5 Strategies To Grow Your Business Fast in 2019

how to grow my online business

grow your business

Do you think a football team runs on the field without a strategy?

A big No. 

They don’t. 

Building a successful online business is not an easy achievement, you need to accomplish and take care of some important parts that require so much focus, courage, patience, working smarter, even harder and forming a strategic plan to achieve specific results.

a plan that is designed for helping you get prospective customers and earn cash. grow your business

If you want to grow your online business more and more rapidly. you have to guest post more, you have to build a customer’s list, you have to launch a tiny product, you have to communicate true value, and you have to grow your business with paid traffic. so let’s start out with guest posting which is a priority to see traffic in your blog.

1. Guest Posting:

Everybody wants more traffic to build a healthy business online. 

Traffic to promote hot offers and sell more copies of books.

We actually need to present compelling content to connect with readers and ideal clients and strategically guide people through something meaningful, something of value.

So, what strategy should we put in place to attract, grow and convert?

grow your business

Guest posting is a viable marketing strategy that generates traffic, visitors and laser targeted leads.

I am about to show you 8 critical steps that you absolutely need to build a pure guest posting strategy.

1. What is Guest posting?

Guest posting means to hold off writing on your own blog and start writing on popular blogs. there is another definition, Guest posting means to provide quality and original content on a relevant site. 

The key is to educate readers, solve a problem, build quality backlinks, gain exposure, retain visibility and drive traffic to your website.

2.Advantages of Guest Posting:

One of the common questions i see people ask on internet marketing forums is ” how to get traffic?”

They tell you, try facebook groups, try blogging, blog commenting and posting on social sites they rarely show you a super smart strategy which is guest posting.

The purpose of writing on high trafficked sites is to improve ranking on the search engines and turn content to prospects.

You can diversify your strategy by writing 5 or 10 guest posts on authority sites, in a few days, you see traffic flows to your site.

While you can also build social proof and fame in front of a community. it is also a way to snag subscribers. grow your business

  • Generate responsive subscribers
  • Gain more exposure
  • Attract new ideal clients to your business
  • Imrpve SEO ranking 
  • Build social proof
  • Build trust and strong relationship

3. Backlinks are the backbone of SEO:

Whether you want to gain and retain readers

or improve SEO ranking.

Link building is the most challenging part of SEO. if you are going to put much effort and struggle you will guarantee to expand your online business. how?  grow your business

You can contact blog owners in your niche and ask them for a guest post.

Also, if you publish a guest post, just make sure to insert links inside your content targeting the keywords you want to rank for.

The second thing, you need to figure out the quality of the website, if it is just to publish a guest post to generate traffic, that’s fine.

I like to think both sides. quality over quantity and find the highest pagerank sites to get juicy links.

This strategy helps you rank better on Google and gain organic traffic.

4. Get in Touch with other Bloggers

Guest posting also helps bloggers establish a good reputation. it also helps readers come back again and again when the blog provides more value.

You want to know how to start a successful guest posting strategy?

Here is how to write a solid guest posting strategy.

5. Set a Smart Goal before you Guest Post:

A successful guest posting strategy starts with a headline, if you write the best guest posting content on the web, nobody can see it unless you take care of certain things.

Headline: always write a headline that creates hot curiosity, it needs to start with a hook so that readers feel there is something of value.

Content: Write content that anybody can understand. Content that solves a specific problem.

Tell a story: People love to hear engaging stories, a real-life story.

Call to action: don’t be afraid to add a free offer or landing page on the back end of every guest post you write and publish, people still want it.

With guest posts content that expertly optimized for conversion, you could attract new readers to your blog. 

You can get more ideal customers and you can attract more traffic consistently.

If you want to collect new subscribers, you have to provide an irresistable offer on the bottom of every guest post you publish.

It’s a way to build a big customer’s list in a short time, this could be a strong Strategy, when you publish a guest post on a stable media outlet

that has millions of active readers such as FastCompany, Businessinsider and Entrepreneur Mag.

6. Show me Where to Guest Post:

Now, you have to know who is your target audience and where they are to start a guest posting campaign, you need to find some popular bloggers in your niche.  grow your business

Enter his name on Google search and you will find a bunch of sites where he Guest posted in.

1. Find a successful blogger in your niche

2. Enter his name on Google

3. Find where he Guest posted

4. Do the exact same strategy

5. You get the same results

Another way is to use Quora search to find topics and questions. 

Enter a question you want to find answers about, In a few Seconds Quora will give you a list of questions that have more answers.

If you are hoping to do a quick Google search to find reliable answers, then here is a simple and easy way.

  • Guest post + Quora.com
  • Your question + Quora.com
  • Guest blogging + quora.com
  • 7. Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

    Backinko doesn’t accept any guest posts on his blog, even if someone is sending him high-quality guest post that beats all articles in that niche.

    Because he is seeing his blog as a personal business, where he shares step-by-step guides and case studies.

