What Is The Best Place To Advertise On ?

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I want to share with you the best place to advertise on and get in front of millions of customers with any business, people used to do PPC google adwords to target their specific market, and still get a lot of search and sales on google and doing extremely well, but because of prices are getting higher to target specific markets, people look for the cheapest source with highly targeted buyers.

People have made Good success joining facebook marketing. it is one of the best places to advertise on right now, its goldmine source with millions of users everyday, you can target age , gender, locations and much more.

To generates sales you have to go through facebook, look at affiliates making huge profits selling t-shirts online with facebook targeting the right people with the right ad at the right time. teespring has made it easier for internet marketer to make easy income online.

Target facebook adverts :

you can get targeted traffic and get sales from your blog by reaching the right community of people on facebook.

How to choose the right audience on facebook

You have the ability to target the right people that you feel are the right customers to your business this  helps you get in touch with users with mobile, laptops and tablets. with facebook targeting you spend less money which is more cheaper compared with google adwords, bing and other traffic sources.

Location :

You can reach people by country, state, city and poste code. for instance if you own an internet marketing business, you can target people who live in UK or france.

Demographics :

You have the ability to target gender, age, relationship and education. for instance online beauty store can target women at age of 19-45.


Facebook is a very powerful network of advertising targeting the right people. there is a great potential to make good money online using the power of facebook, testing is important, delivering the right offer to the right audience with the right ad is also important to get sales.