5 Highly Effective Ways To Get More Ideal Clients and increase sales

how to get more clients

Does money come through educating yourself on how to find new customers and increase sales? But what a lot of contemporary marketers rarely tell you is how do you find new clients that will make you more money? Let's stop that chase. You’re reading this article because you desire to locate leads — A GREAT DEAL OF LEADS WHICH TURN INTO HARD COLD CASH! Yet just now, you don't have a realistic idea of how to accomplish this task. how to get more clients

You have to create more information about what you want to sell, so buyers will flock to what you offer. Isn't this how these other experts have been able to generate bursts of thousands - even tens of thousands of leads - in short periods of time?

How would you like power like that at your fingertips? Sounds too good to be true? Well, in this article, I reveal EXACTLY what other experts have been doing for years. So, are these embarrassingly simple secret tips going to instantly unleash the explosive power, giving you the ability to find new customers and increase sales?  Read on...

Find Your Target Audience:

Have you ever experienced this catastrophic horror?

You spend hours brainstorming persuasive topics for your blog – then the resulting posts get ignored. But you craft some random idea that popped into your head – and the comments go wild. How do you construct topics your readers are longing for you to write about? how to get more clients

Are you ready for the answer?

Ask them!

Design a survey with some interesting questions. Send the inquiry to Twitter, Facebook, Groups, etc. and sent it to your email subscribers. Offer an enticing choice of eBooks as an incentive to fill out the form. one of the best places to put questions together is



  • Ask Questions.
  • Put one question in that will allow the participant to give a longer answer.

Sample Questions:

  • Biggest challenge ...
  • Are you a beginner, intermediate or pro in ...
  • What product or service do you want to see in the marketplace?
  • How do you like to learn about new information? Audio, Video, Reading, other?

Finding New Customers through a Platform:

What is a platform?  The platform is your visibility as a writer. It's your personal ability to sell something right this instant. When you have something to say, what legitimate channels exist for you to release your message to audiences who will consider buying your product or services? how to get more clients

The definition of a platform, broken down, is your personal ability to sell books through:

  • Who you are.
  • The personal and professional connections you have.
  • Any media outlets (including blogs and social networks) that you can utilize to sell something.

The best platform is, of course, fame. That's why it seems like every celebrity is writing a memoir or children's picture book these days. Sure, the books may not be that good, but because of the celebrity's public reach and notoriety, the books are guaranteed to sell well—and that's why publishers are interested. Celebrities have a platform, plain and simple, and that reach translates to money and success.

The most common building blocks of a platform include:

  • A website or blog with a large readership.
  • A newsletter or mailing list with many subscribers.
  • Article or column writing (or correspondent involvement) for the media, preferably for larger outlets and outlets within the writer's specialty.
  • Guest contributions to successful websites, blogs, and periodicals.
  • A track record of strong past sales. how to get more clients
  • Individuals of influence you know, personal contacts (organizational, media, celebrity, relatives) who can help you market at no cost to yourself, whether through blurbs, promotions, or other means for FREE.
  • Public speaking appearances, the bigger, the better.
  • An impressive social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, and the like).
  • Membership in organizations that support the successes of their own.
  • Recurring media appearances and interviews—in print, on the radio, on TV, or online. 

Write Quality Targeted Content

When you learn quick tricks of writing high-quality, targeted content for websites, these techniques give a boost to the number of page visits your website gets. Are you utilizing all your creative potential to generate high-quality content?

Is the number of visitors your web page attracts not up to your expectations? Do you feel discouraged and disheartened to see other web pages with lower quality content ranking high on search engines? Let's solve the mystery! The oldadage Content is King can be altered slightly to read; Search Engine Optimized Content is King!!! Yes, in the highly competitive affiliate marketing, your key to success as a writer depends not only on writing high quality, but also keyword targeted content. Using both techniques not only gets you noticed, but the quality content will be shared and might go viral.

What are easy tactics to generating focused content, pull more traffic to your web page, and decrease the bounce rate? how to get more clients

  • Be passionate about your subject.
  • Carry out research and ad material not found in similar articles.
  • Stay updated.
  • Use proper grammar, spelling and language.
  • Have a style of your own! People will appreciate you if you prove to be different.
  • Before writing, develop a list of goals and objectives.
  • Put yourself in your readers shoes and think about their expectations from your content. 
  • Predict the issues or problems that the audience might have.

Discover primary keywords, deploy them throughout the content, and let Google spiders list your website on the first page of the search engines. The best way to find issues your readers are struggling with is to find the keyword you want to target. After finding the keyword, go to the dictionary and thesaurus and add similar words and phrases close to the keyword you are targeting. Do a search online and put together the resources to write your article. how to get more clients

To have a successful website, it's necessary to provide the audience with something that they find nowhere else. You can find hard to find information, by subscribing to an online library research database. Also, combine all the aspects, including graphics, content, language, and promotion to come up with a perfect mix.


  • Become a brand name to contend within the internet market.
  • Avoid writing spam content and improve the readability of your write-ups.
  • Do not allow SEO companies to take credit for your success! Learn search engine optimization strategies and add another feather to your cap.
  • Get quick researching tips, quote credible sources, because this increases your writing speed. Make a research file.

