How To Increase Your Visibility Online. Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

​Followers and Fans Numbers

Distracted aren't you ?

You need social media strategy​

Every blogger knows how important building a tribe is. a community with enough followers but your tribe is small and doesn't fit your needs.

On The one side you are thinking how these marketers grew their social media presence. on the other side you can't wait to do the same. 

To be clear  you have to know they have been struggling for many years to build their communities and to do that you have to spy on them and follow every step they have done to achieve what they did.

They may Grab you with the number of followers

10 000 followers

50 000 twitter followers

100 000 twitter follower​

1- You Have to be Strategic

You are on a tight budget and unable to start any successful campaigns to raise your followers on social media. well creating crap content and post it will gain nothing for you. no shares no comments and nothing at all unless you invest more time and know about content marketing, visual marketing, and social marketing strategies.

Then you can start writing engaging and relevant content that your readers want and share, i don't think you have to be an expert but knowing the basics is enough to get significant amount of traffic.

Social Media fans will follow you a lot when you drive massive value by solving problems. when they see you always have something for them, they will always keep an eye on your blog.




  • Blog Post 
  • Free Reports 
  • Free Videos 
  • Good Stuff 
  • Traffic Techniques 
  • Tips and Tricks Online 

Noone follows you unless you have something in return.

 What they have in common  ?

2- Increase engagement 

These are successful marketers online, they have built their visibility by driving massive value to the market, creating awesome products, helped people grow their businesses and they have built large number of followers on facebook, twitter and linkedin....that's meaningful visibility

You want to do the same ?

You have to be online to make this happen, probably you need a team to work with, this gives me an idea there is a marketing conversation that helps move forward in your business.

You have to be in the concept of marketing, spending time and money to find loyal fans, followers and convert them to leads and customers and repeat customers. you need to be consistent to build branding in your business.  show your customers what you have, engage with them and write Great content for them its so amazing to make them like, know and trust you .​

followers gained

3- Quality Content ​

​Quality content has a long term visibility on facebook, twitter, pinterest. when you spend time creating high relevant content and spend only some time promoting it socially, it reaches thousands of fans and followers, to make that happen you should focus on a helpful and interesting blog posts with value or hold a webinar that is meaningful to your audience, it is easy and quick to reach, you get shares and comments from targeted influencers.

influencers start retweeting your posts because they found the uniqueness and their passion by the way they loved stories you share, social marketing techniques, long and detailed content you deliver.


To increase your visibility online, you have to build your authority from your passion. noone follows you unless you deliver something in return, provide massive value to your infleuncers and get results moreover to make that happen quickly, you have to be online each day and create top pieces to get attention. be consistent and focus on one thing.

social media strategy