The Strategy I Use To Grow Organic Traffic.

organic traffic

Which keyword phrase has low volume seaches a month?

There are thousands of people who want to rank for competitve keywords such " how to lose weight " and " how to make money online " when you start out a blog and target these keywords you fail and get no organic traffic at all. because you are going to compete with big brands and authority websites that have many pages. they used to write content on other influential blogs more than their own.

In this article i will share with you simpler and faster strategy to grow organic traffic:

Good SEO Campaign :

Instead of " how to lose weight " i will have to be more specific and spend more time using google planner to know which keyword phrase has low volume searches. i would choose " how to lose 20 pounds in 2 Weeks" instead and monetize it for the article i write. my focus would be long and detailed content to entice readers to engage and interact with every piece of content i share. i will make sure i have added more value to my target audience.

Bad SEO Campaign :

" where there is competition, there is money" every blogger wants to rank for keywords in a market that has Good money such" healtht, wealth and dating"  and other keyword phrases but we have to determine we are acting and ranking for hard keywords. to get to that point we have to invest a lof time building quality backlinks and writing quality content to generate organic traffic, instead we need to think about ranking long tail keywords to have some traffic before we think about competitive keywords. Google values our content.

How Long Does It Take To Get at Least 100 Visitor From Google:

1 minute !

One Week?

1 Month ?

There is ​no specific answer to this question : it deponds on much content you have in your blog. google values our websites. and how many quality backlinks we built. google is always about connecting businesses to people and it always says websites with good content ranks first page.

  • Unique Content
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Long and detailed Content

How Long Does It Take To get 1000 organic Traffic From Google:

We have to be Strategic and Choose a strategy that moves us towards results. SEO is a long journey. you can't guarantee when you see results. but you have tools to know the data and  keyword phrases that grow organic traffic.

Strategic Plan : Write at least 20 article in your blog, and each article should target a keyword phrase that has 1000 searches a month. that' s a lot of traffic to your website. you have to be very specific when you choose targeted keywords.​

The Strategy I used to Get Organic Traffic :

I Use Google planner to find keyword phrases in a competitve niche. it has about 500 searches a month. i wrote long and detailed content and built quality backlinks during time i get organic traffic.

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Long and Detailed Content :

If you want higher conversion rate. writter long and detailed content, and monetize it for targeted keyword. when someone searches on google he is going to read and find a solution to his problem. and might buy something. if someone types a keyword phrase on amazon he is going to buy something.

if you act strategically and know you have written long and detailed content that engage and help your audience, it will be then easier to make them come back to your website.

Relevant Keywords ​:

The More relevant content you write, the more you get in google's eyes and Gives you more ranking. I would spend Hours and Hours to write articles to feed my community rather than focusing on traffic and building quality backlinks.

Copyblogger spent much time writing just content to have an audience. if you monetize your blog for several keywords. visitors and readers visit your blog with several keywords.

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​Build Quality Backlinks :

 how to build backlinks

It is Easier To Get Top Of Google When You are Targeting keywords that Have No competition. backlinks are very Important to rank Better in Search engines. Especially When You want To beat Your Competitors and Steal ranking in a natural way By Building Quality Backlinks from trusted Websites.

How How Build Backlinks and Where :

i Read My Blog Posts and found that Natil Patel Explains His Best Strategy To Get backlinks is Through Guest posting on Authority Websites That Have many Pages. 

When i started Blogging I used To Guest post on Quora and Medium and Some Other platforms To Get Some Blog posts Rank first Page of Google. It Takes Time to see Results. Just Keep Writing highly Engaging Content To attract, convert, grow to Build Backlinks and See Traffic Coming In To Your Website.

​Conclusion :

Targeting The Right Keyword Phrase Determine whether You Get Organtic Traffic or Not. If you Want To Target Long Tail Keyword That Would Be a Great Target To Have Continuos Traffic To Your Blog. 

organic traffic