7 Simple Ways To Generate New Email Subscribers From Your Blog.

how to generate leads

Building a blog is no easy feat on its own. Growing a blog that’s successful and taking it from zero to hero is even more difficult. how to get leads

There’s a lot you have to know going into the blogging world and building a blog up from nothing takes time, skill, and knowledge. And one of the most important things to understand isn’t just to write a blog that’s great, but to write a blog for conversion.

In this article I want to share some of the valuable lessons I learned in the field of blogging. I started learning the basics before any advanced strategies. I used to spend more than 6 hours just entering keywords on Google to find a secret that ‘Gurus” use to make passive income. how to get leads

The truth? It’s actually a lot simpler than that. If I can do it, so can you.

1. Write captivating Blog

Your writing doesn’t have to be top-notch or the best thing since Stephen King. It does, however, have to be intriguing and make people care about what you have to say.

When you start reaching people on a deep level, they’ll stick around. This might not be the easiest thing to master at first. how to get leads

In order to figure it out, do what I did. Look up successful blogs and websites in your niche and read their writing. Get a feel for how much they share and what it sounds like. That’s what I did and it taught me more than I thought it would.

You can even go so far as to sign up for their email lists and pay attention to what they say and even what their homepage looks like. Learn from those who have done what you want to do. how to get leads

Another thing to remember for writing captivating blog posts is to focus on solving other people’s problems. Don’t just write whatever you want. Find a solution to a high sought after issue and write about it. The more you help others, the more they’ll want to invest in your blog.

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2. Conversion Focused Homepage:

upside down homepage

Your Home page is more important than you realize. You might just see it as a place where your blog posts live, but it’s far more than that. It’s the first impression.

People may find your blog from a single post, but the next most visited page is your home page. I’ve seen countless online authorities use the homepage for two things: read the blog and sign up for free offers. how to get leads

So that’s what I did.

Optimizing your home page to convert those visitors is key. When new people arrive to your homepage, what do you want them to do? In a perfect world, what would each visitor do to drive your blog forward?

Now that you know that, create a means for them to do so and make it highly visible. Giving each person the option to sign up for a freebie is an ideal way to create a large email subscriber list and through that list, you’ll make a profit.

I am using thrive themes to capture new leads and build a high conveting blog homepage.

if you want to learn more about building a responsive homepage, then check out this guide to design a lead genetaion homepage.

3. You have to be Real:

Nobody will listen to someone who’s not genuine. That vibe comes across very clearly online and that’s why you really have to get deep and give your story.

Share your insights and your journey. Talk about your own struggles and how you got past them. It’s all about being true to yourself and your mission. how to get leads

It’s not all about that, though. Something I learned that has made the biggest difference for me is two simple words that make up a powerful principle: give more.

Share more, do more serve more, and you’ll see people flock to your blog and your information. how to get leads

The best word you can use in your blog is “free.” I give high value, free information and in exchange, I build trust.

The more you share and the more genuine you are, the more people trust you. That trust is what will turn a profit in the end.

The more you give today, the more you’ll harvest tomorrow.

4. Start a successful campaign:

If you want to drive tons of traffic to your blog posts, or generate thousands of leads to your landing page. facebook and Google adwords are gold mine sources of traffic.

You can start with $5 and promote your best stuff. i prefer to write an amazing article and drive awarness to convert visitors to subscribers, on the back end, i can offer a downloadable ebook related to the topic to inspire visitors to take action.

1-You Have to pay:

Your Ad will cost you money. .You need to convert visitors to leads. .You sell and profit When you are targeting a community of audience, then you want to build your own tribe and build a strong relationship. if you pay $20 and generate 1000 visitor.

 Before you start your successful campaign on Fb, learn how to write words that sell, powe words and write more words in text to convince visitors to click. how to get leads

Step1: Create an Ad

Step2: Target the right audience

Step3: Add your offer

5. Get your First 1000 subscribers

Since your email list is really the core of profit for your blog, you need to start building it from day one. I put forth the upmost effort in developing mine and it’s really the backbone of my blog.

In order to do this, guest post on other blogs. Some say this doesn’t work but that’s simply because they don’t know how to do it correctly. how to get leads

In order to get subscribers and traffic back to your blog, guest post on authority websites with your audience. This is crucial because if they’re not the same target audience as yours, they won’t stay for your own blog posts.

One thing to remember for this is to work hard to create a strong call to action. Without this, you’ll end up losing up to 70% of potential traffic.

Give your readers an incentive to visit your blog and sign up at the end of your guest post. how to get leads

i have an amazing article related to build your list. this will show you how to get your first 1000 blog subscribers.

6. Send informative, automated Emails to build trust:

By now you should be signed up for some emails through other blogs in your niche. They’ll have sent a number of emails or maybe you just get emails sporadically from blogs you signed up for a while ago.

Start studying these emails like I did. Learn what different people share and you’ll soon realize that it’s all high value content that’s being shared for free. how to get leads

Why would someone give so much free information away? It’s simple; it builds trust.

When you email directly to people, even through an automated service, you’re creating a lot more intimacy than a blog post. You’re connecting to people on a different level and the more someone trusts you, the more willing they’ll be to purchase a service of product from you.

7. Launch your own product:

Notice how this point is the very last on the list. That’s because you simply can’t have success and convert visitors without all of the above steps being completed. It just won’t work. Trust me, I know this firsthand. how to get leads

When I first launched my products, my focus was on building Twitter followers and Facebook fans. I knew that without a loyal, trusting audience, no one would buy my products.

Now I have a large audience, a trusting email subscriber list, and that means I have customers. how to get leads

So how do you launch the product?

First, you have to build up hype. Get your audience excited about the launch by blogging about the product, writing posts relating to the product, and even mentioning how beneficial your product would be.

Focus on what problems your product will solve and you’ll have people ready to purchase that solution.

You should also create a landing page for your product. These are different from a regular blog post or announcement because it’s structured in a way to sell. These pages highlight your product, the problem it solves, its value, and it includes irresistible calls to action to get people buying.

Building a blog for conversion is of the upmost important. I wanted to share these tips with you so you can take your blog from zero to hero and turn a profit with blogging.

The fastest and the most effective way to promote your content, landing page and your product is through starting a successful campaign on facebook.

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