25 Actionable Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

how to get traffic to my website

Driving tremendous number of traffic to your blog is not that hard. most newbie and beginner bloggers launch blog, write few blog posts and struggle with organic traffic. ways to drive traffic to your website

They believe natural traffic brings targeted visitors and leads.

What they don’t realize is that SEO is a long journey, especially when you start from scratch. while top bloggers and internet marketers never rely on Google

They Pay to get customers

Free traffic is not free, you spend time, energy and effort to bring visitors to your blog. so in this article i show you 25 actionable ways to bring traffic to your blog. pick one thing at a time. take one technique, master it, learn its secrets and when it brings you instant results, move to another source of traffic. 

Step # 1: write an epic blog post

Step # 2: Promote it on facebook

Step # 3: Promote it on twitter

Step # 4: Promote it on Medium

Step # 5: Promote it on Growthhackers

Step # 6: Promote it on scoop.it

Step # 7: Promote it on Inbound.org

Step # 8: Promote it on slideshare

Step # 9: Promote it on Community sites

Step # 10: Promote it on Linkedin

Step # 11: take that blog post and record a video around that topic

Step # 12: Record an amazing video

Step # 13: Upload it to youtube, facebook and twitter

Step # 14: Upload it to your blog

Step # 15: Upload it to Medium

Step # 16: Upload it to linkedin

Step # 17: Convert that video to audio and upload it to itubes, stitcher

Step # 18: Repeat the process over and over

The key is to generate traffic from multiple channels. people want lots of visitors. so marketing yourself is a way to grow.

ways to get traffic to your website

1: Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are incredibly effective sources of quality traffic. first, be very specific and join groups that are relevant to your blog. the key is to snug visitors and subscribers who are interested in something you offer.

Its no secret.

Provide value to Group members so the admin allows you to post your links. facebook Groups are highly engaged and recommended. ask questions to get instant answers from Group members. 

It is always up to you, If you help, support and show members new ways to grow, they bookmark you and visit your blog.

Post your free course to snug subscribers, once your free course is relevant to those members.

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ways to get traffic to your website

2: Guest posting on media outlet:

Guest posting means to hold off writing on your blog and write on popular blogs to bring traffic to your blog. Its no secret. Guest posting is an incredibly simple strategy to generate visitors and build quality backlinks the main point is to write content that converts so that people feel something about your words and click on your author bio on the back end of that guest post. 

Where to guest post:

1-Find some top bloggers in your nice

2-Enter their names in Google

3-Find where they guest posted 

4-Do the same process

5- You get the exact same results

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ways to get traffic to your website

3: Serve your customers:

This is the absolute favorite tactic if your idea is epic, most of your visitors will listen to what you say. so you ‘ll have to show them tools, resources and case studies to build that trust. 

To serve your customers you are going to do the hard things, solve their problems, writing new articles is awesome, sending a free software is a viable strategy and showing them how to get more done make a lot of sense.

The most effective way is to build a strong communication with customers. this helps you sell more of your books, products and services.

ways to get traffic to your website

4: Amazon Kindle Ebooks:

Do you know the good way to generate sales and leads? 

Write a good ebook, tell a story and let readers enjoy your writing. Amazon will never allow you to snug subscribers from their platform, instead add a free lead magnet on the bottom to turn readers to subscribers. It is very simple, write a free report, cheat cheet or Offer free video, Write a headline that creates hot curiosity and people start signing up.

Just make sure your Ebook is relevant to your free offer. if you are selling an Ebook about cooking, your offer needs to be in the exact same topic to build a responsive list.

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ways to get traffic to your website

5: One single article that converts:

You can spend 5 hours to write one single article that beats all articles in your niche. in another way, You hire a freelancer to write one single Guest post and publish it on a high trafficked site. You keep promote it on multiple channels like ( facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube) untill it stops bringing you traffic.

If you are on a budget you can spend $ 10 on facebook to reach hungry people. You already have Great content what you miss is to get it in hands of more people.

Thi is one of the most effective ways to get massive traffic, get one high quality article that beats all articles in your niche, get as many people as possible to republish it on their websites. it helps you brings more traffic, establish your brand and get more exposure.

