33 Tips- How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website


One of the most common questions a lot people ask on warriorforum is “how to get traffic” traffic is no more problem for web marketing masters and smart bloggers. they know it's everywhere, you just need to put free and great content in front of the right people. how to drive free traffic to your website

Today i am going to show you 33 tips on getting free and paid traffic to your blog. pick one tip, master it and stick to it. how to drive free traffic to your website

  1. Write and publish an article on medium.com
  2. Write high quality article on high trafficked website
  3. Leave long and helpful comments on well-ranked blog posts
  4. Post on Facebook groups that have real engagements
  5. Record a Video and uploud it on YouTube and major video Sites
  6. Answer people’s questions on Warriorforum
  7. Answer people’s questions on Quora.com
  8. Write a kindle Ebook and give it away for FREE
  9. Write 5 guest posts to get boatloads of traffic
  10. Write a lead magnet and collect email addresses
  11. Start building your email list by giving a free course
  12. Write excellent content on trusted websites
  13. Use pinterest platform to get FREE traffic  
  14. Create a squeeze page and drive some traffic
  15. Use facebook page to attract an audience to your blog
  16. Focus on your audience ” what not have and give it to them
  17. Provide so much value on forums 
  18. Write amazing guest posts and link to your landing page
  19. Contact Jvpartners and add your free bonus to their launches
  20. Give your product for free to online PLR members
  21. Write and submit your article to medium publications
  22. Build a list of following on medium by posting frequently

how to drive free traffic to your website

Pay to get traffic:

23. Pay $60 to add an image to your signature on warriorforum

24 .Pay $20 and launch your product on warriorfurm

25. Pay $20 to bump your offer on the forum

26. Launch a free course on the forum

27. Launch a free course on Udemy how to drive free traffic to your website

28. Connect with influencers on social media

29. Write a converting article and spend $5 on fb ads

30. Use paid traffic to get customers

31. Pay $20 on Google adwords to target buying keywords

32. Create an offer and provide tons of value in a stable platform

33. Use buysellads.com to get more traffic

how to drive free traffic to your website, how to drive free traffic to your website