The Answer Behind “How To Make $1000 Monthly With My Blog”

When you have a good marketing system which is completely a step by step formula that works and brings passive income online then you will make your life easier and achieve what you want.

Blogging online is great, it gives you a full financial freedom. when you write great content that most readers love and solve their problems they will share it with their friends so more readers and more income in your pocket, this is the power of blogging online.

When you write content make sure it is more different than your competitors, if you focus on more detailed 1000, 2000  words long posts that is an excellent job, simplicity is what readers want so you have well researched about original and specific content that seen as an authority.

You must market your blog posts to know whether attract audience or not, i have seen posts that got thousands of likes and shares, all because the article was super with a catchy headline. the blog owner did a market research and wrote something to help people solve their problems.

Now you have high quality content and good amount of traffic in your blog but you don't know how to convert these visitors to buyers and repeat buyers.

So build lead capture page in your site where you get their  informations, just

signing up form and establish a relationship with them. if you want to be the winner provide them with something they really need and new posts to help them grow their businesses, interact with the community​ by providing free videos, info products, free webinars and make sure you always make them happy.

If you want to make money, make sure to serve people to deliver massive value.​

That's RIGHT....

I am using Thrive themes on all my websites, they have professional and super easy plugins for collecting leads, more different than clickfunnels. i prefered Thrive themes because they don't have monthly payment. if you use leadpages or clickfunnels you should pay them monthly.

So what if you don't make any sales during that period when you are a newbie in internet marketing.

Their thrive leads is so easy to install and other features are perfect, you can add color, customize  and change everything with simple ways.

Get targeted visitors.

Traffic is related to what kind of blogs you have, ask yourself why these people are coming to my site ?  its because of great content that you write for them. first you provided value and you did a great job. so you should keep an engagement with them  and let them know you always have new posts in your blog.

If you have the best designed site in the world with super content and you respected the SEO rules then​ you have given people and Search engines what they like. 

Writing amazing content was not always about SEO or google search engine, it is about connecting businesses and to make that happen, you don't have to focus on what businesses say. you focus on what customers need to hear. and Google has always said the site with high quality content should always rank first page.

Right ?

Google never changed and will never change, google is reliable network believes, know, like and trust unique and Great work. reinventing yourself is the key to success.​

​How Do i Market my website when i have great content ?

well, if you don't know how to market your business you really don't have a business. its all about marketing.

I am presenting some useful tips to make your site visible and results in leads and sales.

The More social networking sites you submit your content, the more your website will appear on and because your articles include links to your site traffic will increase.

Social Networking sites

    • Use Social Media Marketing For Your Business
      • Find A Strategy To Promote Content 
        • Writing killer headlines that convert
          • Long tail keywords that generate visitors
            • Guest blogging in blogs with lots of traffic
              • Let Others blog on your site
                • Post your content on google+/ pinterest/ facebook/ Reddit
                  • Make sure your site is fast and responsive
                    • engage and interact with other bloggers.
                      • Ask questions to get answers in Q and A sites
                        • Convert your content into Video Marketing
                          • Be active on social Media sites
                            • Engage in forums and help the community

Blogging communities

    Here are more Social networking sites where you get fast traffic. Once you join the network and get approved by the moderator, get active, write some comments to feed the community then post your content, it should be unique, detailed and not copied.



        Estimated Monthly Visits

    50K visitor

    80K visitor

    260K visitor

    1.70M visitor

         Traffic by Country

    28.53%  united state

    12.28%  united state

    18.66%  united state

    69.36%  united state

    What i enjoy with these social networking sites : they have good amount of targeted traffic and before i post an article i always check their traffic on

    Clickbank Marketplace : Choose high converting product 

      JvZoo Marketplace : Choose a high Converting product 

    • First i know their estimated monthly visits 
    • where the traffic comes from
    • what are their targeted countries 
    • whether running free or paid traffic 
    • Do they use any referral traffic
    • what social media network generates them more traffic

    High Gravity

    It is easy to choose high converting product from cliclbank marketplace once you check the gravity which has to be over 50% that means its a good product and many marketers are promoting it. one more step you need to check is commission rate, if it is $20 for every sale that seems pretty to make good income.

    If you sell 20 product you make $400

    if you sell 50 product you make $1000

    You might be thinking about selling low priced offers $7 with high quality scores. first to make that happen you shouldd have large audience to earn over $1000 a month. people are always looking for quality and cheap products that help them solve their problems but that doesn't always happen, pricey products mean there is real value and some proven strategies that make them hot in the market.

    I Know some marketers are selling 10.000 copies and over with low priced products that cost $10 so how they make good earnings?  they already have their own audience and they keep selling them over and over

    Well Generating $1000 from Clickbank is possible, once you have chosen the right strategy and high converting product that has enough  reviews  and social proof from others.

    your Blog        +        Great Content       =           Awesome Value

    Creating Your own business online should be focused on awesome value, i mean giving and giving to increase engagement with your audience so this starts with your own website so you can communicate and be more excellent to give people what looking for.

    In my Opinion 

    When you offer Great value to many people you gain reach, trust, and you have done a Good job so you expect big results and people believe there is a potential to give more.

  • Always keep providing what customers like.when you educate and help people they start following you. because you offer something they  need. Keep doing what works give more and sales starts coming. the more people you help, the more sales you can make.