Top 5 Free Traffic Sources You Should Use

top 5 traffic sources

Search Engine Traffic 

People say blogging is easy, i think they will find the answer when they start writing content daily to make an authority site and then decide how blogging look like.

Driving free traffic seems like writing content, it takes time and effort even sleepless nights when you have a great desire to make a site with many pages in a short period of time.

Well, you can see steady traffic in your site when you are using google planner before writing content, to have an idea what keywords have low competition and then focus on these low volume keywords that actually people type on search engines. 

Get first page of google :

It seems quite hard to get first page with these keyword :

  • Make money online
  • Lose weight Fast
  • Forex/ stock market/ payday loans
  • Fitness etc.....

Because these are the toughest keywords as 100s of marketers target at a point of time but you can if you keep building backlinks at a steady pace to see movements.​

​That's why google keyword planner is the way to go, so iam going to show you in this image below an example so you can use it all the time when you write any kind of content.

I prefer 1000 monthly searches instead of 5000 searches, because sometimes you might find authority sites "authority site means site with many pages" and it is not easy to get there.


Twitter is a social networking site that drives masssive traffic to your site once you have:

  • Great content on your site
  • Awesome value
  • Your own photo on profile
  • Good Bio of your Business
  • Good Images and videos to tweet
  • Good tweets and time to tweet to get High CTR

Large number of followers to engage with, using your blog posts, you may get wondered how to get  a lot and targeted followers, so i wrote a post about using Tweepit " how i got 1000 targeted twitter followers "

Once you choose which person or business you follow then start following them, it is simple and easy to use, day after day i see more followers following me then i start tweeting good posts.

Video Marketing/ youtube 

Youtube is one of the best free traffic sources that can drive targeted buyers to your blog and offers. people like to watch videos so when they search on youtube search engine and find your videos with some value they start following you.

So the more videos you have the more views and visitors you can generate to your blog, first make sure you record videos that simply have extra info and solve a problem.

If you have any good content on your site, it is easy and simple to convert that into a video once you know it is targeted and adds value to the market.

​If you are unable to create any better videos  hire someone from  you can pay only 5 bucks for every video testimonial. if you think you can learn to create videos so i wrote a blog post that may help you. how to use video content to boost your online business

Keyrword Research :

It is so important to use google planner locally and globally before adding videos to youtube channel, then choose low competitive keywords.

So youtube is not the only place to upload your own vidoes but there are some good sites such Vimeo, dailymotion, and also on other social networking sites to get more views and lots of shares.

 Forum Marketing Approach :

You want multiple customers to follow you, so what does it cost you to provide some extra informations that forum members need.

Do you know 90% of members in forums are targeted looking for answers to their questions so if you know how to convert these people into your customers that would be awesome, i like warriorforum because members provide you with necessary info you need

You will see many people follow you when you provide the community with something they need and something that works, they conect with you and become hungry to read from you everytime you post because you have a clear vision of awesome value and not connecting for profit.





Estimated Monthly visits




Targeted countries 

United states/ Uk/ Aus/ Nz​

United states/ Uk / Aus / Ger

United states/ Uk/ Australia​

How to Use them properly :

  • Be active
  • Answer as many quesions ​as you can solving someone's problem
  • ​Offer value and serve the community to win the the long term.
  • Get to know people and share what you have

Sometimes you don't like to share a method or program you have because you want to keep it for yourself, listen sharing is caring. 

Provide helpful informations everyday and build reputation that's the key of capitilizing in forum.​


Pinterest is a huge social media site that drives massive traffic to your blog, first you need to know who you are and what you offer, displying your own picture and a good description is what people pay attention to connect with you.

Before i was Marketing on facebook i didn't feel how things done after my research and buying a digital ebook then i used to be on pinterest.

Important thing to keep people engage with you :​

  • Display your own photo
  • Good description ​about your business
  • Add pinterest button on your site
  • Add at least 10 boards
  • Pin at leats 5 times a day to keep communication with followers

   pinterest is a fantastic social networking site for niches such weight loss, fitness, dating....etc  and seems quite good for IM bloggers, just some IM boards but its growing

Women are more engaging than men,​ if you have any kind of sites in these niches i mentioned above then pinterest is for you. 

It is important to know which traffic source is the number one for your online business and master it before jumping to an other one. so if you have a budget then choose one of these traffic sources, master it, learn how to target the right people with the right ad at the right time.

when you have high quality content on your blog, you can connect with other bloggers who have huge amount of traffic on their sites. also this works Good when you start a special podcast teaching bloggers how to grow their businesses.


Have you ever thought and asked what free traffic methods are big marketers follow to make their big sales  while you are struggling with that everyday.

well Traffic is everything when you are blogging online, probably you have the best site but how people can find you if you are not on google's first page.

So you should know they :

  • Spend money on ppc campaings / google adwords and facebook ppc
  • ​They work on doing SEO, building backlinks and connecting with others
  • They do joint venture which makes them big sales / keep in mind that's huge

Well what should i do while iam on a tight budget and unable to start ppc campaings or i don't know how. so always start small $5 or $10  a day if the campaign is profitable then scale it up​. if you keep spending more and more with no conversions you may lose your t-shirt.

Before starting any campaigns on ppc, spend time and learn how to make it successful.