Contribute on stable platforms, ask influencers to share it with their loyal fans and followers.

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6: Video marketing is awesome:

Why people prefer video than text?

We humans like to watch videos with human faces more than videos without faces. we interact and listen to bloggers who show their faces and we like images with human faces a lot. Marie forleo Uses the 5 seconds tactic to grab attention of viewers to stay longer and listen to something they really need.  she interviews successful online authors, business owners and Entrepreneurs to discuss something that grows their lives, finances, how to get clients and much more. all her interviews are amazing. get to know her channel on youtube

Video marketing works awesome. the more videos you upload, the better chances you have to attract new visitors to your blog, products and services, remember to optimize these videos with the right keyword to obtain views over the years.

But what strategy should you put in place to attract, grow and convert.

You are the recorder, the camera is in your hand. you write and tell your story. you have to create an impact.

What i know best is to provide the absolute value in a way to create an influence and land people in your blog.

Video marketing is an incredibly simple marketing strategy to generate visitors to your blog, landing page and products.

ways to get traffic to your website

7: SEO is a long journey:

Starting a successful SEO campaign takes a bit of time. energy and effort. SEO is about writing simple content that anybody can understand, People are looking for Great content that helps them solve their problems. 

If you want to rank so well in Search engines. you have to focus on three things:

1-Pick long tail keywords

2-Write content that converts

3- Build Quality backlinks

ways to get traffic to your website

8: Build your email list:

How many times have you heard ” the money is in the list”?  

So many bloggers, business owners, affiliate marketers, authors and Entrepreneurs say it takes time to build a responsive and bigger list.  karla marie the owner of karlamariepublishing.com  started building her list and collected 10 000 in 2 months and a year later she gained 20 000 readers on her list. she did it and showed her strategies to so many bloggers and authors how to do it.

She used to think about book reviews didn’t matter and they were really hard to get. But when she started building her platform, everything became easy.

This helped her to send a newsletter to those true readers and get instant reviews.

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ways to get traffic to your website

9: Write more guest posts:

The more guest posts you write on popular sites, the more chances you have to attract more traffic. first, write a headline that creates hot curiosity and start writing an interesting introdution and main points to create an impact. 

Sometimes one Single guest post can generate you traffic over and over. Most successful bloggers have used Guest posting to Generate traffic. build awarness, create an influence and sell their products. 

When you search for Blogs in your niche. don’t ask influencers, they will reject your email. they want content that expertly optimized for conversion. they want to contribute with other influencers. they want high quality leads from trusted platforms.

Find small platforms to spread your message.

Guest posting is an incredibly simple way to gain and retain visitors, subscribers and build quality backlinks.

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ways to get traffic to your website

10: Promote your articles:

You are clueless when it comes to Marketing your articles. you say i don’t know how and where.

Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram are big drivers and even platforms like medium can help you gain visibility. you bring traffic and leads through publishing your stories.


Contact medium publications to market your articles. these publications have thousands of active followers,

They welcome authors and writers. if you have an engaging story, then contribute with them. 

11: Pay to get customers:

We all want to promote something, something that gives us customers and new cilents, and results. so if we want instant traffic, we have to pay for traffic.

When you pay people start coming to your blog. when you stop paying traffic stops coming to your blog. diversification is always a viable marketing strategy that brings you traffic from multiple sources.

Facebook, twitter, instagram, Google and Youtube are fantastic platforms to generate qualified visitors to blog or offers.

If you want quality traffic to your blog, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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ways to get traffic to your website

12: Comment on well ranked articles:

The better content you write, the more visitors and comments you bring to your blog. writing a long and detailed comment on an authority site, not only generate you a backlink but it creates brain response to convert readers to visitors.

When i am reading a blog post that has something awesome, i always read all the comments, i see people ask questions, engage, interact and add true value, and this opens a new opportunity to find new ideas for an article.

Blog commenting is an effective way to build such a social proof with readers, thrive thems have launchedthrive comment plugin that is cleaner, faster and easy to use. in a few clicks you can install it in your blog.

Bloggers, authors and Entrepreneurs when they read your frequent comments, they start responding to know who you are and what you do, and this is important because it helps you build a strong relationship to guest post on their blogs.

