How To Get Your First 1000 Blog Subscribers

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

The hardest part of running your online business is growing an email list. right? people who start a blog or been blogging for a few years, want more traffic, ideal clients, customers and loyal subscribers. the key is to sell them their offers and drive the absolute most value.

In this article i share with you 10 proven methods to get your first one hundred and even one thousand subscriber.

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

1-Think about Some Product You Purchased Online :

You are a blogger and you already purchased some technologies and tools that helped you grow your online business and increased your profits. write them a message and Tell them how their product helped you grow your revenue. and inform them you want to share your successful story with their loyal subscribers. this will highlight their Readers and help them sell more.

There is no better way than telling your own successful stroy with other people. it makes sense and people pay attention to everything you say. They are interested to know all you did to reach that results.Product strategy

If that company has good monthly readers. then they will be happy to share it with their loyal audiences, that means more Visitors to your website.

how to get subscribers

2-Focus On Your Audience :

Without defining your audiences, you are going to get noone. When i started blogging I didn’t know which lead magnet i should offer to my readers, or where i can find my readers. by defining your target audience, you know what problems they have and you start writing good blog posts that solves their problems and Know what kind of Products they need so you work on creating that.

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

I can’t write a blog post about weight loss in general but it would be great to start on” How to lose weight by eating natural food” Or how to lose belly fat so every blog post i write would target a specific community.

When people are searching on Google they want to find the best answers. choose your Target audience, each article you create Should have a purpose to convert those Visitors to subscribers. nobody follows you unless you have something in return. “Guest posting strategy

If you are a writer you can’t sell your books without an audience, if you are a digital marketer, you can’t sell your products without an audience. you want to sell more of your books, think about giving free stuff , such a lead magnet that has some value to build your tribe which is to your success as an author. those who buy from you are able to buy more.

how to get your ideal subscribers

3-Become a content Marketing Genius :

When you are searching on Google, You will find bunch of blog posts, each article has specific informations and different from other articles and you always click on headlines that grab your attention..

And when you read that content, you always want to find something new and unique or some blog post that has some proven tricks that helps you get your First 1000 ubscribers.

Right ?

  • Long and detailed blog post
  • More better than other blog posts
  • Provides valuable informations

You find valuable resources and strong call to action at the end of every blog posts that tell you something awesome for subscribing.

get subscribers

4-Record Highly Converting Videos :

Marie forleo

We are visual creatures and like to see human faces on images and videos more than Videos without faces. Marie Forleo creates stunning videos for her blog community. She uses psychological trick to grab people’s attention within 20 seconds when You Start watching, this tricky technique makes you pause and say “ Wow” this person has a lot to say and you pay attention and spend more time watching and listening to her Videos where she interviews successful online Entrepreneurs.

She is helpful, provides valuable informations and always know how to stand out by Showing people Ssrategies to achieve anything in Life.

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

5-Establish Your Brands To Get More Leads :

When you build your brand, it becomes easier for you to get visitors, leads and convert Those to customers. you already have high converting blog posts and tons of value in Every blog post you write and publish.

Creating high quality content is to your success as a smart blogger. highly converting Content can bring you organic traffic when you have a good SEO camapign targeting the right keywords. this article is relevant and might be helpful, convert leads to customers

  • Highly converting videos brings you traffic for years
  • Showing your face on videos helps you stand out
  • Video with massive value gets you more leads

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

6-Give Your Visitors a Reason To Follow You :

Nobody follows you unless you have something in return, If you need more followers, more fans, more readers, more visitors and even more subscribers, then you have to write highly converting blog posts and then use a solid marketing strategy to reach those visitors.

You have written great headline and highly converting content but you have no idea about marketing then. you are going no where without traffic you can’t get any sales. you can engage in some of these community sites :

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

7- Ask The Why :

When you click to read an article Just STOP and scroll down to the buttom and see How many comments that blog post has. when i see over 20 comments it makes sense the owner has used a solid marketing strategy to write something new and unique to entice readers, not only to read that blog post but he makes people “ Pause” and say wow this person has amazing stuff, so they come back ultimately, that’s all it is.

He knows traffic is not the problem, But what you write for the people is what attracts traffic.

  • If you want organic traffic, write high converting blog post
  • If you want social traffic then engage with your tribe

High converting blog post : is to write good article that has valuable informations and resources or add more content to a blog post that’s already generates you enough traffic from Google.