 Following Up with Them:

You've done the primary research on a prospect, and it looks like your product is a good fit for their company. The next step you'd take is to get them on the phone.

You may connect with them on your first try or your fourth, but the real struggle is when you have to follow-up with them and get them to commit. There are so many things that can go wrong. You either contact too often oversell your product, or you come out as pushy and annoying. how to get more clients

How do you stand out from the other companies? What’s the best way to break through inbox clutter? How do you toe the fine line between being persistent and being flat-out annoying? how to get more clients

  • The first thing to do is to choose the right channel to communicate with your prospects. You can do it via email or phone. How do you effectively follow up with a client and discover what method they prefer? Ask the client. Ask what their preferred form of communication is and if they will respond.
  • Use other avenues to build up a rapport. Use different contact formats. Use email, snail mail, phone, text, or social media. Text messages: Nine out of ten texts are read within three minutes of delivery and are a fantastic medium for staying on the top of your prospect's mind. Social media: Interacting with prospects via social networks help develop an affinity to nudge a prospect towards chatting with you.
  • If you want your prospects to engage in the conversation you're trying to have, it's on you to tailor it to what they need by providing relevant information. Give them new and valuable information that will prompt a conversation. Let the sale happen naturally. Share useful content, tell an entertaining story, or ask questions to keep the conversation going. Remember, sending new and valuable information can increase conversion rates by three times
  • Always end each conversation with a clearly defined next step. The easiest time to get a commitment to an upcoming meeting is after the session you just had.
  • At the end of every decent conversation you have with anyone in sales, always send a summary e-mail that summarizes what you talked about. Then ask for their confirmation.
  • Always have a specific reason to contact your prospect. Don't follow up too often.
  • Create a follow-up schedule that outlines when calls and email follow-ups should be happening.
  • Time your follow up for maximum impact. Thursday is 26% better for email open rates than the worst weekday, Monday. Thursday is 49% better for phone contact rates than the worst weekday, Tuesday.
  • Track ACTUAL contact attempts. Find a lead management system that offers tracked phone numbers and email addresses that can track and record calls and emails routed through them. 
  • Track email opens and click-throughs.

FREE Is a Powerful Word:

In 2007, a business gave away a downloadable product, to millions of avid fans all around the world for free, or more accurately on a Pay What You Want model. Instead of setting a price, they asked listeners simply to contribute whatever they felt they could in exchange for their creative work. how to get more clients

The results?

This business made more money from this product than out of all the other products put together.

Pay What You Want: How Do You Make the Pricing Technique Work

From self-published books to consulting services, to software, the Pay What You Want pricing technique is a viable option. But to make it work, you need to adhere to some guidelines. Here are five essential points:

1. Clarify Your Offer

Pay What You Want can be an intimidating experience for the uninitiated. If people don't understand the value of what you're offering, you can't expect them to contribute. Make sure your offer and value proposition are clear (this is true for fixed-price goods and services, too).

2. Show Your Humanity

People don't give to corporations; they give to people. If McDonald's rolled out a Pay What You Want Big Mac, why would you pay more than the minimum? On the contrary, if your neighbor, Nancy, who runs a boutique bakery you patron daily, offers her pastries as Pay What You Want, there's a reason for you to contribute (and generously).

3. Appeal to Idealism

Pay What You Want pricing is all about giving people a reason to contribute generously. You can do this by appealing to virtue, generosity, karma, and any other ideal that encourages giving. Remember, people buy the story around the product or service, give them a story that makes them eager to contribute and spread the word.

4. Anchor the Value

No matter what you're selling with the Pay What You Want system, make sure people understand the value of what you're offering. Have a clear idea of what a reasonable price would be. Price anchoring works by linking your product with a more expensive variation or competitor.

Linking to a more expensive product could reference comparable products or services with a higher price tag. By offering tiered versions of your own product, giving away bonuses for people who contribute over certain amounts, increase contributions.

5. Direct Your Customer

Once you have anchored the price of your product in your potential customer's mind, you need to steer the customer to the right choice. Pay What You Want pricing can be ambiguous, and ambiguity can scare away prospective customers. Assuming you followed the previous four steps.

Share what other people contributed in such circumstances. Humblebundle.com does this transparently on their website, encouraging potential customers to contribute like their peers. You can apply the same strategy in person or online by sharing new contribution levels or what the overall average contribution is.

Is it Time to Stop Putting a Price on Your Work?

Pay What You Want pricing, while unconventional, can work for those who follow these steps and are bold enough to try. Before removing prices from your entire line of goods or services, consider testing out Pay What You Want pricing with just one item, and see how it measures up. how to get more clients

In closing, you can build yourself a hot list of rabid new customers and increase your sales using these five, highly effective methods, listed above. When you follow these steps, other people share your material with their friends.

You can use this information to build viral reports and make yourself a list of buyers. Offering excellent information perceives you as an authority figure. Using this written information is equally essential for you to implement if you want people to like or trust you. You can make an unlimited amount of money, learning all about how to find new customers and increase sales.