Blog commenting helps you find new ideas, build readership, awarness and snug new subscribers. if you are not openning your blog for commenters, if you are not attracting engaging comments, then you are not growing.

ways to get traffic to your website

13: Write content that converts:

Content is king, content is important. when you write a high converting content, you feel it in you heart and you believe your words are not like Other words because you are the writer. the pen is in your hand, the computer is in front of you and your mind is teaching you what to write about. You move from one single pharagraph to an other to write interesting stuff to entertain your readers. that’s how it needs to be. to care about your audience more than you care about yourself and show them how to do something, something that solve their problems.

  • Show something interesting
  • Give them true value
  • Serve them with something they need.

ways to get traffic to your website

14: Medium is a stable platform:

Medium is a stable platform where you discover interesting stories from authors, bloggers and Entrepreneurs. you already know that forbes, businessinsider and huffinting post are huge media outlets with millions of active readers. medium is a platform that is growing so fast. in a way lots of people write their own stories and publish them on active publications with huge following.

writers and authors used the platform to build huge email list. its a place to write your story and let people read them. remember to add a strong call to action on the bottom to capture readers personal informations. 

Write a headline that turns readers to subscribers. I love the platform because its like Guest posting, you take readers directly to your landing page where they enter their email addresses to download a free Ebook or cheat sheet.

ways to get traffic to your website

15: Build a perfect content strategy:

What i’ve seen people do to succeed online. they write content that expertly optimized for conversion. one of the best things you can do is to focus on writing high quality content and publish them persistently. people are interested in content. content is important in every single day. 

if you want to grow your blog and build a brand, you have to create an impact. you can post on high trafficked sites and you still get traffic and leads. 

Content is king and Google wants content that connects people with businesses. if you could do and build an authority Google ranks you higher on search engines.

Its prety cool thing. Content marketing is a long term strategy to gain and retain visibility. its an effective strategy, so If you are a creative writer and able to produce converting content, then use your  content to entertain and educate people. 

I believe people come into your blog and become customers in your business its because you drive tons of value. which is the key to build a strong relationship with them to sell books, products and your services.

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ways to get traffic to your website

16: Connect with influencers:

You are an internet marketer, you record videos to teach people how to blog and your friend has over 20 000 subscriber on Youtube alone.  you contact him to record a video tegether to share insightful informations, something your audience want.

You both could create such a powerful positioning in blogging industry and grow your fans and followers. you could do that through promoting that video on both Channels. People start to engage and learn from the other influencer. 

  • They subscriber to his channel
  • Watch his recent videos
  • Visit his blog and subscribe
  • Wait for his next interesting videos

The exact same thing happens when his fans and followers watch the Video. 

This is a win-win strategy for influencers. now the question is.

Are you going to put this strategy in your business to grow?

ways to get traffic to your website

17: Ask bloggers to tweet your article:

Twitter is a huge platform when it comes to tweeting stuff in any niche. whether you are in health, wealth, relationships, sports, entertainment. generally it works awesome.

Beyonce has over 14 milion follower who are active and read everything she tweets. i wish she would be able to retweet one of my blog posts. i’ ll quickly get huge engagement and retweets from others.

Unfortunately all her followers are music fans and i only want to get bloggers in my niche.

First. find a top blogger in your niche with a huge following, send him an email and ask him to tweet your blog post with his followers. 

This helps you attract and grow your twitter following.

ways to get traffic to your website

18: Engage on popular forums:

The key is to bring more traffic to your blog from relevant and popular forums in your niche. warrioforum is a community network that gives you what you need in digital marketing. it has over 1+ million active readers, bloggers, Entrepreneurs, business owners and authors. they use the platform to communicate and launch their products. they share their expertise and actionable strategies. case studies and what works for them.

If you have no traffic. start now and join warriorforum.com

  • Be active on the forum
  • Always add more value
  • Network and communicate

You might be wonderfing. ” how to get traffic using warriorforum” well. when you create an account make sure you add your blog name in signature. In oder to build an active account, you have to contribute and connect with people, answer their questions, share tools and resources, be helpful and add more value to build social proof as it is important when you launch a service or a product on the forum. 

