Ebook Cover: How To Design a Good EBook Cover Without Paying a Dime

how to design good ebook covers

ebook cover

If You Design a great cover you just let your kindle Ebook attracts people’s attention .

Self-Publishers believe that people judge ebooks by their covers. We human creatures like to see images with faces more than images without faces. 

We like to listen to someone showing his face on video more than videos without faces and we like to see covers with faces. ebook cover

Nevertheless Non-fiction covers convert better without human faces once we include some visuals and images.

in fiction we must use images to grab readers attention. People buy through their emotions, we have to give them something to say.

Yes we need to buy this book. They don’t know whether your book content is great or not but these 4 components have to be expertly optimized for conversion.

Authors, writers and bloggers want to design covers that never done before and this is actually a big mistake. You need simple and effective cover that grabs readers attention in the first glance. 

ebook cover

What I want You To Know is Why Do PeopleJudge Ebook by Its Cover ?

One of the most effective strategies out there to have good results with your kindle publishing ebooks is through keyword research, cover design, Well written content, ebook title, Book description and customers reviews.

When I started Blogging online i didn’t know how to buy a domain name or install wordpress, it didn’t stop there. i started learning the basics before any advanced strategies. 

ebook cover

I learned that you need to design a Kindle cover to convince readers to buy your book. to hook them with design and title. the best way to design a great cover is to spy on your competitors on Amazon and desing better than their Kindle covers. Its a way to get visibility.

ebook cover

This doesn’t cost you anything. learn how to use pixlr.com and improve your skills each day. you will design kindle covers that differentiate you from other self-publishers.

ebook cover

If You Want To Stand Out From The Crowd. Then These 4Components are to Your Success To Sell More Kindle Ebooks

ts all about how much you care about your readers. Your own strategy starts with optimizing your kindle ebook for low competitive keyword to get organic customers from Amazon and Google. if you give them something out, you get something in, such subscribers and sales, just make sure your ebook is expertly optimized for conversion. 

Your ebook doesn’t have to be Perfect, but it needs to solve a problem, tell a story and teach something that never heard about

  • Title is very important : it is  always a good idea to write good titles, you have only few seconds to capture their attentions.
  • Ebook description : be as pecific as possible and always remember, its always about words that sell.
  • Kindle cover grabs reader’s attention: We humans judge ebook by its cover.
  • Ebook Marketing : There are hundreds of strategies out there.  Give your book for free to get readers.

When i started Writing and designing my kindle ebooks, i wanted to learn the basics before any advanced strategies. pixlr was a platform where i design simple ebook covers. i use YouTube to watch effective Videos and now iam able to Desing good covers without paying a dime online. ebook cover

If you are unable to do it yourself and have no time then fiverr is the biggest marketplace in the world for digital products. you can hire a designer for $5 or $10. show them some examples you want and your cover is reading within 24 hours.

myecovermaker.com  is a great cover design service, you can design an ebook cover yourself on their platform and pay a monthly price. its  up to you to choose. Canva is a great platform to create your own cover in a few minutes. most authors use canva because its very easy platform, its gives more options.

ebook cover