Why Google Doesn’t Like You

why google doesn't like you

I Believe that writing content is not about search engine or what google likes to see, it was always about connecting businesses to people and communities.

And to make that happen you need to know what customers need to hear 

Write content for people not SEO :

Google loves great content and google always ranks sites with the best informations. because google is thinking like human and believes in massive value.

When someone types a keyword on google and start reading your blog post and didn't find what he is looking for, he will move to your competitors site on first page, probably your content only contain targeted keywords :

  • You didn't provide detailed and long blog post
  • You didn't write for people just search engines
  • You didn't connect to get customers 

If you spend more time adding more content on the page that ranks first page, you will give a chance to visitors to stay on your blog 

  • Read your long blog post 
  • Engage and interact with you 
  • Go back because you drive massive value

So google has never changed. sites on first page are always are on first page not only because of backlinks but 

Because of great content that connects businesses to people, i mean sites with many pages.

Reinventing yourself is the key to success, you need to know what people need to read.

For instance :

Share your story and see how people interact  and engage.

If your story is about your business and success it will get into people's head, they will share it with their friends and followers why because you have added something customers love to read.

share your story

Providing value :

You will be always happy if you focus on building your brand and forget about ranking or traffic and make sure every blog post you deliver to the market add more value, invest in your mind to write content marketing because if you can't read your can't write.

Build a social tribe that add more trust and social proofs to your business when people like what you write, so that you believe you have a business that connects businesses to people.

Some people are generating 500 visitors a day and more to their blog , and ask this question.

Why iam not getting any sales with this traffic ?


I can give you a better anwer to this better question

you were writing for google not for businesses to people, yes   you were identifying keywords in content that rank your site higher in search engines, you have not been able to demonstrate your credibility of educating, solving a specific problem, entertain them and make them learn what you write to let yourself establish a strong relationship, so they like and trust what you always write for them.

There is a major thing you need to focus on :

  • Write Great content that connects businesses to people 
  • Respect Rules of search engines
  • Add Massive value in content 
  • Write Compelling headlines to capture people's attention
  • Write More detailed and long articles