5 Powerful Tips For Writing Compelling Blog Posts

how to write a blog post

​If you want to bake a cake, you need eggs, choclate, oil, sugar.......etc   to make a tasty cake 

The same happens ​ when you write a good blog post. in this article i share with you 5 tips, you should have to write a perfect blog post and attract most readers.

1- Headline ​:

When iam searching on the web, i always click on headlines that grab my attention. many viral websites use click-bait headlines to make people click and read content. in this image i show you an example and let you choose which headline you mostly like to click.


I think You Chose Number 3, Because i used strong word "SECRET​ "

When you spend 2 days to write a Great blog post and spend sometime to make sure you have a catchy headline so that 9 of 10 people can read that content.

2- Image ​:

image is thousand times faster than words, we are visual creators, we like colors and human faces. these two factors make the most difference. you can have the best content on the web but if you don't have compelling headline and image, then you won't have more clicks.

When iam on social media, i always click on headlines that have numbers and catchy images. those pro marketers, make me feel i want to read whatever they say, they share their stories, and use proven marketing tactics that make you take action.

3- Keyword Phrase :

Give people a reason to find you, targeting long tail keywords is the first step to be found on the search engine and generate organic traffic, the second is to write good headlines that differentiate you from other competitors to get more visitors. this is how you stand out from the crowd.

​4-  Quality Content

​When you start writing a piece of content, don't think you will write science fiction. just simple content that everybody understands, focus on solving a specific problem; Give readers value, it is a way to convince them to come back ultimately to your blog to read more again and again.

5- Clear Message :

now i understand that, if i want to have the most clicks to my blog posts, then i have to understand my readers. 

  • What makes them click on my blog posts ?
  • What they like to see ?
  • What they want to read ?
  • How can i capture their personal informations 

​I think these are powerful tips you need to implement to have visitors and more leads. i can't say content is enough to engage with you vistors but i would say, you need to implement all These 5 Powerful tips to see results.