How To Find Blogs For Guest Posting- Get More Traffic

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how to find blogs for guest posting

Some people say Guest posting works while others say Guest posting doesn’t work.

Those who say guest posting works been getting good results and know what they are doing. while others who say it doesn’t work, they tried one Guest post and said it doesn’t work. how to find blogs for guest posting

If you have been blogging for few years, you will learn it gets traffic to your website. capture more leads, build your brand and get visibilty online.

If you want to know it works : write 10 articles in your blog and 20 Guest post on popular blogs. how to find blogs for guest posting

Before you think about writing it for huffington post or businessinsider, think about Generating enough data. what do i mean by that ? Google planner is your friend to know target keywords that have enough searches a month. 

On one hand i want my guest post to generates some traffic for me, on ther hand i want my guest post to have a keyword on title to rank super fast on an authority site.

There is a potential because iam guest posting on authority site that has many web pages. readers will find that article through the years. my strategy is to get natural traffic from an old guest post.

how to find blogs for guest posting

Select Keywords that are easy to rank :

Your Guest post continues to bring you traffic when you choose the right keyword. google planner is your friend to know what users are looking for, take that keyword and write high converting guest post on businessinsider.

When I am writing a blog post on a blog i always use Google Planner to Know which keywords are best for my blog to rank first page on Google without building many backlinks. Its a way to separate myself from competition.

This can be really effective. if you want to rank your guest post for this keyword ” how to lose weight ” its better to dig deeper and pick long tail keyword such ” how to lose weight in two weeks” how to find blogs for guest posting

We want to move our Guest post to bring us enough traffic during the years, we want that Guest post to rank better on Google search engines.

Be a Guest Poster :

No blog is perfect. the best guest post is always when you write content that is expertly optimized for conversion. We can devide this to two things:

Tell your own story to connect with readers and write creative content that solves a specific problem. your mission is to give visitors good informations to capture their email addresses.

You can expect good results when those readers feel the content has something for them. how to find blogs for guest posting

Do Better Headlines :

We want to write Effective headlines to grab readers attention. Headline always create an  influence on people to click before they see your content. Its always to your success to bring visitors to your content. 

how to find blogs for guest posting

Guest Posting Blogs : 

We want to be Beyond Google search engines and use fiverr the biggest marketplace in the world for digital servives. go to the search bar and enter Guest posting, you will find hundreds of people displaying their services on some popular blogs.

Contact at least 10 sellers and ask them if they can guest post on a relevant blog or on authority blogs, read reviews before you purchase any gigs. 

Guest posting is a viable marketing strategy to reach out hungry readers. its a way of generating traffic when you are starting from scratch.

Writing a guest post on authority site will bring you massive audiences overnight and build social proof,

Even platforms like medium is fantastic to start because there are hundreds of active publications where you post your new articles and get seen by thousands of followers.

Medium allows you to write a call to action on the back end of each article you post and this is a crititcal tactic to collect new leads.

Guest posting is no secret.

The main question is how to diversify?

In fact, guest posting helps you to drive more traffic in no time. collect leads and grow revenue.

Its easy when you pick small blogs. if you want to write on big MAG then you need to write content that expertly optimized for conversion.

Diversify to Grow :

When i say diversify your outreach, i mean write more than 10 guest posts on more trafficked blogs, provide the absolute most value to readers and create brain awarnes and brain response that means people have to feel something in your guest posts and your strong call to action to visit or subscribe to your blog.

If you do this continuously, 

You will generate more traffic and subscribers.

If you want to learn more about guest posting on large media outlets and which message you write them then go ahead this article is very helpful.

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how to find blogs for guest posting