sales and new leads and build a viable business.

What about publishing more EBooks?

list building

7- Where to find new readers:

Your Book is well written. Now what? You want people.

If you want to get readers to buy a book from you, it is much easier if they trust customer reviews. In online business you have to build an audience before you publish a book, you will have to build your private network and send traffic whenever you want to sell your fantastic books.

One of the easiest ways is to build viable blog, write valuable content and start building your email list from day one. You will generate 1 lead, then 2 and more and then watch your list grow fast when you design your blog for providing the absolute most value.

Now you have your target audience. Let’s say 500 subscribers. when you publish a new book, you get downloads and sales.

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list building


Nothing compared with the power of giving free stuff. Free is the most powerful word in your business to gain and retain leads. Writers, entrepreneurs and bloggers do place a free eBook on their blogs to attract, grow and convert visitors to subscribers and clients.

I myself do this strategy because we want readers not 1, not 2, not 3 we want thousands of new subscribers. At this point we focus on driving tons and tons of value to build our tribe.  

Amazon allows you to give your ebook permanently free once your ebook is free on other retailers, kobo, nook, smashwords does this instead. i have done this, congratulations to me now its your turn. you will get more downloads because Amazon has its audience.

Your book will rank well with your keyword. more downloads means more readers and new leads. forget about selling your book and focus on building an audience. free is the most powerful marketing strategy i have ever seen on the internet.

If you are not Getting more traffic, if you are not generating hundreds even thousands of leads, its because you are not giving more value.

Step1:  Write a good book

Step 2:  write a lead magnet

Step3:  publish your book on smashwords

Step4:  publish your book on Amazon

Step5:  Make it Perm-free

Hundreds of strategies, ways and methods out there. You can write a book in a topic you are passionate about. And think about giving it away for free. Your book will rank super fast and beats all other books on that category,

 you will get hot leads over and over. Many people don’t know how to do it. Authors don’t deserve to get paid for their work unless they distribute their best work and serve more readers for free.

Amazon is a gold mine traffic source. People don’t understand, it takes a bit of time to see results. When you do the work and follow the rules you get what you want.

Kindle publishing is very effective for generating new leads. You are between two choices, you publish your book for free to get more leads or price it 0, 99 or 2, 99 to get leads and sales. I prefer both ways because if you diversify you build a healthy business online. list building