“The Ultimate Guide” To Gain 10 000 Readers, Numbers Work Well Within Communities

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You have spent much time setting up your blog, writing several blog posts, designing attractive images, and Probably you have reached 20 articles then noone reads that content because of competitive keywords you were targeting for natural traffic. So you need to build consistent backlinks to see results in a long journey. SEO takes Time to see results.

After three months you are seeing some natural traffic from Google because of Good SEO campains of low competitive keywords, But The traffic you are Generating is not enough, each article generates few visitors.

You Want More ?

Right ?

If you want to attract audience you need to know where your community is. Then use a proven marketing tactic to reach them. It is so simple .

I will share with you How to Do it .

Numbers can work well :

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ all these social platforms have groups and communities where they ask questions, post webinar, videos, content and free pdf to gain audience.

Facebook Groups

Linkedin groups,

Google+ Groups

Twitter Accounts

Targeted Forums

Blogging Communities

Quora answers

Here are some helpful blog posts

You want to do the same but don’t know how ?

You need a better strategy that moves you to gain those visitors. Right ? and to do that you have to provide step by step guides to see Great Results, you need to offer something better than others,

Three Spectacular Traffic Sources that Gets you Traffic

If you are ranking in Google with a specific keyword and you didn’t offer Great Content Then visitors will go to your competitors. Right ? Your Competitors have worked 20 hours or One Week to produce fresh content that gets in hands of many, blog post that get shared, tweeted and Bring more subscribers.

When iam Searching in Google i always look for headline that grab my attention and i also read description, if it has something iam looking for then iam in. when you are browsing any website you always click on blog post that has compelling headline, that's why you need to focus on people's emotions. and what they read first before they click

Define Your Community :

We will start with facebook Groups and then We Create a steady strategy to target those members,

if you want to make yourself engaged choose only 3 Facebook Groups and keep posting, good content and answers, be helpful, the group admin wants to keep his community active and if you are able to highlight them then there is a space for you and the admin will award you later for that. If you try to post spamy links then the group is not for you, everybody wants to post links, if we all do, guess what happens. The group becomes like a ghost town. No engagement, no answers, no help, no activity at all.

Offer a Lead Magnet

When you feel you are engaged in the community and answerd several questions and helped a lot of people then contact the admin and ask him or her that you want to higlight the community by sharing your lead magnet.

The Game is at the end of Your Lead magnet, make sure you add a free bonus, strategy or something of value at the end of your ebook When they reach the end of ebook, they find your free bonus and decide to Join your email list. How awesome is that ?

To do that you have to be active in the Group and share what you have, nobody follows you unless you have something in return.

Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a bit different in this Process But i can help and let you know. It all deponds on how many followers you have, There are some tools to add targeted twitter followers.

You need to Use Tweepi and manageflitter

I am using them daily to increase my twitter followers add readers to my blog posts and offers.

Let’s get started

Use tweepi to follow at least 100 people everyday as the time passes you will generete enough followers in your twitter account, when you read 1000 targeted followers then think of posting your lead magnet and do the same thing as facebook group strategy.

Free bonus should be at the end of your ebook, it has to be quality pdf

If you are in a hurry contact someone in same interest who owns 20 000 TWITTER followers and ask him to tweet your lead magnet or blog post with his community, this Builds you quick reach and you will see huge traffic from this strategy.

Get to know people, build a partnership, offer help and then ask ; if they rejected your offer, contact others, contact at least 10 people probably you receive a response from two people.

Here is a Blog post i have written about twitter marketing strategy.

Blogging Communities :

blogging community
blogging communities

​I think you are familiar with Blogging communities, so how do you stay hamble in the level of Getting so many people. so how do you balance yourself in reaching these blogging communities, i think every smart blogger wants to Get more audience.

There are two options you need to do to reach these communities

  • High quality content will take you beyond any number of readers, if you write Good content, influential bloggers accept your guest post.
  • Contact the community admin and ask him for a partnership to write valuable content .

Ask Better Questions To Get Better Answers :

how to use quora

Not many people had figured out how to use Quora Properly, answering questions is not enough, you need to provide better answers to let people know you are a value deliver. it is still easy to get your answers in hands of many people, and what i love about this 70 million traffic source. you Get views even to your old answers. There is a chance to get more audience to your blog.

You Only Need to figure out how to Get more Traffic from This Free Traffic Source and I am Here to share with you a Better Strategy that is interesting.​

Quora is a fantastic network and has the potential to drive massive traffic to your blog. i have been using quora a year ago and iam seeing visitors to even my old answers.

In these short lines i share with you the one strategy you can use to gain readers to your blog.

Let's Get started

F​ind Quora answers that are ranked so high in Google Search Engine, answer questions that have multiple answers from smart bloggers, this means there is a potential to reach more targeted audience, who are looking to solve their problems.

