A Powerful Traffic Strategy No One Uses

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I am sharing with you a strategy that is new and make sense to gain hundreds

of visitors and subscribers.

You might guess

  • Its Guest Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Podcasting
  • Facebook groups
  • Content marketing

All these mehtods are perfect and work

But This formula is more different and Used by " influential bloggers"

I recently came across this formula while reading several blog posts and emails from successful and high converting product venders.

Are you excited ?

Let's dive in

Let's say you purchased " clickfunnel membership"  and used their tools to increase profits.

Then you made Great success with their own products, tools and technologies. 

Now you need to write  a message to the product vender and inform him about your successful story.


I purchased your product when it was launched first time online and iam having great success with your amazing tools that increased my profits.

I will be happy to share my story with your subscribers and visitors to give a real proof to your product. and make an impact for new comers.

I am able to write my successful story on your behalf or record a video about this.

I would be happy to hear from you so soon.


  • You don't need to do any Marketing
  • You don't need to do facebook ads
  • You don't need any plan for this

The plan is simple

  • Find a successful blogger who had helped you with his product
  • Build a strong relationship with. he owns a large audience to help you.​

​Share your own story

What happens when he shares your story ?

Visitors will subscribe in your blog when they find something of value and high click through rate headline that describes your lead magnet. Once you include this expect high converssion rate.

Stories convert like crazy when you include"how to article". " how i made "

People want to read what you did so they follow the formula you have done to gain results.

This is effective and Gain you massive traffic.

Here is a real example ​

story telling

He is sharing  a story about a person who made success in a short period of time. By telling his audience what she did and they can do it too.

share story

Its awesome!

You might wonder whom should i write for ?

Think of someone you purchased his product , used them by yourself and increased your profits.

You might say :

  • Thrivethemes
  • Clickfunnel
  • Gniper

    By engaging with your audience, just provide good stuff, share tips, tricks and strategies make you gain trust from audience over and over.

    Its all about sharing what works something that help the community. a step by step formula works awesome and gain unusual results. that's how  you gain a lot of attention. 


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