How To Create Passive Income Selling Your Own Digital Products

Are your bills getting higher and you no longer know how to manage them?

For those who desperately need money, they are usually willing to do even the

most unusual and unsuitable jobs for them such as selling crap, babysitting,

pawning and establishing a garage sale. Well, these are good ideas but can really

be tedious.

is there an easy way to make it happen online

It is so smart of someone to venture in any money making opportunity online.

There are vast options when you go and decide to make money online. As the

internet increasingly become part of our daily lives, you can ultimately use this

to make money the easy and fast way.

Making money online is never complicated when you know what you’re exactly


​This opportunity will not only drive you some but big sums actually.

Making money online is easy because it has uncountable customers in an

endless digit of markets all connected in its world.

One opportunity to earn money online is through promoting good products as an affiliate. However, this can be sickly.

This can be pressuring, most especially if you keep on determining

what you earn. This involves great dedication because once you don’t move, you

won’t be able to get anything.

​There are far greater alternatives than being an affiliate. These are real internet

marketing businesses which anyone at any level can immediately implement.

Making money online is easy, you just need to change what you’re looking for. It

is only about determining what you’re good at.

For instance, if you’re a good at

writing, you can pass articles to article directories or sites and get paid for your

new and latest ideas. If you’re a distinguished teacher, you can create online

courses and sell them online. Yes, you initially put in the work but every

purchase raises your hourly rate. Here is what I mean:

If you put 1000 hours to write a book and that book sells 10, 000 copies for $5

over the 12 months.That breaks down to $50/ hour. Not bad, right? But if you sell

another 10, 000 copies in the second year, all these numbers double. The book

now gets you earn $100 per hour.

​The trick boils down one thing: passive income. Why do a job one and get paid

once? That’s an old school of thinking. Why not do a job once and get paid over

and over and over? This can definitely be your first step to wealth.

Here are other ideas. Write an e-book, this is super easy. The web is a powerful

resource that can give you everything that you need to produce your e-book’s


Twenty minutes of research and writing every day will get you far. If you have

produced a course and you don’t know where to sell it, you can go to udemy.

Everybody has a talent 

Share your skills and earn good through that talent. Because if you’re

inspired to what you’re doing, the reward is sure-fire to be beyond



Let's have a look 

$10 x 2000​ = $ 20 000 

If you Break that down per month 2000/12= ​166 ebooks sold per month 

There is a real potential to make good income.