How To Create a Landing Page That Converts.

​Most people believe that the key to more sales is through having more traffic.They think when they use simple traffic generation and paid traffic, get 200, 2000 and 5000 everything will be amazing.This is not always true.I know some bloggers, affiliate marketers and freelance writers with only 300 subscribers and earn 6 figures a month. while others with over 3000 subscribers with few sales. it is not always about the numbers, its about the relationship you build with these people. are you

The Strategy To Triple Your Optins Using Lead Generation Homepage

​ The fastest way to get more opt-ins is to write high quality content and use proven Marketing tactics to reach hungry audience. Right ? The homepage is the most visited page in the blog and It has the highest conversion rate. If you study some blogs of smart bloggers and web marketers in self-help, Health and different niches, you will find out they have built a lead generation Homepage with different lead magnets. ​ Their lead magnet is different from

8 Brilliant Strategies You Can Do To Build an Audience From Scratch

​One of the most powerful ways to gain floods of visitors and readers to your blog is Through Video Marketing. when people view you and your business as a resource of knowledge they subscribe to your channel, share your video, leave a Comment and listen to your next videos.​In this article i share with you 8 Brilliant Strategies that you can use once a week to build your audience, sell your products and connect with new readers.​​Speaking in front of a

9 Proven Ways To Convert Visitors Into Leads and Clients

​ ​Believe it or not The first thing visitors do when they land in your website, They scan it by Reading Headlines, Images, Blog Design and Your incentive call to action. You Have Only 20 seconds to Capture Their attention and Make Them Stay Longer In Your Blog.In This article i share with you 10 Effective steps You should include in Your Blog Homepage and in every blog post you write and publish. These Tips have a high conversion rate through

Ultimate Guide To Gain Thousands Of Readers.

​ ​​Smart Bloggers, Authors and Writers Have Struggled With Traffic When They started out.They Get 200, 500 and 2000. They Have Been Writing On Other Blogs to Grow Their Busineses Online.Guest Posting is Still The Number One Strategy To attract, grow and Convert. It is still The number One strategy To Grow Your email List.​Forget about Tricks, and Blackhat Techniques and Softwares  The More Blog Posts you read, The more Great ideas you come up with. Please if you find a

How To Get Your First 1000 Blog Subscribers

​If You have Zero Subscribers In Your Blog then You have to focus on giving instead of Asking. start small and tell yourself i need to Get 100 subscriber instead of 1000, you will break that pschycology and you will say that is a real number to achieve in a short period of time.In This article i share with you 10 Proven Methods To Get Your First one hundred and even One thousand subscriber. ​​1-Think about Some Product You Purchased Online : You are