How To Make Money Blogging-Top 3 Tips to Profit From Blogging

how to profit from blogging

If you have been blogging for few years from now, then you already know how to make money selling services on fiverr, upwork and freelancer, sell your product or someone’s product.

I wouldn’t lie to you if i say there are some secrets that smart bloggers use to make big money online, they build their own products and sell them to thousands of people teaching them how to start a blog from scratch,

Write valuable content, build an audience and move from smart bloggers to successful Entrepreneurs. when you are making your first dollar online, doesn’t mean you are a blogger but You found a profitable way that leads you to become an Entrepreneur.

I have been Blogging for three years now and i failed over and over because i had to learn the basics before any advanced strategies.

Ask better questions on warriorforum and to get something called “ secret” so i failed and started reading from smart bloggers what took them to Grow their blogs from Zero to Hero.

the way is too long, each step you take is a move that costs pain from reading hundreds of web pages to solve a problem, you build the right mindset, find a solid strategy, acquire more knowledge and experience.

Note : bloggers have been Blogging and Building their brands instead of focusing on building backlinks and looking for traffic. they were writing a piece of amazing content that is optimized for conversion. if you want to go that route, then be prepared to never give up. how to make money blogging

1. Sell your service :

 to sell new product or service, you need to ” sell” the category first and your product or service later ”  Quote

Hundreds even thousands of users search on Google daily for ways to make money blogging. most of them find it easy to start following their passion and sell their skills on fiverr, upwork and freelancer.

While smart bloggers earn easy money from selling digital products. using big marketplaces such clickbank, jvzoo and Amazon.

The task was not easier, they have been working harder and smarter to produce high quality content and Products.

 If you are simply looking for joining their online free courses, you will learn how to build an Email list using a funnel, how to guest post and grow your blog.

If you are an intermediate blogger, i would advice you to start selling your skills on fiverr, the world’s biggest marketplace for digital services.

It’s a platforms where people pay to get their stuff done such as creating Ebook covers, video creations and much more.

Authors and writers want someone to do professional covers for them to save time, if you are a persistent reader then writing content is to your success to make some money.

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 Blogging takes too much time :

i didn’t say this to stop you from starting your Blog. i want to show you work is involved such as buying a domain name, web hosting, install wordpress, install Google analytics. this takes only 30 minutes to get them done.

Creating content that is expertly optimized for conversion is what takes you too much time. Getting traffic is easy when you build fans and followers on social media platforms such facebook, twitter and medium.

how to make money blogging

2. Sell Your Product :

” If you can’t sell your product, its not a product- its a hobby ” _ Jason calacanis

This is where money is made. I have seen thousands of newbies who took massive actions and launched their first products online,

They didn’t earn thousands of dollars, But learned there is a formula that leads to success. it starts with your mindset to create an Ebook, Online paid Courses or membership site.

I have also seen Smart marketers who sell high ticket products, coaching programs, and their own Books.

It’s a long journey to learn these perfect stuff that make them thousands of dollars a week and millions of dollars a year. they launch with no cost, no promotions strategies,

Just using their Email list jvpartners and earning pure profit, this is an advanced strategy and no smart blogger wants to partner with you unless you have a Great idea that Grows small businesses from zero to hero.

How to Launch :

  • Find a great idea
  • Create the product
  • Launch the product
  • Pure Profit

how to make money blogging

3. Sell Someone’s Product :

” learn to sell, in business you are always selling : to your prospects, investors and employees. to be the best saleperson, put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you are selling. don’t sell your product, solve their problems. –Mar Cuban

Most Bloggers buy digital products and never implement what they learned. they are looking for magic to happen and they want to earn money Quickly. i was in your situation.

If You want a fast route i showed you above how to sell your skills. if you are a persistent reader, you will be a leader in writing content that expertly optimized for conversion and earn much money from a piece of amazing article.

and if you want a long route then write valuable content and build your brand.

John wants to earn some Money online But he doesn’t know how to create a product. Jvzoo clickbank and Amazon have affiliate programs where you sign up and get affiliate links of every product you want to Promote.

Your mission is to get that affiliate link and use your marketing strategies to sell to people. You can use facebook groups, twitter,youtube, instagram, tumblr.

hundreds of strategies out there. if you sell a digital product you earn 70% from one product. How about selling hundreds even thousands.

i also have an awesome guide related to making money online, i will show you 13 things successful bloggers do differently to make money online.

how to make money blogging

Conclusion :

Blogging takes too much time from writing engaging content, Promoting and Connecting with an audience.

If you keep working harder and smarter you will achieve your smart Goal. learn, read, buy products, ask questions, comment on blogs and help Bloggers. the moment you earn your first dollar is the right moment you see your online business growing.

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Last Step :

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