8 Brilliant Ways To Build An Audience From Scratch

brilliant ways to get viitors

how to build an audience

One of the most powerful ways to gain floods of visitors and readers to your blog is Through Video Marketing. when people view you and your business as a resource of knowledge they subscribe to your channel, share your video, leave a Comment and listen to your next videos. how to build an audience

In this article i share with you 8 Brilliant Strategies that you can use once a week to build your audience, sell your products and connect with new readers.

Speaking in front of a community is an art :

Why people respond to video better than text ?  we human creatures like to see human faces on videos more than videos without human faces. we Pay attention to everything they say when we see their faces. successul online entrepreneurs use video, they know speaking in front of a community is an art, it is an engagement, its an approach and its the easiest way to connect with influencers. how to build an audience

The Same with Images : People respond to images with faces more than images without faces. we get more clicks when we use the right image with human faces.

How to influence on visitors (read more…)  

If you want to pull in customers you have to define your target audience, who are they. what they need and how to serve them. they are everywhere. tens of social Media platforms we should give, educate and serve to build a healthy business.

Chalene Johnson

She has 76 287 Subscribers on YouTube alone. she is a successful woman Entrepreneur, she started like everyone with zero subscriber but working harder and smarter made her stand out by helping people create the fit life they deserve, set and reach goals and do more faster. how to build an audience

Being motivated is not enough but planning and acting is what gets you results. this is what she requires her students to start with. she inspires people because she wanted them to succeed. all her videos are high quality, she speaks with so much Value, as you subscribe to her channel you notice she consistently records and publish new videos around Entrepreneurship, fitness and growing Businesses.

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how to build an audience

On one hand she is doing amazing videos and she knows how to persuade visitors and viewers, On the other hand she delights and inspires her audience. most of Her videos get more than 1million views. whenever she records a video she Promotes it on sveral platforms to reach as many people as possible. If there is a Person who views that video then there are thousands who are Interested.

Promotion S​trategy :

This is a solid strategy that pro marketers use when they record high quality Videos. they use several platforms to get more views and subscribers. If you Follow the same techniques you get the same results they get.

how to build an audience

Step 1 : Record an amazing Video 

Step 2 : Upload it to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter 

Step 3 : Convert It and upload it to your blog 

Step 4 : Write some content and upload it to medium and linkedin

Step 5 :  Upload it to Quora platform 

Step 6 : Convert it to audio, upload it to Itunes, lipsen and stetcher and Google Player

Step 7 : Convert that video to content 

Step 8 : Upload it to Slideshare, get quality backlinks

Step 9 :  Repeat over and over    how to build an audience

If you have 20 000 subscribers in a social platform, you can easily collect many subscribers from one single quality video. once you use the first 20 seconds to Capture people’s attention to watch your video and listen to your words. you actually don’t have to persuade them they have to feel something about you. and make them say this person has something good to say. how to build an audience

Conclusion :

If you follow the same strategies chalene johnson used to build an audience before Launching a product, you will gain great results. when she records a new video she makes sure she provides so much value to build that relationship with the community.

how to build an audience