Blog Subscribers: 5 Simple Ways To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

how to get my first 100 subscribers

blog subscribers

One of the toughest things for a blog owner is to acquire the first 100 blog subscribers. That can be a very challenging thing to do. Why? Because your website is new, so you have to stand out in any way that you can. It’s not going to be easy to achieve such a goal, but there are always some things to take into consideration.

Strategic opt-ins

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The good idea is to provide your customers with some free content if they subscribe. The content has to be educational or appealing. They need to be enticed by that content to share their email address. So yes, you do need to spend quite a lot of time to ensure that the results are as good as possible in this perspective.

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blog subscribers

Irresistible offer:

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If you want people to share their personal information, you do need to have a very good offer. The first thing you want to do is to see what the competition is offering as an opt-in. Then try to create something that surpasses them. The better and more irresistible the offer is, the more chances you have to acquire the email address.

Eye-catching ebook cover

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We live in a world where visuals are selling every product. So yes, if you want to obtain great results, your ebook cover has to be visually appealing. The better the quality you have, the better the experience you can get. Make sure that the ebook cover has something to do with the content too. It will just bring in a much better selling point. But you can be as creative as possible in this regard; there are no particular limits here.

blog subscribers

Drive targeted traffic

Create a marketing campaign and drive traffic directly to your website. The more traffic you have, the easier it will be to have your first 100 subscribers. The reason why you need targeted traffic is that it can be hard to gain their attention otherwise. It will be well worth the effort and investment because you can obtain hundreds of subscribers with the right campaign.

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Create pop-ups

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Some people ignore pop-ups. But for the most part they will read them,and if the content you offer is great, they will most likely subscribe to your content. It’s a very important aspect to keep in mind here, all you have to do is to make the right pick. It’s a challenge to create good pop-ups, but if you’re successful, it will be well worth the investment.

There are plenty of strategies you can use if you want to obtain subscribers. The idea is to figure out the options you can focus on and what works for you. For the most part,

the return on investment can be huge. Make sure that you constantly try out new strategies if you can.

But don’t just rush through them. Give each strategy a fair chance, as you never know when it may catch on. That’s how you may be able to obtain amazing results in the end!

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