5 Actionable Ways You Can Do To Gain an Audience

how to get taffic to my blog

What Proven Marketing Strategies Do You Use to Build a Healthy Blog?

What Are The Online Marketing Tactics Smart Bloggers Use?

How Can I Grow My Online audience :​

The Number One Strategy is To Hold Off Writing in your Blog and Start Writing Guests Posts On Popular Blogs and on Platforms With bigger audience.

To Connect Not Collect, to Engage Not sell, To Educate and Make an Influence. Not everyone will write evergreen Content that Goes Viral, Few People Will Do to attract Subscribers.

The Key To Gain an audience :

People don't want to do The Hard work, They Want easy Things. If You want to Write an amazing Book You Can ask an author, How Long It Takes To Write Words That Everybody Understands.

It Takes Time to Be Creative To delight and Inspire Your Readers and attract new people To Your Blog. Readers Vote Positively ​When They find Much Value.  Medium Is your location, its your platform, its a Gold Mine Traffic Source to Write Your Stories To Gain loyal customers.

Building an audience doesn't happen Overnight, Doesn't happen in two weeks and doesn't in a month. But It has Become easier Than it Used to Be. We Live In a Social Media World. we Have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Medium Where You Share Your Story.

1# Build Your Platform

build an audience

Writers, speakers and authors Know that Reading a lot and Writing a lot is The best way To reach potential audience. They need a platform to spread their message, to connect and not collect, to share their best work. There is a huge opportunity for everyone, Bunch of Great Platforms to establish your authority, wordpress, facebook, twitter and instagram…etc

But It is not easy to focus on all these Platforms, Pick one, master it, learn its secrets Then Move to an other To Get more Visibility and Grow Your Business.

You can’t see response Unless You share Your Message with The right people. They are Somewhere else. ALL You have to do Is to Give People something amazing in Several Platforms and Give them a Chance to Visit Your Blog.Your Mission is to Build That Long term Connection, Your Purpose is to build your Brand, visibility, knowledge and Bring The right people to The right Place.

You can’t have Success Unless You write Great Guest Posts On Other Popular Blogs and Give People a Chance to read your content. When They Read They Have To Find amazing Content with massive lead magnet. The More pages You have The More Opportunities You Get. The More Pages You Give To Google The More Visibilty You Get.

Start With medium where many Writers authors and Speakers Share Their Own Stories. Where They Connect and Make an impact, Where They delight and Inspire.

2# Learn How To Be a Good Writer :

how to build an audience

The Best Way To Become a Good Writer is To make reading Your Daily Habit Get More Knowledge, have The right Mindset In Topics You are Passionate about. If iam Going to Write about Fitness I have to Read several Blog Posts, Listen to Several podcasts and Watch More Videos, Your mission is To Provide Valuable Informations to your audience. Writing Simple words Helps you establish a good relationship with your readers.

3# Write At Least 10 amazing articles :

Think About That You have Written Good Guest Posts On Popular Blogs and Platforms, at the end of Every article You write and Publish, You add Your Bio so That People Click ad Visit Your Blog. 

Right ?

When They Land in Your Blog. They Find No Interesting Headlines, Not enough Content and No call To Action. You are Missing a Lot

Writing amazing Content On Both Platforms Helps You Establish Yourself as a Smart Blogger, You educate, Give , Support Share and Provide Something Readers Need. 

There are Some Factors That Can't be Divided, You Have To Give More to Get More.

I would Spend More Time To write Simple Content To Stand Out.

4# Learn How to Do Headlines


​When I am Searching On Google I always Enter a Keyword and Read Headlines that Capture my Attention and descriptions that Have Good Informations. I always Want To get The Best articles To solve My Problems. If You are a smart Blogger Then You Know Headline is The most interesting Thing to Get Clicks Before a visitors.

if You Don't captivate Visitors with Your Headlines, You Might Never Give Them a Chance to Read Content. Headline is To Your success to Get More Clicks.

Nowadays Days Its easier To get Floods of Visitors Tour Blog Once You Know How to Do Headlines Using Social media Platforms to Bring Visitors To Your Blog.

The perfect Headline To Get More People is to Write More Than Ten Words. You Need to Convince Readers to Click. Using Numbers, Power words and More than Ten words Help You a lot to convince People to Subscribe To Your Funnel and Even Sell Your Products.

Medium is an interesting Platform to See How Professional Bloggers and Successful entrepreneurs Write Interesting Title to Get more Clicks.

It is Simple

For  Instance :

2 Strategies To Grow Your audience Super Fast

How To Rank Your Web Page On Google and Get Foold of Traffic Without Spending a Dime​

These Two Headline examples are not enough to Learn How to Do Headline But I have Written a Lead magnet in which I Explain How To Write Super Headlines That Get You The Most Click

5# Pay Attention To Your Call To Action

Stop Hoping People will Want to Get Your Offer When You Provide a Poor Call To action. There is a Big difference Between Writing 3 Words and Ten Words. There is a Difference Between Writing " Join My Newsletter " and Writing Power Words That Persuade Readers. Our Task Is To Show People We Have Something amazing For Them and Give Them a Chance To Obtain it.

How To Get Traffic To My Blog

How To Get Traffic To My Blog