Before someone buys from you, they see how many posts you ‘ve written since you joined warriorforum.

ways to get traffic to your website

19: Focus on building your blog:

There is no better way than building your personal brand and make a name for yourself. first, buy a domain name, write good content and start building your list from day one. It may cost you some money But its a platform where you write, publish and turn your passion into profit.

Remember. build your email list from day one, and focus on writing content that is optimized for conversion to keep readers coming.

a Blog is a platform where you write your best stuff. Its where you share content with people around the world.

You are ready now. take a massive action and serve your audience, build a business that moves you forward to make a profit. first be the servant and promote affiliate products.

How to start a blog in 20 minutes ( 7 steps ).

20: Email traffic:

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to earn pure income and send traffic to your offers, books and products. I’ m no special guy But i know email marketing is the best way to communicate with your audience.

The beauty of email, you can send unlimited amount of traffic. Having an email list is like owning a private network, you build and send traffic using service providers like awebermailchimpgetresponse and leadpages

all successful bloggers, Entrepreneurs and authors use email marketing to connect with their audiences. you can do the exact same way. 

Now, start building your list, email marketing is the most profitable channel.

All traffic sources are goldmine sources. they can bring you free traffic. instead i love email because its something i can control.

21: Add strategic opt-ins:

Its clear, When you add strategic opt-ins on the bottom of your blog post, you collect responsive leads, right? i tried this and it works. now its your turn.  When you write an epic article make sure you have a relevant Cheat sheet or Free video to snug subscribers.

I use thrive themes to build my email list. i found it easy and resposive to build a list. i highly recommend their services.

22: Social media is a big driver:

Nowadays. We have Multiple social media networks like facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin. you can add true value, Build fans and followers and attract them back to your blog.

it is a fast and easy way that works well for years. this can be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. Remember all these social networks may disappear someday. But building a responsive email list is a way to control that traffic. i would use a service provider such mailchimp or aweber and send newsletter to my subscribers and bring traffic. it helps me obtain reviews, sales and comments and much more.

If you are not building your own platforms, you are not growing your business

Use Facebook to get  ready to buy customers. 

  • Create an Ad
  • Pay to get customers
  • Target the right audience
  • Add excellent images

When it comes to creating an Ad. Successful campaign that leads to more conversion is key. focus on your audience. write headlines that create hot curiosity to increase your conversion.

23: Use Facebook ads:

Facebook is a huge platform. If you want to take your business to the next level, snug new leads, generate new customers and clients, then you need to learn how to start a profitable campaign on facebook. 

First. Give away something for free to get subscribers. strong lead magnet is the key to collect leads. all top gurus use facebook Ads because its cheaper than Google adwords. Millions of people are on facebook and people buy Products from the Platform.

24: Use pinterest to get floods of traffic:

Pinterest is a platform that helps you discover and do what you want. find people in multiple group boards and deliver your content there. i love the platform because most users are Women who are interested in what you offer. the cool thing is people are active, for a reason they come to the platform to engage and network with people.

First. join Group boards in your niche and try to provide true value.

People ask: How to find groups boards and start joining them?

Pingroupie is the only cool tool to find the most popular pinterest groups in your niche. whether you are in health niche, fitness niche, food niche or other niches.

Enter the right keyword and you will find pinterest Group boards. join the most popular goups with thousands of followers.

24: Give the absolute most value:

Over the last few years, i have listened to successful bloggers and affiliate marketers, most of them advise to provide the absolute most value to bring new leads and customers to a blog, landing page or sales page. what you need is to help others get where you are, show the the exact same strategies,, tactics and techniques, share what you know, so that they can follow your story and your advices to get the same results.

People come into your blog for a reason and subscribe for a reason, if you ask Successful entrepreneurs and bloggers what strategy do they put in place to get new clients.

The answer is by helping and providing the absolute most value. in fact your audience want to solve their problems, if you can give them the best answers, they will buy your books and products over and over.

I hope all the strategies above can help you generate traffic to your blog. focus on one traffic source, master it, learn its secrets , when it brings you new visitors and leads, move to an other platform​, do the exact same tactics and keep doing that untill it stops brining you traffic.

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