How To Promote Clickbank Products Using Twitter

Let me show you a specific technique you can use to promote clickbank products using twitter. ....twitter tricks

I am not going to tell you there are 33 ways to promote clickbank products, all i can do is to let you focus on one thing that works and get you in hands of targeted people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

It is easier while you educate and teach them and post affiliate links of high quality products that can help them get rid of their problem or grow their businesses.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Choose High Converting Product from clickbank marketplace. choos a product from these niches. health, wealth and fitness.
  • Record a Video Review about the Product
  • Go To twitter search bar and type your keyword phrase
  • Find targeted visitors who are willing to buy from you
  • shorten your affiliate links using

Here is the whole process you need to follow; it is simple like A, B

If you are unable to create a review video, then fiverr is the right place to hire freelancer who creates a video for you. 5 bucks will get you a video in a short period of time.

This technique has made people many sales using only video reviews and jvzoo products, you will see results when you implement this by taking massive action.​

Instructions you need to follow

step 1:

Sign in with your twitter account and go  then type specific keywords like :

twitter advanced search
  • I want to lose weight fast
  • i want to make money online 
  • i need to lose weight

promote clickbank products

You will come up with lots of people searching that keyword to find answers.

how to promote clickbank products

Now you have a list of targeted prospects, we mean opportunities to write a good reply, we have to focus on writing a compelling reply and make these readers engage with that products.

here is a reply you need to write

let me know in comments what you think about this trick using twitter.