How To Make Money Blogging

To understand the proper structure of blogging online, you need to understand the concept behind successful bloggers who make big income online such john chow, matt bacak and many other internet marketing gurus.

Anyone who has never heard of their top secrets and spent tons of time to get their advices and read content on their site to know the real success of blogging they made, so has no way to make it happen.

Newbies always go to warriorforum and ask like these questions :

  • How can i make $1000 a month ?
  • How can i make $2000 a month ?
  • How can i make $5000 a month ?

You can get different answers to these questions as every marketer will inform you with a strategy and method he is doing such ebooks, online courses, softwares, i know all this stuff works, but you have to focus on one thing and your passion to make it happen.

 That's not come over night for those bloggers who tell you how i  made... or how to get $10 000 in 30 days, you can't get into that level without investing time and money and need a perfect formula that works.

Internet marketing is the good model to make money blogging online, so it doesn't look simple as you think always work involved, behind every success there is sacrifice.

Here Are The 8 Steps involved :

  • 1. Choose A Topic For Your Blog/ Something You Are Passionate About
  • 2. k eyword Research, Determines Your Audience
  • 3.Find Quality Products In Clickbank.
  • 4.Write Unique Content 1000 or 2000 Words, Solving A Problem
  • For Example How To Lose Belly Fat In 2 Weeks
  • 5.Buy Catchy Domaine Name, So People Can Remember It.
  • 6. Join A Good Autoresponder Company
  • 7.Design A High Converting Squeeze Page
  • 8.Lead Magnet With Awesome Value
  • 9.Drive Traffic

​There are some major niches that will make you income such :

  • Weight loss
  • Dating online
  • Make money online
  • Dog training
There is a competition if you choose one of these niches, so i wrote a post about the most profitable niches that helps you choose a good evergreen niche

Keyword Research 

Evergreen niche is the way to go, you should use the power of keyword research which is necessary to determine your audience and know your community.

when you decide you like something and know about, then go for it, better than choosing a niche you don't know anything about it, never care about money when you just start, just do what you love, something that makes you happy and it bring the money later.

I would suggest you to use clickbank high converting product that comes to the market; which means many people will search for the " product review " before buying it. this kind of research doesn't need any keyword research but you should always check to know which products is the next in the market. many marketers are making good income with this strategy and same happens with youtube search engine, people type" product + reviews and listen to what value is in the product, in my view point this brings real results and income.

You should understand the importance of separating yourself from competition, getting ranking in weight loss is so hard. this is a so competitive niche and many authority sites in first page and need thousands and thousands of links to see your website through google's eyes. understanding long tail keyword to get higher rankings on relevant searches within your niche is important.

Quality Product In Clickbank 

First of all always check gravity to find high converting products, when it is over 50 that means many internet marketers are promoting it and people are buying it.

So the best way is to promote high quality product to keep in touch with your customers and sell them again. if you sell crap products you may lose them, this will take you time to rebuild a strong relationship with them.

Create Great Content 

Write regular content on your blog so people know you have new posts so they return to read on your blog. write more detailed content with case studies as people like to see results to engage.

  • Killer Headlines
  • Custom Images 
  • Screenshots
  • Solving a Specific Problem
  • Long and Specific Problem

Telling your stories help people get to know you. stories like "how i lose 7 lbs in 7 days" or "how i lost belly fat in 2 weeks". stories that produce stready stream of leads and sales.

Domain Name 

Buying a domain name and web hosting are so important to start making money online, forget about internet marketers who say you can make income without a website, yes but you should always build a brand of yourseld to get customers and sell them all the time.

  • Domaine Name 
  • Web Hosting 
  • Catchy Domaine name

Lead Magnet 

You don't know what is a lead magnet ?  it is something to give as a bribe to get their own personal informations . it should be a free report, ebook or software, something useful and offer awesome value. one of the best ways to get visitors is to offer something people really need with a strong headline, its the way to get leads.

When you give away your best stuff, clients will keep in touch and communicate with you, they feel you provide value. your visitors want something from you to give you their personal informations

Niche Market 

-Forex traders


-Weight loss

-Dating ​

Lead Magnet 

-How to forex

- how be a pro golfer 

-Lose 30 pounds in 7 days

-How to get your X back ​

​Get An Autoresponder 

Getting an autoresponder for your business is important to deliver content, value and make sales so i recommend mailchimp as it is free for 2000 clients. aweber is also great and have awsome support but its not free to use.​

Your interest is to work with the best in the market.​

​Design High Converting Squeeze Page 

When it comes to squeeze page, i prefer thrivethemes that i use on my blog, very effective and easy to use, drag and drop anything you like with their awesome plugins, no coding is involved 

The first plan is to design a high converting squeeze page and provide value as much as you can

We can't prove if a squeeze page converts or not,  and split/ testing is necessary to get High CTR

  • Strong call to action 
  • Good Design 
  • Catchy Pictures 


Traffic is lifeblood of any online business so there are different ways to get visitors to your site, so i wrote a blog post about .....Top Traffic sources

I think the whole story comes down to :

  • Great Content
  • More detailed Content
  • Organic Search
  • Providing value to visitors

Driving traffic to your blog needs a solid strategy for growth SEO that comes first to get blog visibility. then

  • -Focus on one traffic source and master it
  • -Prove that traffic source brings results
  • Repeat untill it keeps daily growth.​

​​Helpful tools to start with

Keyword Research tools :

SEO BookWordstream


Affiliate Programs/ Marketplace

Creat Great Content

Domain Names :

Leadmagnet marketplace :​

autoresponders for your online business :

High converting squeeze pages​