3 Sneaky Ways To Turn a Blog Post To More Traffic and Leads.


Do you want to grow your business online? how to drive traffic to your website,

Want to generate new leads from every article you write and publish?

Even from Guest posts

I am going to show you 3 effective ways that will absolutely help you capture new leads and grow your business.

I have read several blog posts, watched hundreds of valuable and meaningful videos and asked smart bloggers how to get more trafficnew leads and new customers. Everyone has a way and a method that works for him. But their answers ( smart bloggers ) were staggering.

Before they write any piece of content they go through important questions such as “how to serve my audience” and “how to get more customers“. then they try to improve their content marketing strategy, for some reasons it worked because they focused on writing content that expertly optimized for conversion. how to drive traffic to your website,

They grow their online businesses without buying more traffic, they could collect new leads and that cost them next to nothing, because they just make a remarkable influence. so the potential customers receive true value and this increases brand statue and gain visibility.

You should not spend time, energy and money, people come into your blog for 2 reasons. 

1. Brain awareness

Producing quality content for a community of people is not easy. But creating excellent content that tells an engaging story makes people interact with you and help you turn them from readers into prospects. when i am searching on the internet, I always click on headlines that grab my attention.

I read all the main points, if i find something interesting, i go back to the introduction and start reading. if it fails to capture my attention, then it’s likely to search other articles somewhere else. the main points for converting headlines, it leads to more conversions, more clicks and visitors.

Often people make big mistakes, they think if they produce excellent content, people will come into their blogs.

This is totally wrong. how to drive traffic to your website,

If you have the best content on the web, nobody can read it unless you use a viable marketing strategy to reach a hungry audience. you also need a stable platform and this is something we will talk about later.

Sometimes you ask yourself. why nobody subscribed….. nobody moved…. what you are missing is something called brain response.

2. Brain response

The brain starts responding positively with engaging stories and stops for a few seconds and says “WOW” this person has something good to say. there is much higher value perceived than other blog posts.

so it is worth investing some time to get something awesome……. more importantly they feel something about you in the main points of your articles and easily give you their email addresses. it’s based on true value we receive from a blog post or a book before we see a free offer.

Core Strategy

Think about this as a secret weapon, I learned this after reading excellent articles of 7-figure-online marketers. i listened to what they were saying and how they persuaded people. i started using it immediately and went from having few subscribers to more opt-ins to even more consistently.

Then started using it on well-ranked articles and saw a fantastic increase in opt-ins. it worked perfectly well.

The only thing readers remember when reading your content is a remarkable influence. how to drive traffic to your website,

 If they think the content you offered is not worth helping them to grow, they simply won’t opt-in. by contrast, if they feel you care about them more than you care about yourself, they will give you their email addresses, wait for your emails to buy your books and products.

When you focus on serving your audience with something they need, something new and unique. and share the absolute most value, they will love you.

3. Strategic Opt-ins

So many affiliate marketers and bloggers worry about using strategic opt-ins, they think if they use them may trick their audiences and collect unresponsive email addresses.

This is totally wrong. how to drive traffic to your website,

The only way to grow and turn readers into more subscribers is to provide the absolute most value in your free offer. if you are not using strategic opt-ins, if you are not writing converting headlines, if you are not persuading them, then it’s because you are not serving them.

Internet marketing is my topic and it’s never a worry to provide much higher value. it’s an effective way to grow and build a healthy business online.

You Need Media

A platform is a big driver where you discover interesting and new content every day. i think you have already seen this on media outlets on Forbes, business insider, Entrepreneur and Huffington post. these are seen as viable sources of quality.

 Now let’s be clear.

Are you able to guest post on these stable platforms?

Probably YES. how to drive traffic to your website,

 But you don’t know how.

Well. guest posting on authority sites can bring you more traffic, Boost ranking and build social proof. even platforms like medium is fantastic. the platform already got active publications with thousands of followers who read stories daily.

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