    NeilPatel is a Successful online Entrepreneur, he writes high-quality content on his blog and also doesn’t accept guest posts.

    It doesn’t mean there is no opportunity at all. there are zillions of quality blogs online that accept between 800-1000 word guest post.

    You just need to bring something awesome on the table to get your article published, seen and shared. grow your business

    A list of Guest posting sites

    8. Large Media Publications:

    What would happen if, in a few days, you realized you have created an impact, a massive impact from one single Guest post on a stable media Mag, that has millions of active and daily readers. you know what?

    You could be attracting lots of readers and opt-ins in a moment.

    You invested time to write something awesome for the community.

    You created engaging content that solves a specific problem.

    You presented a new opportunity to teach something unique.

    You also invested time to describe your personal business in author BIO. without this, you lose 70% of that traffic. you can link to your social media profiles to increase the number of fans and followers or link to landing page to build a customer’s list. grow your business

    So, What are some major Media publications that accept Guest posting?

    a Small list of Media Sites

    2. List Building:

    List building is absolutely an effective marketing channel that requires so much focus to grow your business.

    If you already got a customer’s list, then think about growing it more and more rapidly. 

    If you are starting one, then think about learning the basics of email marketing and see how to create such a powerful impact to collect a few subscribers. grow your business

    Whether you have compelling content or service based business selling coaching or freelancing,

    You definitely need an audience, views and fame in front of a community to gain exposure.

    It’s all about the quality of being generally trusted and true value you provide. if your fans, followers and ideal clients view you as a blogger with the absolute

     most value, they will join your list, listen to your talks, wait for your emails and buy your books, products and services.

    So, if you are not building a list, your business is not growing.

    But. you are Curious about how to build a list?

    Here are 2 effective ways that help you capture new email addresses.

    • 1 increase your list growth rate by 46% with content upgrade
    • 2 Pop ups are annoying. But they convert extremely well

    1. Content Upgrade

    Content upgrade is more important than you realize, you might just see it as a way to snag a few subscribers. But it’s far more than that. Content upgrade converts perfectly well when the offer is relevant to a blog post.

    So, What is content upgrade?

    A Content upgrade is a free cheat sheet, short Ebook, Checklist, how to guide, free Bonus, Video tutorials. inserted inside a blog post, if someone wants it , he has to enter his email address.

    Next, a blog post that is more trafficked in your blog such as 10k organic visitors, can generate you responsive subscribers when the offer is relevant to that specific article. grow your business

    Visitors are going to opt-in, because they want something new and unique. So be very specific and write a headline that creates a strong desire.

    2. Pop-ups are So Damn Annoying

    People say pop-ups are so damn annoying and they leave websites once pop ups appear frequently. remember pop-ups are annoying, but they convert extremely well if used right. 

    Specifically when you show a strong offer, something special you want to give for free, a cheat sheet, a free ebook or short report. 

    First-time readers to your blog are not going to accept the offer unless you write something meaningful, so they never reject the Offer .

    If you show them what they get inside, they will easily enter their personal information.

    You need to persuade them.

    Remember, the headline is the first thing they see, headline is the most important part in your pop up.

    If your lead magnet solves a specific problem or the content is helpful and useful, visitors will want to read it. grow your business

    3. Product Launch

    See how this point is very important in your whole business. that’s because you simply can’t get paid if you are not selling someone’s offer or selling your own product.

    When you launch a product, your main concern is to generate a few sales. But the most important part is to focus on building a tribe of the following who have interest in your pre-launch content. 

    Without a loyal audience who trust you, none would buy.

    I know you have a large following on major social media sites, that doesn’t mean you have customers who are ready to buy.

    First. think about serving them by giving some value and then offer a funnel to collect their personal information to provide interesting and useful content.

    But. How do you launch a tiny Hot offer?

    You need to be very specific and know what your prospects not have. when you define that, you show them the solution and they will show you the money. grow your business

    4. Strong Relationship

    It’s been said. “When it comes to selling online, strong relationship with prospects is key”

    Everybody knows the money is in the relationship you build with people who join your newsletter. if you are going to sell a hot offer, you need to build a Strong communication.

    Prospects are not going to buy from you unless they feel something about you. You share some tools, resources and unique information.

    So, When they open your E-mail, they need to be educated, entertained and receive tons of value from you. Remember

    People don’t buy the first time they visit a blog.

    People buy from those who like, know and trust.

    They buy because they need a solution to their problems. if you show them a solution, they will show you the money.

    They actually buy when you follow up with them.

    How long did you know the person you are marketing to?

    How long did you know the person who joined your newsletter?

    Every conversation is like a tiny link.

    And every conversation you get another link.

    That conversation opens a door for you, after that moment, the link gets stronger and stronger and after each follow up we build more links.

    When i say strong relationship, I mean FREE STUFF. free is the most powerful weapon in the world, you can give away free Guides. free cheat sheet, reports, in General you put something awesome for your audience

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