A Little about me  

Hey, I am no special Guy, I am the founder of incomeinday.com where i write blog posts and share what i know with the community, I am an Englishman at heart, but lives in Morocco.

The internet is my breath, a way to share my passions, i do the work because i love it to communicate and write what i feel will add value to people.

In 2017 i started my first little website in internet marketing ncihe, when i started blogging i didn't have a goal, i didn't have money and i didn't have proper knowledge, i borrowed some money to buy a domain name as i felt i havd a good idea and it will work easily.

I always heard people say" the money is in the lis" and i started working hard to build a list, i couldn't but i didn't understand how to excute it. i spnt much money on courses, info products and tools to discover the sicover web marketing masters hide from us

I said i am going  to find a way to generate leads each day and my goal was to find a goldmine source of traffic and drive at least 100 visitor to my funnel and convert at least 30% to leads, i thought if  get 20 a month, i can attract more if i learn about copywriting.