Actionable Strategy​ :

​Write long and detailed answer better than your competitors, this will open up more exposure to your business. add a clickable link leads to your blog. make a choice when people land in your blog they have to find Good Stuff, if you provide what they need, that means you generate more leads when you have strong call to actions.

​You can use Quora search bar to find popular questions with good answers, when i search on quora i always look for top trafficked questions and ensure there is enough traffic after following similar topics.

A​ question that has at least 1000 visitor, has a lot to do with. it can bring more people to read and view your website.

quora answers

Provide Better Answers :

It is necessary to find popular answers in your niche and write your best answers, this determines you have Something to Give to the community. the answers will bring you more views and upvotes, the more upvotes you have the near top you Get on Quora.

Guest Post in Forums :

Numbers have gone way up, when you consider writing an article with enormous value to readers in a relevant forum of community expect to reach thousands once you believe what you write is fantastic

You have been writing and answering questions, but never thought about the main reason people bookmark you as a smart blogger. you have been writing some guest posts in popular blogs to attract audience and it seems you need to open your business for new channels.

Forum marketing is same process, every forum has thousands of active users, it gives you time and space to connect with new readers, so you need a better strategy to reach these users and the best is to provide articles that offer enormous value, value makes people follow your business, value makes you sell your products. if you do so people will bookmark you as smart marketer.

​When people read your long and detailed article, they check your signature to know who you are and what you offer, then they like to join your tribe for other good stuff.

  • Write at least 5 articles that help and educate the community
  • Your signature is very important in the forum. you will lose 60% if you didn't add your landing page.
  • Answer several questions, Give better answers.
  • If you add spamy links then nobody will connect with you, avoid spam and deliver value.

Forum Signature :

I noticed that When you Write Something Good For forum Readers, people pay attention to click on your signature and see what you offer, in this point you have more chances to make them join your tribe.

Articles that are Very helpful with Compelling Headlines such :

  • 5 StrategiesTo Increase Your Twitter Followers
  • How To Generate Traffic To Your Offers For Free
  • How To Make Money Online With Little Money

You need to consider what people need and Create it for them to gain results.

They want to know who you are and what services you offer. the main reason they check your signature is related to the value you offer in every article you post for the community.

Click here to download... 5 Strategies to Grow Your audience

Social Media Marketing :

buzzfeed media

Some people complain while it is easy to build your tribe in social media. Building a community Requires you nothing while there are easy tools in the market. If you dream big to increase your twitter followers to 200 000, it is Great But you need to start small before any Big numbers and using advanced strategies. Focus on 1000 twitter followers then 10 000 i used tweepi and manageflitter tool to Gain targeted twitter followers to my profile;

Now iam at 6000 and it all started slowly.The same happened for facebook, i haven't used facebook ads But i spent time learning a proven marketing strategy to Gain fans. i found out that helping, giving, posting and sharing makes you have an impact to gain Good results from the communiy. You need to ask yourself how much time do you spend on social media ? Most people don't recognize that you are working more hours to come up with the best tactics to grow your business.

You need to build your brand and Build your tribe. and keep consistent on that to grow your audience. and the only way to reach that is to provide massive value. Probably content, cheat sheet, Videos, Webinars, Or Ebooks. work is involved in this process.

Twitter Marketing Strategy :

You need to think outside of the box to come up with Good Marketing tactics. To Build your twitter followers and readers for your blog will take some time. you need to choose an influential blogger in same niche with 20 000 twitter followers, ask him to tweet your best blog posts that relates to same interest. guess what happens when he tweets your article, your blog skyrocket with new visitors and the only tactic you need is to have a strong call to action to capture those readers, give them a reason to let them go back to your blog.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Attract The Right Audience To Your Blog :

High quality content Gets in hands of many people, and to create that you need to spend 20 hours to Creat Great article then spend more time promoting it across social media sites, twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ ....etc

Imagine Arnold schwarzengger tweets your blog post with his community, he has over 3 million follower and even one tweet would bring you huge traffic. But you need to define your prospects and message people in your interest, 100 targeted people is more better than thousands of fake visitors.

Expect to Get rejected when you contact peopele to tweet your blog posts, if you contact 10 smart bloggers expect to receive 2 or 1 response. that seems normal. write Great headlines to get more clicks to your website, Design attractive pictures, image is thousands times faster than words. tweeting in the evening has the highest conversion rate. people are free to check their social media profiles.

Delivering massive value make people engage and interact with you that's why i always focus on providing Good stuff to the community. if you can do this expect Good results.

Use Buffer To Save Time


Buffer social media tool. many people have joined buffer, this cool social media management tool made things easy to distribute blog post across social media channels, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ ... etc it helps you schedule posts when you are busy or out of computer

It allows you to improve your credibility and reach your consumers in an easy way.

website traffic

website traffic