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

8-Content Upgrad Works Best :

Think about that you typed a keyword phrase on Google search bar to find something You want to read or buy, then found an interesting blog post or a story. in that blog post there is some cheat sheet, Ebook, or something relevant to that article which has more value than the one you read” what made it awesome is a strong call to action” that promises you something amazing, that’s what we call it “ Content upgrade”

I tell you why it converts better

You have a blog post that is written well and gets you 3000 Organic visitor from one article the chances are great to get more leads than using annoying pop ups or scroll matt all the time.

how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers

9-Solid Marketing Strategy :

Every Successful online marketer has a solid marketing strategy that works good for him. if you spend more time reading several blog posts , asking good questions, reading comments and listening to podcasts you will learn many solid marketing strategies from succcessful online Entrepreneurs, I am not going to advise you to use facebook groups But i would you focus on the 3 best marketers in your niche and SPY on their websites, on their social pages and their email campaigns to know what they use to reach out the potential customers.

I have read a checklists of marketers and found out they learn how to start a successful campaign instead of wasting their time with free traffic. it takes money to make money

10-Guest Posting On a Popular Blog :

Engaging content is conversion: I don’t have enough traffic on my blog ,

what should i do ?

Let’s guess. you spent 100 hours writing an ebook, the words are written well, spent time designing high converting cover then added it to your website to sell it then you have no audience. that is a bad idea. you would think about a store such amazon which has millions of visitors each month, once you wrote your ebook Use a solid strategy to add your website link on every ebook you write an publish to maket to those targeted Readers in the future.

The same for guest posting 

When you spent hours writing great content and then posted it on the wrong blog or You didn’t add a strong BIO of yourself you end up missing a lot of traffic.

Plan :

Always plan the night before you write and publish your best stuff to gain visitors. imagination makes us control what we will have to have. if our focus is to get readers from guest posting then my plan would be

  • Write high converting guest post on popular blogs
  • Publish 10 guest posts in the first month
  • Write compelling headlines and use good images to entire readers
  • Add tons of valus such resources and technologies i use myself
  • add strong call to action to my Bio at the bottom

Get Loyal Subscribers :

When i started blogging i didn’t know how to buy a domain name or webhosting or even install a wordpress But it didn’t stop there. i started learning the basics before using any advanced strategies

I knew I need to start small and figure out how to write a blog post and improve my writing. after reading hundreds of blog posts, reading hundreds of comments and Watched many videos.

I wanted to give up and choose something else

I started building my mindset that helps me start building a blog and move Forward. I Expected to fail which leads me to success and i knew without experimenting new things and failing we learn nothing. you Learn more when you lose

Bcause Blogging took me Much time, i was frustrated and unproductive for many days. But I wanted To make passive income online and wanted to figure out what is the best STRATEGY marketers Use.

They give good content to people to read

They help as many people as possible

But that was not enough.

Then started figuring out what kind of informations and resources people want to read. it became harder and harder to write high converting content every day. and i knew the magic won’t happen. taking action is the answer. and delivering value is what makes people like, know and trust you.

I was thinking about gaming the system and using black hat techniques to get ranking But i learned when using spam doesn’t mean you have a business. i tried several tricks and techniques it helped me entice more readers and build my first subscribers. But that was not enough. I wanted a bigger list so i can market to them. Then i knew only a small tribe of people would buy my products if iam delivering value and providing Good blog posts.

Getting visitors was my main foucs but as the time passes, i learned that traffic is not the hardest thing in blogging. the hardest thing that brings you traffic is to write high Converting content that most people like.

When i type a keyword phrase on Google such “ How to build 1000 blog subscribers” I find bunch of answers from several successful marketers But noone wanted to show me step by step guide. probably every bloggger has a secret or a strategy that never wanted to Share.

Then i understood, It takes time to build your online business. It takes time to read High engaging blog post, It takes time to get organic traffic. I realized those who built Their email subscribers have worked hard for It. they have invested time and money to Buy tools and technologies. they were working hard and writing guest posts on influential blogs

When they guest post, they know their potential customer and what are the needs of their customers so they plan before they write. I wanted to crush it online with my business But i realized it takes time to partner with Successful Bloggers

Building an email list is the hardest part of running an online business. noone is giving good content on consistent basis it's always about adding more value to the readers and grab their attentions.