How To Promote Clickbank Products


​When i knew about clickbank products and affiliate marketing online, i started reading several blog posts, watching youtube videos and asking questions on forums and quora to get better answers.

Might get some magical ways and methods from case studies of successful entrepreneur who had success with clickbank and other online stores.

I wanted to understand how to promote clickbank products and make my first sale online. so i can make it easier. after reading and learning the basics before any advanced techniques, i know that building your audience is the first step to start making money with clickbank. business is about building relationships with your tribe. this will determine your struggle.

Once you have a tribe of readers who visit your affiliate links and watch your video reviews, then you can make some sales.but you need a proven way to make consistent sales. right ?

Start a blog

I have written a blog post about how to start your blog online and promote any offers. it becomes easier when you build your own blog. and write high quality content to make readers engage with your content and make them engage with you. afterwards you can master how to build your target audience for that content. if you have good seo campaign then you attract organic traffic, if not better use social media and build your followers. we will talk about social media later and how touse it perfectly well.

How I Started My Blog Online. And How You Can Start Your Successful Blog Online Too

Without Spending a Dime On Facebook Ads.

Everyone wants to make passive income from clickbank. you can start small and learn how to start successful campaigns. I was blown away when i watched videos and sales pages of marketers making huge money twenty thousand dollar a month. running successful campaigns, selling high converting products.

if you want to do that you have to choose products in these three niches, MMO, dating and health.You know product owners make huge money every month. how they has a great idea that converts well. launched their product and empowers affililates by high pay out to promote their product.if you create your own product, you will make more money than afffiliates. i know this work, don't as an affiliate before you launch a product.

How To Increase Your Visibility Online. Social Media Strategy

Define Your Target Audience :

Before selling any product, you should know what people are selling· Do they have money to spend· Do they Buy products online ?Now you know which clickbank products converts well and techniques you can use to promote them, i will also go deeper to explain you ways to promote these clickbank products later in this topic.

there are two ways free and paid promotions, we should ignore paid traffic since you are newbie. and focus on free traffic. since google is a long journey and pretty hard to rank a competitive keyword. you need to choose a long tail keywords to rank better in search engines.but our main focus should be Social media. like facebook, twitter and youtube.there are billions of users in these big sites, these sites helped small businesses increase their revenue online. and i can see that they invest less and make more. facebook still cheap target and has millions of users.

How I Added 1000 Targeted Twitter Followers

how i went from zero to 10 000 targeted twitter followers

What Are The Most Profitable Niches in Clickbank ?

There are hundreds of niches to choose from. i beleive go where competition is that where money is made. and never be afraid to fail. if you see marketers promote venus factor product then they are making good money from it. using ppc and banner ads.Kepp in mind there are some profitable niches that no body cover in their promotion list, that nobody cover in their promotion list. which is easy for you to do well.

  • Health and fitness
  • E-business and E-marketing
  • Make Money Online 
  • Cooking and Food
  • Self-Help
  • Sport Golfing

​know What To Promote :

Define your target audience, use keyword planner to know how many people search for that product. people want to read reviews before buying any product. if you write good review site then you make some sales from that.


​Is it possible to make one thousand dollar a month from clickbank?

The answer to this questions would be


if you have an audience to market to them all the time. building your community using twitter and facebook is great decision. start attarcting 100 follower before building huge followers list. it takes time to build your large tribe. keep consistent work and deliver value. nobody follow you unless you have something in return, keep helping the community and listen to their needs. they gonna tweet your stuff and your followers numbers increase dramatically.​

When I started Blogging Online i didn't know what is a domain name, web hosting or even install wordpree But i started learning The basics before any advanced strategies. Then Figured out how to write Good Blog Post. Purchased several Products But Gsniper Was awesome Product Which Thought me To start a blog from scratch, Create Content and Strategies to Get Traffic. Learning new techniques will help you stand out in the market....

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How to take your blog from zero to hero 

with these 4 powerful short-cuts


how to promote clickbank products


Clickbank is very popular affiliate program to online marketers, it has given a big opportunity to digital marketers to ean good commissions, these commissions range from 5O% to 75%. all the products in the marketplace are digital, you pay for the item and get it in time no shipping services are required.


Clickbank allows you to promote any product and get a commission, Let me explain it in more details to understand this business. when you pick and sell a product for $30, you get $20 as a commission and $10 for the product owner.


I am going to show you how to start and generate full income while working few hours each week and why not start living the internet lifestyle the gurus are enjoying.

Please don’t be shocked by anyone showing you daily, weekly and monthly earnings, making money online needs time, some hard work, patience and why not a mentor, clickbank is not something you can do overnight.

How to sign up with clickbank  :  

how to promote clickbank products


Click on sign up on the right side of the website and fill out the form, when its done click on the marketplace above and have a look at all niches.

Always focus to help and educate the buyer

you should help and solve the prospects problems, before promoting the offer, study the sales page or purchase the product before recommending it to others, focus on serving others and focus on building a strong relationship to sell again and again. offer the best solution and make sure this can help even new people in the internet marketing.

Make money with clickbank :

When you join clickbank you immediately start generating good commissions, click on the marketplace on the top of the homepage, then several niches appear on the left side of the site.

Most clickbank products convert better than others, check gravity before promoting any kind of products, when it is over 20 it means it converts and people are buying the product, newbies to clickbank affiliate program don’t know how to promote these products.

Look at the marketplace on the left side and look at hot products and sales page sometimes a sales page with video introduction converts like crazy because you grab the attention of the reader, select these products with high gravity and video then start making money.



Gravity shows a general idea whether a product converts or not, which means how many affiliates made money from selling that  specific product.

We expect sale if the gravity is over 50%. there are people who promoted that and many purchased from these affiliates. if you really want to earn money, you should focus on gravity, it doenst’ have to be very low, which means the product doesn’t convert. always hight gravity means there is a market.

Create a Website :

Once you had a full understanding of clickbanking, you need to create your own site and start blogging on the niche you know about, write better and detailed content, content that converts, optimize your site with search engines, choose the right keyword and quality backlinks to rank higher, use social media, video marketing, guest posting, and blog commenting to generate traffic to the product page.

Start with the sidebar links, insert clickbank product link on the homepage of your blog, sometimes visitors may not buy from you because they want someone to trust, they need to be educated first.

Capture visitors email  addresses this allows you to educate and help them, build a strong relationship by driving valuable informations such content, videos, webinars, ebooks before sending them to the sales page, so you sell them again and again.

Drive highly targed traffic :

Website without traffic is going to make you no sales at all, traffic is lifeblood of any online business, not all traffic is equal, you need targeted traffic to generate leads then sales.

you completely want your visitors to join your list to educate and help them then promote offers you like the more subscribers you have and value you drive the more money you make. focus on serving people.

Video Marketing :

Video marketing has become one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website, youtube has made it easy for marketers to upload their videos and capable to share them with others.

One of the easiest free ways to promote clickbank products is to upload a product review and include an affiliate link so viewers can see and check the link when they buy  you get a commission.