The Two Reasons Guest Posting Still Generates More Traffic

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I Read many blogs posts and comments from marketers talking about the death of guest posting and how it influences on your search engine ranking.

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Guest posting is not dead and it works awesome when you post on high authority blogs like Kissmetrecs, mashable, fastcampany and lifehacker...etc. These sites have already built their reputation with google and never get damage by any Google updates. Probably it might happen for some of their articles. and i will justify how it happens.

How Guest posting work?

When you have no traffic on your blog i advisee you to think about the fastest way to gain readers. choose a site that has 10 000 monthly readers and write a step by step guide to attract some visitors from their blog to yours. once they read that guest blog they visit your blog. if you have good stuff and strong call to action then you will capture their attention and make them your repeat readers and convert them to clients.

Here is how Guest posting is Dead :

You have written a guest post on someone's blog and attracted many readers to your blog. probably you have spent 20 hours or  a week to write high quality content. then you thought to republish that article on an other blog.

Guess what happens

Google notices same article republished and think that as a spamy work. even though your article is amazing. Google is a reliable network and Google always says a website with the best content will rank first page.

By Republishing your content you are hurting your partner Blog and Your own blog.

Keep everything fresh. keep your content Original. that is how content is king. If you are trying to chase on google you are using blackhat methods and google will find that.

If you want to win in SEO and guest posting strategy. you have to write original content. and never republish content you have written for other bloggers.

Let me ask you a question 

Would you like to republish the content you have written on your blog?

Absolutely Not 

This will hurt your site and lose Ranking and traffic. if you want more traffic, write amazing stuff, people are going to come back ultimately, that's all it is. write articles on other blogs more than you write on your own, your audience grow by this useful practice. and never think of republishing that content on other platforms.

Guest Posting Works Awesome


The One thing you can do to Get 5, 10, 100 and even 1000 clients is to be a believer in Writing original content and guest post high quality content on popular blogs to build consistent audience.​ and avoid republishing guest post which damage your partner's ranking and yours as well.

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