7 Steps You Should Use In Every Blog Post You Write And Publish


What are the things you need to include in your blog posts ?

what are the benefits of these steps ?

when you start writing a Great blog post you need to insert some of your affiliate links, its not a way of generic way. but its a specific solution to give to your audience. i also love to add a blog post in my article to let people read more article on my website and when they go to that article they find an other link that is relevant to what want to read.

If you are familiar with content upgrade, you will understand the strategy of give away, you sign up and have free bonus. 

Here i would recommend you include these 7 important elements in every blog post you write :

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Custom Logo Header :

 logo design

It makes me distracted to decide which logo design to choose for my website. this is what happens to many affiliate marketers, they design two logos and don't know which one is the best. they like both of them, your website needs only one. my view point the best logo design is the one with an avatar and description below the avatar that describes your business so people know what you are doing in three words. what you are specialize at. Designing an attractive logo makes an impact on your website.

Social Media Buttons 

social media icons

I have written a blog post about the power of social sharing buttons on every blog post

Facebook and twitter can drive huge visitors to your blog when you have two things high quality content and sharing buttons on every blog post. why i said in every blog post and didn't talk in general, To give an opportunity of sharing to your readers. when someone reads that content and like it then he will share it with his community. the more shares you get the more traffic you gain to your blog. your blog post reach thousands of people. if you don't know any marketing tactics, this technique will help you grow your blog audience.

list Building Optins :

list building

list building optins can be annoying when you start pop ups in your blog. when someone comes along your blog and find that, he will leave the site immediately, better use sidebar optins to let people decide whether or not join your community instead of annoying your readers all the time. i came across several sites that set up pop ups just once a day, this seems Great set up and i think people like to see that.

Affiliate links 

 affiliate links

Probably you are unfamiliar with this strategy , when you write a blog post, always think of affliate links to generate some sales from that. some marketers are doing this, they know readers want to buy products when they find useful informations, probably you are including your blog posts on other posts but you are not using affiliate links, do it now and iam sure this works awesome. the more links you have the more sales  you can make. drive social traffic to that page and let people decide whether engage or not. and iam sure if you are writing high quality articles that makes people engage and interact they will take action when they see useful informations and products.

Affiliate offers or banner ads 

banner ads

You may know or not that some banner ads are CPA offers, and some offers are sponsored links, if your website rank first page of google, advertisers will come and ask you for selling space, that's a banner ad. banner ads work awesome because they are cheaper than starting a campaign in google adwords, if you have any kind of website and you are in a tight budget then banner ads is the cheapest way to try.

Excellent and Original Content 

content is king

It is not easy to create Great content each day. it takes time and effort, to create a blog post you have to do a research and spend more time creating compelling things that make people engage with your articls. probably you need a team of people to create for you, or hire someone from freelancer or upwork. if you spend one week to create one great article and spend one week market that article then expect to reach thousands of readers, this is the power of Great content, it takes time and reaches thousands easily while we have social media sites.

Google adsense :


The first thing you think about when you start a blog is google adsense. google adsense is advertising other peoples ads on your blog, when somone clicks on the ads in your blog you get some centsor a dollar per click, it deponds on the click, country, niche and website language.

Make sure you include all these important elements in every blog post you write and publish, they are so important for generating traffic and income. ​

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