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 make money online

make money online

How Does blogging make you mony online

Writing about some topics you know about is to your success in Blogging online. sharing your own stories, educating, helping and serving people make you money online without investment. you will invest a lot of time to come up with the best ideas for the community.

Viral websites such buzzfeed, viralnova, upworthy...etc generates millions of users daily because they know what kind of content the majority of people like to read. they spend hours to write down the bets headlines to grab people's attention and read everything they write. people like entretainment and humor more than anything else. blogging daily seems fantastic when you have a message to spread to the world.

Write short Ebooks 

if you can't read, you can not write. if you enjoy reading fiction books then fiction is the best niche for you to write for your readers. i know many writers fail because they write about niches they don't know about. they hear some successful people in a profitable niche and start doing the same. that's a big mistakes. you need to focus on one thing and one niche then work consistently to provide massive value in that ebook. when people feel you have written something valuable they leave a posititve review for you and that help you to sell more books in the future.

I myself found it quite hard to write about a niche i don't know about. but it becomes easier when you research, watch several vidoes, read more content on the web and then start writing in your own style. i like reading articles comments because people talk about their obstacles, what questions they ask to get better answers, this lets me work on that and create a small ebook or blog post. 

Quora Traffic source has also helped me alot to search for reliable answers from the community. thousands of answers and questions on quora. people like to educate and help to share their message. i found it very helpful to write better answers and help more people whenever i have something to say.

Sell your stuff online :

it all start with a profitable idea. if you choose a profitable niche in which people have money and are buying stuff then you are on the right path to succeed. if you choose a bad niche then you will fail. you need to know your audience and what are their problems then work on solving them. if your stuff is good you will sell more. if your stuff is bad you will not generate good money. you need to provide massive value to make passive income. value is to give a solution to their problem. value is to serve the community. value makes you Good money. when you work consistently and hard for an ebook then that ebook pays for its time later.

Why people write positive reviews :

When people like something they will write a positive review. they found something that help grow their businesses. ebooks are easy to create, you just need to know what to write about before you sell. choose your small target when you start. work consistently and use several promotions. we have several social media sites and all of them bring us Fantastic results. if you write a Great ebook, expect to reach hundreds of others. they share, like and tweet it. results come when you drive tons of value.

Start Your Own Station which is your Blog 

When you think about making money online, you should start your blog where you write for people. without articles people will not engage and interact. Big companies use content to attract customers to their products. readers like to read. if you focus on solving a problem in each article you will win in SEO and social media. it is always fantastic whe you write and publish on social media sites to get traffic.

When you have bad SEO campaign you need to build your tribe in social media sites. twitter, facebook,  pinterest, google+. and build that strong relationship with them by communicating and answering their questions. if they like you they will buy from you.

Getting visitors to your blog is the hardest part in blogging. if you ask thousands of bloggers what is the main obstacle you find they will tell you TRAFFIC. you need to write Good content to reach them and that happens when you work consistently.