Why Solo Ads Don’t Work For You

solo ads

When it comes to solo ads every marketer think its the fastest way to build your customer base and sell your products. and some bloggers don't know where to find reliable sellers to buy these packages. well i think before buying any solo ads you need to ask them these questions.

Can i buy solo ads from you ?

How many active subscribers do you have ?

What is your average open rate ?

How much is your solo ad ?

I think it is simple and clear to have an idea about the seller before taking any action.​

Let's do the math

​5000   solo ad = $100

5000 /5  =1000 % 10 =100

5% email open rate  and 10% CTR

100 x 02 =  10 sales $ 47 = $470

​Solo ads work awesome when you have your own product and works also good when you promote high quality products that converts well.

​Let's take a look in this headline clearly 

It says Copy and Paste My..... it looks easy 

Right ?

But we don't know how much he spent on that campaigns to get that amount of income

Sometimes they say the truth on forums ' how i got.....'

They say i spent $1000 and earned $2000 

Now we know how much is the profit .

We still don't know what kind of tools they used, for CPA marketing tracking is so important to know what you are doing.

So visitors see this product costs only $9.95 and make that huge income

​How Amazing is that ?

For sure not all visitors are going to take action without  product copy review

And you may ask yourself 

Why this guy making this huge amount of money and selling his product cheaply.

Well there are two answers :

  • Sell it to help others do the same and be successful
  • Sell it and make enough money to invest in an other business. and take his business to te next level.

Imagine you bought this product and the vender guides you in the pdf to invest money to get customers 

Let's assume that 

You buy solo ads  and the conversion rate has to be high in your squeeze page 

so how many visitors you need to make that sales. many will join but won't purchase first time. probably not ready for that. But they will in the future

Just keep providing awesome value and treat them well so they will buy from you.