Pay To Get Customers

Maybe you are like me and you just love free Traffic instead of paid traffic.

So many affiliates and bloggers want to get as much as traffic to sell their offers and earn commissions while smart bloggers earn lots of cash from free and paid traffic.

They built their online statue and fame in front of communities with so much struggle.

They have shifted their focus on the most important thing which is content marketing.

Content is king and content is important. If you want traffic, write content that expertly optimized for conversion, people are going to come to your site,

that’s the ultimate answer. Bloggers want traffic but they are not going to sacrifice anything.

Free traffic is easy when you hold off writing on your own blog and guest post on stable platforms and you definitely solve a specific problem.

If you go to “Udemy” or “Warrior forum” you will find lots of business owners and marketers sell their own courses, teaching free traffic strategies and how to benefit from social media, they know people are looking for ways to grow their blog traffic and willing to pay to learn.

So, if you purchased some online courses or EBooks, then you have heard and accomplished some ways and methods like email traffic, blogging, social posting and YouTube marketing.

Readers, fans, followers and subscribers are already out there in the market. Large media publications have millions of active and daily readers. Stable platforms have more daily readers. You just need to present good but good, good content. Because the whole web is about consuming content.

It’s about delivering the right message to the right people and put something awesome on the table to let them leave where they are and join your community.


While paid traffic is easy when you have money to spend on campaigns. You could pay and get clicks and when you stop paying, traffic stops coming to your blog.

In a moment you can log in to your facebook account, start a successful campaign and drive massive traffic. You could target the right people at the right time with the right Ads.

Moreover, you can track your own campaign and bid on more keywords to get the most traffic and generate as many leads as possible.

Free traffic is a long- term strategy. But it works so Great when you set a successful SEO campaign targeting low volume keywords.

If you want to reach more customers and build a successful business, you have to strategically bring the right strategy to your online business and share the absolute

Most value. It could be through content marketing or Pay money to get customers and make certain for every $1 you invest in ads, you get $2 back.

Big brands like Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart used to spend millions of dollars on Ads to get customers and grow their businesses more and more rapidly. Now Amazon has over 1 million affiliates on their store that sends them more traffic and customers.

You need to invest and capture that traffic to automate your business and re-invest the money you make to grow exponentially because it’s very hard to make a million

Dollar with free traffic unless you figure out a way to give a million dollar worth of value to your customers. That’s a serious answer.

I think you should offer tons of value to build a customer’s list, get fans, followers and ideal clients. You can grow and scale your online business by focusing on paid traffic

And more importantly capture that traffic. It’s like building your own Traffic network and send an unlimited amount of traffic whenever you want.

  • 1- Paid Traffic Source: Pinterest 
  • pinterest ads

    If you want targeted traffic, you can buy it from a reliable source of traffic. Pinterest is a more powerful platform than all social media sites, it’s better than Facebook, It’s better than Twitter and it’s better than all social media sites.

    It’s designed to share your stuff with other people and build a huge following in a few days. You can set up your campaign and select your objective. You might want Awareness,

    Drive traffic, get leads, get a conversion or video views. This traffic source is a stable platform and still cheap.

  • 2- Facebook ads: $5 a day
  • facebook ads

    Facebook is the largest social traffic source in the market now. So many business

    Owners, Entrepreneurs and small businesses use Facebook to drive social traffic to

    their online stores and websites. Big brands and startups pay to get customers.

    If you are on a budget and want to drive targeted traffic to your online business, you

    can invest in your campaigns to reach more potential customers.

    3. YouTube: Online Video Advertising

    youtube ads

    YouTube is the second largest search engines after Google and it’s a goldmine source of traffic with millions of views each day. Many of us use YouTube to find a solution to our problems, it could be to install a plug-in, cook food, design a blog…etc and many never thought about Using YouTube to drive targeted traffic.

    Viewers watch, listen and vote. If your videos are boring nobody is going to subscribe to your channel and listen to your next talks. If your Videos are great and you create a stunning impact, you will attract and build a community.

    There are some tips to start a good campaign on YouTube. You only have 20 seconds to capture viewer’s attention. If you could present and show them a unique opportunity, they will click and visit your funnel or website. If you fail to capture their attention, you will fail to get views and traffic.