How To Successfully Write and Publish a kindle Ebook-

kindle publishing

kindle publishing

​Kindle Publishing has Taken Huge attention From authors, Readers and Bloggers Online and They are Making passive income. Now its Your Turn.

Amazon is one of the biggest stores in the world, it has millions of loyal customers who come to their search engine to write a keyword to buy something. it is more better than google which is a search engine where people type a keyword to search for something to read and solve their problems.

If iam going to write an article in my blog and optimize it for a keyword to get readers then why not spend more than 1000 hour to write high converting ebook that generate readers and sales. moreover i can add my landing page link to get my potential readers and customers and send them to my blog whenever i want. this seems super amazing strategy to implement in your business.

When i started writing my first kindle ebook. i didn't know what is kdp amazon. i thought its a kind of printing and then shipping to customers. i was totaly wrong. i started learning from successful online authors and i was blown away how much they earn from a single and successful ebook. it is easier to write an ebook when you are able to read books, take notes and have something passionate about. 

​The hardest part is to provide as much value as possible. this helps you get reviews from readers. without tons of value, you won't be able to get reviews, and without reviews you won't get better ranking and you won't get sales.

Now we understand we need Positive reviews to Get Sales. some successful authors never thought to become writers. it happened accidently, they watched some videos, lisented to podcasts and Purchased some products that showed them how to write an ebook without any skills. anybody can do it. if you can read, you can write like a machine none stop.​ Your mind becomes with more knowledge. you have scanned many sentences and Then You can Use You own style.

How To write an EBOOK :

Writing is to make your readers happy and Make Sure They are enjoying every word. I know its boring when you write all the time. But when You plan the night before and Write down your ideas and How many words you want. Then You will Do it. Its based on your minset. You can't write 5000 words if you don't have more knowledge in a topic you know a lot about. but it becomes easier when you listen to podcasts. read blog posts. watch youtube vidoes to get helpful and insightful informations and then use your own style to produce good content that readers enjoy.

​Writing is like art. you have to enjoy what you are doing. every piece of content you write must appeal to something amazing to your target audience.

Ebook Title

kindle publishing

People judge ebook by its cover and title, if you choose the right title and cover then its your path to success and make readers click and buy. noone can see your content whether it is great or not. people can see four things, the cover, ebook title, description, and reviews. these are very important ebook kindle principles.​

Ebook Cover :

 kindle publishing

People judge ebook by its cover. You have to believe This. we are visual creatures and we like to see images. canva is a good resource to design a good cover. or you can higher a cover designer from To Create a fantastic Cover that is Compelling. it would cost you between 5 and 10$.

Kindle Free Promotions

Join Facebook Groups :

before i launched my first ebook publishing on amazon. i joined many kindke ebook groups to ask them to read my ebook and write a review. its Great When you have an audience before you launch to get hundreds of Reviews. that's why Pro authors Build Their reviews. when the ebook, is free for 5 days on KDP amazon.

Amazon won't allow you to buy reviews. only readers who buy your ebook can write a review.  when it is for sale .make it 0.99 to get sales and reviews. if you price it higher and have no audience then you may end up with no reviews.

Contact Reviewers On Amazon :

1-Stop Hoping Readers Will want to Write a review for You. at the end of Your Ebook, write a sentence in which you ask people to write a review if they enjoy reading Your Ebook. You Have To Do Your Job and Never Wait for Reviewers.

2- Check Out Successful authors Who have a Good Number of Reviews and click on Review to Check Their BIO to find Their Email address and ask Them to write a review For You.

 kindle publishing

Contact Twitter Authors :

Find Twitter authors With LARGE number of Followers and Ask Them to tweet Your Ebook with their Followers. send at least Ten Messages to several authors and You Get responses from Some Of Them.

Provide Tons of Value :

Value makes you sell more copies of your ebook. it takes time and effort. it is not easy. when you share everything readers will start loving you. when they love your stuff. they will buy your next ebooks and products. and This is Fair. You have to strength the relationship with your readers and it happens when you Give, share, support, educate and help. The more value you give to your readers. the more trust you get.

High converting Headline for Your Free Offer

I think you are familia with "content upgrade"

Getting a free incentive in your amazon ebook will help you To capture more leads. amazon won't give your their personal informations. This tactis will build your small network. you can send traffic whenever you want and never reply on other platforms and networks. But there are some certain things to pay attention to. such high converting headline in your landing page. stop hoping people will want to subscribe to your offers. instead write power words to entice readers to say "yes this person has something to say". So they start subscribing.

​The More knowledge You have The More Value You Produce for Your Readers. Squeezing Your Mind When you have Nothing Will Produce No Value and Make No Positive Reviews. One negative review may damage your Whole Work in which You spent hours to Write. So Pay attention to everything you write before you publish. 

kindle publishing

kindle publishing