Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy That Grows Your Audience

​How to get someone with large twitter followers tweet your blog post.

​So, you've got a great blog, but you really don't have audience ?

You're not alone. That's why we've created this free twitter strategy to teach you how to get readers.

twitter marketing strategy

If you have Great content in your blog and nobody reads that content, then find an influencial blogger in same niche with 40, 000 twitter followers and ask him or her to tweet your article, you just need a strong call to action in your blog to capture those readers.

Twitter marketing plan is simple :

  • Write a good Blog post
  • Tweet it with Followers
  • Get retweet by other followers
  • Gain More Targeted Followers

It seems easy when you read how someone got 20 000 follower and follow their techniques to gain same results. but since you don't have a community this tactic i share with you help you get visitors and increase twitter followers.

Step 1 :

Create an ebook

not all ebooks are equal, a book titled with numbers convert more better, for example " 5 strategies to grow your business" if you are giving a compelling informations to highlight a community then you are in the right path.

70 % of sales are made in store. You need to know what is the main thing that makes people join your tribe. Give them a high converting lead magnet with strong call to action, and they will join you

Step 2 :

Find successful bloggers with same interest who attract a lot of followers check their 10 latest blog posts to know what they tweet with the community to understand what to write about before contacting them.

Step 3 :

Make a better reach by delivering massive value. nobody follows you unless you have something in return, if you want to increase your twitter followers, give them a reason to follow you.

​Imagine beyonce tweet your blog post with her community.

Guess what happens

Your website Gets flooded with visitors.

But the problem you are not getting targeted followers, you need to define your target market.​

Beyonce has over 14,5 million twitter followers and even one tweet from her could bring you massive traffic within 24 hours, this is the power of building a community.

twitter followers

I don't think beyonce tweets your blog post.​ i think she will if you own a blog in fashion, entertainment and music.

If you are in social media, internet marketing niches then i make it easier for you to contcat these influencial marketers with targeted audience.

Kim Garst, John Chow, Chalene Johnson​

Make your Message clear:

One special way to do this is to say that the message is going to highlight the community, they find it useful to get some important informations, features to add to their blog or some tools to use to grow their businesses.

Attract the right people from the community :

We can't ignore small things as they are big in people's eyes.before creating that content, you should know that headline and images can make you win or fail to get readers.

Headline becomes more effective when you use numbers and specific words such, right now, 3 ways, How to...

Image is thousands times faster than words, spend more time to design an attractive picture

You have to know how to write headlines and design Good images that grab people's attention ! this should be before you contact any influencial blogger to tweet your stuff.

Expect to fail when other people tweet your blog post. just make sure you are sending them the best of your content, and they are tweeting your blog post at the right time to get more clicks and visits.

lisa thompson owns over 20 000 twitter followers, i contacted her to tweet my blog post about social media, she then accepted because it hightlights her community and the tweet was not in the right time and didn't get many visitors to the blog or retweets.

twitter followers

Tweeting in the evening is the best time to get readers. evening is always the best time to get engagement and traffic, and its the time in which people are free to read and check their emails.

You Create and You Own when you deliver Massive value.

Noone Stops you when you Have amazing stuff to share with his or her community.

The only thing to gain trust and Make people Follow you is to Give them a Reason.

Sam Hurley has over 139K twitter follower in his profile, i sent him a private message on twitter to retweet one of my blog post. it took me much time to create that article. if you need to reach more people, you need to spend 1 day Creating Good Stuff.

After a while he retweeted my Blog post with his twitter followers and have Seen two Good results. i received around 25 retweeted and 16 loved that article. and i learned that if you want to Get accepted by top Guys on twitter tweet your content, you have to Write amazing stuff to highlight his community.

twitter marketing strategy

I think You Got it.

Tweet Only Great Stuff from your blog and you Will see People engage and interact with your amazing tweets. don't forget that headlines and images are so important in your email, tweets, and everything you share.​

Twitter Marketing Strategy